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Updated on: Sep 11, 2023

Looking for a Scope of Digital Marketing in Dubai? Or looking to make a start or career transition and wondering if this is the right career to get into. Don’t worry, to solve your dilemmas, we’ve your back.

In this blog, we’ll have a look at digital marketing in the post-COVID situation, the scope of digital marketing for businesses and students, and the future of digital marketing. But before we dive deeper, let’s first understand the nuances.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing implies all the acts done to connect to the respected target audience through various means of advertising to create brand awareness and eventually convert them into potential buyers.

Simply, all the efforts made to promote or sell products and services online are referred to as Digital Marketing. This differs a lot from traditional marketing. Digital marketing is dynamic and that’s why digital marketing trends always keep on changing.

Digital marketing offers various benefits to businessmen to expand their business and accomplish their goals. These may include:

  • Specific Targeting
  • Immense Reach
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Simple Tracking 
  • Variety of Content to Offer

These are some of the points that enable a brand or company to connect with its customers in this fast-growing world.

Now, let’s have a look at the Scope of Digital Marketing in Dubai to understand if that’s the right career for you to indulge in.

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Digital Marketing in the Post Covid Scenario

The pandemic had a huge impact on the global economy and the lives of people around the world. Covid-19 has presented unprecedented challenges to the business like economical loss, and disruptions in the demand and supply chains among others.

But the impact it has left on the marketing world is something too complicated to ignore. It has forced businesses and companies to adapt to the changes to stay in the competition. Right from the campaigns to the digital marketing strategies were changed to maintain the digital presence.

1. Global Internet Usage

Scope of Digital Marketing in Dubai - Global Internet Data

(Source: Sistem Komputer S1)

The number of internet users after Covid-19 has significantly increased globally. There were 4.8 billion internet users as of July 2021 with 6 hours and 55 minutes the average time spent on the internet. Surprising, isn’t it?

This results in the brand’s responsibility to come up with new and engaging content in this increased competition. Now, every business aims to rank at the top of SERP because the higher you rank, the more visibility and traffic you may get.

2. E-commerce Will Play a Vital Role

According to Statista, retail trade rose from 16.07 billion to 21.96 billion from January to June 2020. This is because people preferred to shop online than offline to maintain their safety and security.

This resulted in revenue growth of top e-commerce websites like Amazon and Alibaba. And people are still preferring this way of shopping even after the pandemic. Thus, if you own an eCommerce store, this is a great way to benefit your business.

3. Change in Customer Behaviour

Scope of Digital Marketing in Dubai -Advertising Industry Data

(Source: Select Media)

The pandemic has resulted in changed customer behaviour of the people. At the beginning of the pandemic, people used to spend more time on digital video on social media but later live videos with video games and OTT grabbed more attention.

This is because people got bored with the same mundane audio and videos and wanted to be entertained with something new when they were locked inside their homes. This resulted in 207.5 billion OTT viewers and 151.5 live video viewers by August 2020.

4. Shift in Ad Expenditure

Scope of Digital Marketing in Dubai -Ad Spending Data

(Source: Innovation Visual)

According to expertmarketresearch the world digital market had reached a figure of about USD 321 billion in 2022. This value is further expected to grow and reach a value of around 671. 86 billion by 2028. This is because the digital market is largely impacted by the pandemic and the rise in the population of people who are consuming content via digital channels. Now, there is a great difference between where marketers look for the customers and where the latter is.

After Covid 19, brands spent less on the conventional platform of advertisement than on the current one. But still, the current platform of advertising yields better results than that of TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, and others.

5. Increased Challenges

Scope of Digital Marketing in Dubai - Increased Challenges While Recruiting Employees in Digital Marketing

(Source: Criteo)

After the pandemic, customers give more importance to the value than just the product. With that, increased environmental concerns also need to be looked upon. Every business is in the race to acquire new customers while retaining the old ones.

Now, brands give more attention to marketing campaigns to understand which worked and which didn’t. The continuous supply of real, relevant, engaging, and value-driven content on all the available platforms is one of the challenges businesses face these days.

Scope of Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

Sometimes, people misunderstood that digital marketing cannot offer any advantages to small businesses. This might be because digital marketing is too expensive and needs a team to work on. But this is absolutely untrue. Wondering why? Let’s find out!  

1. Connecting to the Global Audience

Digital marketing makes it possible for small business owners to connect to the global audience without spending much. This has opened opportunities to target potential buyers from anywhere in the world.

SEO-optimized websites ranking on the top of SERP or Google, or Facebook ads targeted to potential buyers have removed all the geographical barriers that were the source of the problem at the time of traditional marketing. Now, even small business owners can exploit the benefits of digital marketing.

2. Brand Awareness is the Key

The ultimate goal of any business is to create brand awareness, which will perhaps result in sales. And digital marketing offers many ways to do it. This may include making the customer aware of your USP, sending personalized emails, or engaging with them on social media.

Big brands throw lots of money for this purpose but if you have a well-planned strategy, you won’t need to spend your hard-earned money. If you offer relevant and consistent value to your customers, digital marketing will still benefit small businesses in the same way. 

3. Digital Marketing is Pocket Friendly

Through the pay-per-click method and understanding the ROI, digital marketing is pocket-friendly. Like traditional marketing, you won’t be spending huge sums of money on flyers, radio, and television without knowing the success of the various strategies adopted.

In digital marketing, for instance, if you want to use ads to reach your potential customers, you can only spend on them by narrowing down the audience. Do you know the best part of this? You can target your potential buyers abroad at the same price as that targeting one in your neighborhood.

4. Simple and Effective To Execute

On adding ‘digital’ to marketing, people usually misunderstand that it may be complicated to understand and even more complicated to implement in the business, but that’s not the truth. Digital marketing is even more easy to understand and execute than the conventional way of marketing.

It is so simple to understand that even if you own a small business, you can add digital marketing strategies to your business to yield better results. For this, online digital marketing courses will guide you better.

5. The Power of Personalized Engagement

Adding a personalized touch to your content or in ways of connecting with the customers can certainly help better than not doing it at all. That’s when email marketing comes into the picture. Believe it or not, if done correctly, email marketing can save you time and labor.

You’ll just need to upload the customer database you may have from the lead generation and voila! Even if you don’t have the customer database, Facebook Ads will have your back. Choose the option of ‘look-alike audience’ when making the ad and done!

Scope of Digital Marketing in Dubai For Students

While the last two years have left such a print in everyone’s life that no one can ever forget but it has opened many doors for the scope of digital marketing. Let’s have a look at the scope of digital marketing for students:

1. Start Freelancing

Nowadays, people don’t want to work for someone under their rules and follow their orders. People like working on their terms from wherever they want and at any time as per their convenience. Freelancing is the way of offering services to clients individually without working for any company.

75% of the total workforce works in the arts and design industry. As the digital marketing world is too big, you can explore to try which career suits you the most. Platforms like Freelancer, Guru, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, and Upwork are some of the freelancing websites where you can create an account and start earning.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Dubai - Freelancers by Industry

(Source: Zippia)

2. Opting For a Job

While some people may prefer to work as freelancers, it can be a bit difficult to start with. Managing and completing all the deadlines by yourself can be complicated and tiring. Thus, opting for the job first to get an idea of how things work can be a better decision. 

According to LinkedIn, there are 860,000 job openings for digital marketing specialists. With that, there are 337 digital marketing jobs available in Dubai! It is one of the high-in-demand job opportunities available in today’s world. So, what are you waiting for?

(Source: LinkedIn)

3. Becoming a Blogger

Becoming a blogger is perhaps on the list of most people these days. You’ve surely heard about someone who started from nothing and within a few years became a known blogger and earned a good amount of money. 

By choosing the niche you love and with hard work and dedication, you too can become a successful blogger. To be honest, it can be complicated to start with, but if you have zeal and patience, you will surely make it out.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Dubai - Blogger's Earning by Niche

(Source: Ryan Robinson)

4. Set Up Your Own Agency

If you’ve pretty good experience in digital marketing and a group of digital marketing enthusiasts by your side, you can set up your digital marketing agency. This will help you build a strong network with your clients and get established in the industry.

But this will require resources, contacts, professionals as well as soft skills. While you must master digital marketing skills, you must also have analytical skills, leadership, time management, and communication skills among others.

5. What about Being a YouTuber?

Do you know someone who doesn’t watch YouTube? No, right? So, what if you possess the qualities to become a good YouTuber and can dedicate your time and effort as well? Then, you may become a good YouTuber!

For this, first of all, you must select a niche that suits you the best. Then you must focus on making high-quality content and providing value to the audience. Once done, you’ll be able to gain a subscriber base and then, and may monetize your channel as well!

Scope of Digital Marketing in Dubai, UAE for Working Professionals

The scope for growth of digital marketers in UAE, especially in Dubai, is very promising. As many users are increasingly conducting their activities online and digital marketing presence is increasingly growing, digital marketing offers many opportunities to working professionals.

There are immense digital marketing job opportunities in Dubai across various positions and specializations, especially in industries such as real estate, education, and fashion where online marketing has become important for the success of the business, with the digital marketing industry offering higher salary packages, this field has become a popular career choice.

According to Datareportal, 99% of the UAE population are internet users. Companies have realized that reaching their target audience will be more easier and reasonable by adopting a digital marketing approach rather than the use of any other traditional platforms. 

This has increased the importance of digital marketing resulting in an increase in demand for professionals who are a wizard at digital marketing.

To sum it up, the UAE, especially Dubai offers exponential growth for digital marketing by offering a range of opportunities for your growth in a successful career.

If you want a promising career in digital marketing, then take your first step by investing in an online course such as a Professional Certification in Digital Marketing and Strategy(PCDMS) which is the best course for a working professional to embark a journey in digital marketing.


Salaries of Digital Marketing in Dubai based on their Experience

Experience is one of the most crucial factors that help in distinguishing the salary of digital marketing professionals in Dubai. 

Check the table below so that you can find out the average salary of digital marketing managers based on their years of experience in Dubai’s digital marketing industry.

Types of Roles Work Experience Salary
Internship – Digital Marketing Intern,
Digital Marketing Assistant,
Social Media Marketing Intern,
Content Marketing Intern,
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Intern,
Pay-per-click (PPC) ,Marketing Intern
Fresher, less than 1 year 39,280 AED
Executive Level Roles – Digital Marketing Executive,
Social Media Marketing Executive,
Content Marketing Executive,
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Executive
1 year 84,000 AED
Mid Level Roles – Digital Marketing Manager,
Social Media Marketing Manager,
Content Marketing Manager,
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager
2 – 5 years 1,68000 AED
Senior Level Roles – Digital Marketing Director,
Head of Digital Marketing,
Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
5+ years 3,80,000 AED


As you can see from the data given above, the digital marketing salary in Dubai for freshers or an intern with no or less than 1 year of experience can manage to achieve a salary package of around 39280 AED per year.

When we walk down the table and make a comparison of a hike in salary with respect to other fields, you can notice that as the experience increases from less than 1 year to 1 year, you can see there is an increase in average salary by 53.23%. This later increases to 100% when your experience reaches the 2-5 years category.

Consequently, you will notice a hike of 126% on attaining an experience of more than 5 years in the digital marketing industry.

On the basis of the information provided above we can conclude that with an increase in experience, you can see a huge growth in the salary of digital marketing professionals. 

The growth of the average salary of digital marketing in Dubai in terms of percentage increases exponentially over the years. And so with an increase in experience, your CTC gets better.


Future of Digital Marketing And Beyond

Seeing the digital marketing trends and the types and variety of career opportunities it offers combined with a good salary, the future of digital marketing seems to bring. How? Let’s have a look!

1. Content Marketing

Content is one of the most important pillars of any business. It is the center around which everything revolves. Making a well-planned content strategy that is engaging, relevant, and value-giving is important.

But now, it’s not only limited to that, optimizing your content for voice and visual search with hyper-local SEO and being a little more empathic and understanding towards the customer must also be looked upon.

2. Social Media Marketing

There are 5.19 billion internet users and 4.8 billion social media users in the world as per Statista and Search Engine Journal’s data for April 2023. So, if you’re a social media marketer, you have a great responsibility on your shoulders

From adding reels, shorts, and podcasts to your social media strategy to keeping the content real and adding a touch of storytelling will help you create engaging posts and drive traffic to your social media platforms.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very important part of any business and if executed wisely, can bring customers while retaining the old ones. For this, you’ll need to upload the necessary data from the customer database by using an email marketing tool and sending a personalized email can be the cherry on the cake!

Keep playing with the subject lines and tags of the emails to see which email yields better results. An email marketing strategy will help target customers by adopting persuasive and engaging writing styles.

4. Search Engine Optimization 

Do you know that 4 billion search queries are conducted every month? Thus, the competition to rank even on the first page of the search engine has become more complicated. For this, you must keep up with the SEO trend and adopt it in your strategies.

Making the content SEO optimized, adding relevant keywords with alternative texts on the images, adding content from ‘People Also Search For, and keeping it in the answer-based form will help you rank better at SERP.

5. Video Marketing

Video is the most used and liked form of content. That’s why people prefer videos more than texts. Video can be a powerful medium to communicate with the target audience by making them aware of your USP and offering relevant content consistently.

According to Search Engine Journal, 73% of B2B marketers and 70% of B2C marketers use video for content marketing while according to Hubspot 41% of marketers say that video helps them to generate better ROI. Thus, you must spend time making good video marketing plans so that they may help you accomplish your business goals. 

Scope of Digital Marketing in Dubai - Why Video

(Source: Renderforest)

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FAQ –  Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is digital marketing a good career in the UAE?

Ans. There are immense digital marketing jobs in UAE with salary which makes it the best and largest growing industry in the UAE.  As it is a developed nation with a high number of internet users and businesses, it’s a good career opportunity to grab.

Q. How much does a digital marketer earn in the UAE?

Ans. The scope of digital marketing in the UAE is very high it offers an average salary of AED 14,000 per month according to GlassDoor. But, it may depend on factors like skills, experience, educational qualification, geography, and others. The more skills and experience you have, the more salary you may get.

Q. Is digital marketing a hard job?

Ans. It depends on if you love and are passionate about it or not. Though a part of digital marketing is techy and if one goes into depth, it may get a little complicated but if you’re curious to work and are dedicated, then it’s not a hard job.

Q. Which skill is best for digital marketing?

Ans. The most in-demand digital marketing skills are SEO Specialist, Content Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Data Analyst, Web Developer, Email Marketer, and Copywriter.

Q. Is coding necessary for digital marketing?

Ans. No, coding is not necessary for digital marketing but if you want to become a web developer then it is. This is because it has a technical side that needs a thorough knowledge of languages like HTML, CSS, and others.

Q. What is the highest salary for digital marketing in Dubai?

A digital marketer can earn an average salary of AED 7,000 per month. The digital marketing salary in Dubai per month can start as low as AED 3000 per month which ranges to as high as AED 10,500 per month.

Q. Why is digital marketing in Dubai growing?

The majority of the population is a daily user of the internet. This has given businesses the opportunity to leverage the power of the internet, resulting in an increase in the adoption of digital marketing strategies to reach its target audience.


Digital marketing is a universe in itself. Seeing the above numbers with the details proves that it has a secured future and you too if you’re going to enter this field. But it’s very dynamic. So, you must be creative and innovative to adapt to the changes and stand out in the competition.

If you’re a working professional, you may opt for online digital marketing courses to start your career and master the basics as well as advanced knowledge of Digital Marketing.

We hope you had a great time reading this blog and it has enlightened you about the scope of digital marketing in Dubai. If you have any queries or doubts, please let us know in the comments below.

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