Know in details about the scope of digital marketing in Denpasar

Updated on: May 30, 2023
Scope of Digital Marketing in Denpasar

Are you curious to know the scope of digital marketing in Denpasar? If you need clarification on this question, then this could be the right place for you.

This industry has become very important these days and is growing tremendously. But the question that arises is whether it will continue to have the same impact on the audience in the future. In this blog, we will discuss the possibilities of the demand for digital marketing in the future.

Further, we will also discuss the post covid situation and the scope of digital marketing for businesses and students. Instead of going deep into this first, look at the Statista report. The impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on online purchase behavior among Indonesian consumers as of May 2020.

Let’s start by looking at what digital marketing is and why it is needed and relevant for companies.

What is Digital Marketing?

The word digital marketing is composed of the words digital marketing, where digital represents electronic technology and marketing represents advertising. The process of advertising and selling products using the internet, smartphones, search engines, social media, display advertisements, or everything else that involves the Internet to market is called digital marketing.

In a nutshell, digital marketing refers to all activities involving the promotion or sale of products or services online. This differs greatly from traditional marketing because digital marketing has a dynamic nature. The advantages of digital marketing for businessmen can be numerous.

These include the following:

  • Identifying potential customers globally
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Earn higher ROI 
  • Specific Targeting
  • Variety of content to offer

These are a few points that help brands and companies connect with their customers in this fast-paced world. Here’s the free masterclass on digital marketing it helps you to know more about digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

Scope of Digital Marketing in Denpasar post-COVID-19

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, everything has changed, from how people gather information to how they communicate and even how people make purchases. This has led brands to rethink how they market to customers and think of new ways to build loyalty.

The result was that those interested in making or advancing their careers in digital marketing had to change their marketing tactics to stay competitive within the industry. These are some of the scopes of digital marketing after COVID-19.

1. Moving Towards Online Marketing

Covid-19 has changed the dynamic of traditional and digital marketing. While businesses were more reliant on traditional advertising before the pandemic, they have been shifting more to online marketing and promotional tactics. In recent months, digital marketing has seen a boom due to the fact that people are locked inside their homes.

OTT platforms and a high subscription rate for Netflix were the results of this. Marketing was forever changed. The internet transformed things, people started purchasing goods online, taking courses online, and even going on dates online. Because of this small businesses are also moving towards online platforms.

2. Brand Success Relies On E-commerce

The COVID-19 crisis accelerated the expansion of e-commerce into new markets, customers, and products. As a result, customers have enjoyed access to a variety of products from the comfort and safety of their homes, and firms have been able to operate in spite of restrictions on contact and other confinement measures.

3. The Value Of Community In Local vs. Global Marketing 

People were forced to stay home due to travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, thus strengthening local neighborhoods. This restored a sense of community in areas that had once been neglected.

Facebook survey results show a surge in online community groups during Covid, 91% of respondents have provided support to others through social media, and 98% have felt a sense of belonging. This leads marketers to think about going online and building a loyal customer audience to achieve their goals and business progress.

4. The Customer Experience Is Everything

During the period of staying home, people started to use the internet differently. As online behaviors changed, so did expectations. Customers expected brands to cater to their needs more and provide them with better and more enjoyable experiences online. In the event that a brand failed to meet its expectations, it went elsewhere to find it, resulting in fierce competition.

As a result, consumers expect a digital experience that treats them like they are valued. Brands can accomplish this by offering solutions and answers via online chat or messaging using Whatsapp marketing.

5. The Growth Of Social Commerce Is Accelerating

The use of social media for marketing and promoting goods is becoming more sophisticated. Rather than just a way to catch up with friends and share content, social media platforms are becoming the perfect place for businesses and brands to sell and promote their products.

In fact, 97% of Generation Z use social media for shopping inspiration, according to the Status of social commerce 2012 report. With so much activity on social media, brands should consider introducing in-app purchase options. In fact, the global social commerce market is expected to reach $604.5 billion by 2027, which makes social media marketing an extremely promising field.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Denpasar for Small Businesses 

1. Get In Touch With Your Customers

The use of digital marketing can be a great way to engage with your customers. When used correctly and effectively, it can help communicate your business’s message or unique selling proposition. Consumers are finding relevant information regarding the products and services they are looking for online in 80% of instances, according to the report. That’s one of the advantages you have to do digital marketing. 

In addition to the website, it is important to make use of social networks not only to promote and advertise your products but also to target customers who might be interested in your products.

2. Higher Conversion Rate

A digital marketing campaign helps you track conversion rates. By using the available metrics, you can learn who fills out forms, subscribes to events or buys things. The performance of your marketing strategy may need to be changed if you aren’t getting the type of conversation you expected.

There are a few things you can do to get better conversion rates than what you can expect from traditional marketing, including A/B testing, heap maps, optimizing the form, creating clear Calls to action, and urgency as well as developing mobile-friendly content. Thus, increasing your conversion rate will increase the number of customers for your small business. 

3. Convenient For Your Pocket

A small business can be scared of spending too much on marketing. But that won’t be true anymore since digital marketing requires much less money or no money at all if you do not want to advertise or have an excellent marketing strategy. Like running a social media campaign that attracts your potential customers. 

A survey found that 40% of small business owners believe that digital marketing has helped them increase profits and market presence. Metrics like CPC(cost per click), CTR(click-through rate), and CPL(cost per lead) will give you a better understanding of what is working for your business and what isn’t.

4. Enhances Competitiveness

Due to a lack of funds and resources, small businesses are not able to compete with large brands and companies. Digital marketing helps small businesses compete with large brands.

Using digital marketing tools and tactics effectively and having innovative content or being creative enough is crucial to accomplishing this in digital marketing. If you use digital marketing skills smartly, you may be able to accomplish the competition.

5. A Real-Time Customer Services Experience

A recent study revealed that 84% of organizations that improve customer experiences report higher revenues. Working with clients involves understanding their emotions. How do they feel when they interact with your brand in real time?

The quality of your service can be determined directly from the interactions your users have with your service using advanced data collection, analysis, and visualization techniques. A combination of AI and data will also allow you to gain attention and build trust in real time, increasing sales and brand awareness. 

Scope of Digital Marketing in Denpasar for Students 

1. Growing Demand

Based on the statistics, digital marketing will keep growing exponentially. According to the Digital Marketing Industry Association, the digital marketing industry is projected to grow by 9% annually. Computer/IT workers have the highest demand for digital marketing jobs at 46.01%.

And if you are an enthusiastic person and have an interest in marketing. As a student, this is one of the best careers to build a future in the field of digital marketing because this is a booming field in the world, and in Indonesia, there is a huge potential for building a career in digital marketing without having a second thought.

2. Opportunities To Explore

It can be challenging to choose just a single career to spend your entire life in, but there are many career opportunities to be found in digital marketing if you enjoy exploring and learning new skills. Digital marketing has a treasure trove of careers available if you enjoy designing, writing, making videos, and analyzing numbers. Then this field is for you.

There is a 30% demand for data analysis followed by 20% for content marketing and 1% for app development. Other careers you can pursue include SEO Specialist, Email Marketer, Automation Expert, Digital marketing manager, and Graphic Designer.

3. Easy To Start

Digital marketing is very easy. The only thing you required is interest, dedication, eagerness to learn,  and English knowledge, and day by day you can improve and become the best digital marketer.  The main reason for the popularity of digital marketing is its ease of start-up. Regardless of whether you’re looking for your first job or making a transition, digital marketing will never disappoint you.

If you want to make a fresh start in the digital marketing industry, you don’t need a specific degree or background. All you need to do is enrol in an online course in digital marketing where you can gain both advanced knowledge and practice.

4. Freelancing Opportunities

A lot of freelancing opportunities are there in digital marketing like content writing, Facebook & Google Ads, SEO optimizer, etc. It is no longer common for people to work for someone under their rules and orders.  According to the International Labor Organization, around 46.5% of the world’s workers are self-employed.

As some people think I don’t want to work under someone’s  I want to build my own business or I’ll work on my own if you are someone who thinks like this then I m sure digital marketing is for you. It brings a lot of freelancing opportunities for you to become a freelancer. 

5. Expanding Industry

It is no wonder that the digital marketing industry has been growing so quickly due to the perks we just discussed. A career in digital marketing is one of the best options due to the increasing numbers of internet and mobile users, as well as the growth of the digital economy.

The digital marketing industry has flourished by creating a centric business model and being able to re-establish itself in tough moments. However, the industry is expected to grow rapidly in the future, and more we’ll discuss in the next section.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Denpasar in the Future

1. Social Media Influencers

All sectors of the advertising industry are engaging social media influencers to enhance their brands. Social media influencer marketing has been successful because consumers tend to trust other consumers more than they trust companies advertising products. As these influencers drive sales, companies will increasingly use them in 2023 and beyond.

There is also a trend toward fewer celebrity endorsements, as consumers have become weary of celebrities’ endorsements. Instead, influencers of direct relevance to the product are more likely to promote it. Make-up artist James Charles is a perfect example of someone Cover Girl has tapped to promote its cosmetics. Charles has become a celebrity but also has cosmetic expertise.

2. The Rise Of Geofencing

This is a perimeter that uses GPS or RFID to define geographic boundaries. It helps to track customers’ location and can be used to target a specific industry, business category, neighborhood, city, or place. And you know why geofencing is a good idea?

You can leverage this technology to get more traffic and customers by sending a personalized message to 73% of your customers, and 53% of your customers visit the shop after receiving the location-based message. 

3. Artificial Intelligence 

AI and machine learning have proven beneficial to the advertising industry in more than one way. From providing precise, real-time analytics, to optimizing pricing, and improving the consumer experience, AI and machine learning are transforming the way the industry functions.

Approximately 50 percent of customer queries are handled by chatbots these days, according to Research and Markets. Considering technology’s rapid growth and its intriguing applications, we can definitely expect AI approaches to become the new advertising standard by 2025.

4. Virtual Reality

Marketing managers use a variety of tools in order to offer interactive, engaging, and personalized experiences to their customers. Virtual reality, for example, has become an extremely effective and efficient tool in the last few years campaigns by 205, as its market is projected to grow from $7.9 billion in 2018 to $53.6 billion.

A virtual reality headset allows consumers to engage in the storytelling process in a way that cannot be accomplished by conventional promotional methods. Virtual reality enables consumers to associate with a business or brand in a way that is inconceivable with conventional advertising methods.

5. Voice Marketing

A recent study by PWC found that 65% of 25 to 49-year-olds speak to their voice-enabled devices at least once a day. Another study conducted by OC&C Strategy Consultants estimates that voice commerce will generate $40 billion in the U.S. and $5 billion in the U.K. by 2022.

It is believed that voice support will become a critical component of advertising in the coming years because it allows customers and clients to interact contextually with each other. Many marketing experts are placing substantial bets on voice support as the future of marketing.

Where can you learn Digital Marketing?

If you are excited to learn digital marketing and want to apply it practically to your business or want a career in the field of digital marketing. The digital marketing industry in Indonesia is currently booming, and there are a lot of job vacancies, but employers are looking for experts who understand this industry inside and out. 

Mastering digital marketing skills can help you earn a higher salary when applying for digital marketing jobs. Our Advanced Digital Marketing Course helps you to upskill yourself.

IIDE’s online digital marketing course is unique in its combination of education, skill training, and job placement.

The key highlights are listed below:-


  •    100+ Hours of Live Class
  •    50+ Hours of Videos
  •    1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions
  •    20+ Industry Tools Mastery
  •    In-Class Live Presentations
  •    7+ Live Projects & Practice Assignments
  •    100% Placement Assistance
  •    Resume & Interview Training

Read the Review:

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which country has good scope for digital marketing?

Ans. It depends on the population of the country and how vast the market is there but if it goes to personal then this is the biggest opportunity for a person because he can do digital marketing from everywhere.

2. Is there scope in digital marketing?

Ans. Despite TV’s continuing dominance, digital marketing has enabled businesses to expand their reach globally. With the growth of digital marketing initiatives, the field is also experiencing an increase in employment opportunities.

3. What is the job scope of digital marketing?

Ans.  There are so many jobs in this field like SEO expert, content marketer, digital marketer, etc. And also jobs to increase digital sales, lead generation, brand engagement, and conversions.

4. What is the main focus of digital marketing?

Ans: Both inbound and digital marketing use the same tools to capture and convert prospects through the buyer’s journey.

5. Is digital marketing a hard job?

Ans: Digital marketing is a somewhat technical field, and it can get complicated if you go into details, but if you’re dedicated and curious, it won’t be too difficult if you love it.


In terms of digital marketing, there are a lot of aspects to learn and apply. Applying it to your business can be challenging if you’re not used to it. However, considering all the benefits it offers can change your business for the better. You can still generate leads and sales even if you have a small business.

In case you’re interested in starting a career in digital marketing after seeing its benefits in your city, you can check out the MBA-level digital marketing program at IIDE.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog, and it has given you a better understanding of the scope of digital marketing in Denpasar. Feel free to share any queries or doubts, please let us know in the comments below.


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