Know in details about the scope of digital marketing in Bekasi

Updated on: May 29, 2023
Scope of Digital Marketing in Bekasi

If you want to know about the scope of Digital Marketing in Bekasi, you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going talk about the importance and scope of Digital Marketing in Bekasi. You will find to know more about the role, jobs, growth, and future of Digital Marketing in Bekasi. 

Digital marketing is the practice of marketing products or services using digital platforms. And the vast majority are now online. The number of people who have access to the Internet has multiplied tremendously because of the availability of inexpensive data and low-cost cell phones. The global economy is moving toward digitization, which is why digital marketing is becoming more and more important.

Digital marketing connects companies with ideal customers once they are on Google through SEO and PPC, on social media with social media marketing, and through email with email marketing. Small businesses, large corporations, students, freshmen, and traditional marketers all need to understand the relevance and importance of digital marketing.

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Scope of Digital Marketing in Bekasi post-COVID-19 

After the pandemic, the world has upgraded to new norms, where digital marketing took a surge not only in enterprise and large brands but also for small & micro businesses. This paved the way for new development, to engage more audiences and its effective use. Digital marketing connects a business with the audience when they are online, and it affects all industries. It helps to connect businesses with ideal customers through social media marketing, search engine optimization, and e-commerce.

1. Moving online – 

It has become blatantly obvious that all firms must go digital in the face of this pandemic. People are now more likely to shop online than they were in person before the pandemic due to a mix of the government appreciation Lockdown and a desire for social isolation.

Since there are now just many online venues through which individuals may discover a firm, even the method of brand discovery has altered. This emphasizes how crucial it is for brands of all sizes, from micro to enterprise, to devote a sizeable percentage of their marketing budgets to creating an online presence.

2. Cost / Budget –

The downturn in business that several companies have seen lately is one of the main indications of this epidemic. This results from clients’ decreased disposable income due to paying cuts or layoffs and many brands’ incapacity to convert themselves smoothly online.

This implies that many firms have had to minimize the amount they spend on digital marketing to maximize the effectiveness of their smaller budgets. PPC marketing, which has witnessed a sharp increase since the start of the pandemic and became an effective technique to maximize a marketing budget, is something that marketers are finding success.

3. 1-on-1 marketing –  

For brands in this era, consumer retention has become essential. Since businesses are now more than ever appreciate the value of a devoted customer base, they are no longer making one sale and then forgetting about that customer.

To remain appealing to their clients and keep them from looking for cheaper or more convenient solutions, brands must be flexible with their offerings in light of the changing customer behavior and available revenue.

Digital marketing initiatives have shifted to focus more on specific customers, and customer and brand communication has been simpler, more prevalent, and more intentional in order to support this move.

4. Socia Media Marketing – 

Social media marketing has been growing rapidly after the pandemic as many brands have used the pandemic to be the push they needed to completely switch from traditional marketing methods to digital. Organizations are not as skilled at social media marketing as we as viewers have come to anticipate on the various platforms. There have been some growing pains for many businesses that have made the switch to full-time social media marketing.

The use of micro-influencers on websites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube has grown along with the popularity of social media marketing. Micro-influencers have grown in popularity as a way for firms to gain a customer’s trust by using an influencer who can help with the adoption process of their product or service because the internet has become overrun with brands all vying for a sale.

5. Digital marketing agencies – 

We have observed an increase in the volume of business that digital marketing firms are undertaking as well as an increase in the number of agencies in the market as a result of the fact that digital marketing is expanding so quickly during this pandemic. The demand for digital marketing companies has exploded as a result of so many brands shifting the majority of their marketing budgets to digital marketing, in order to support and satisfy this rising need for online promotional content and brand discovery.

One factor that has contributed to the quick growth in the number of digital marketing agencies in this sector is that there are no entry barriers, so anyone with a basic understanding of how to use Facebook Ads or any other tool can easily launch an agency from their laptop while lounging in their living room.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Bekasi for Small Businesses     

Since digital marketing offers all firms an equal chance to succeed, its application to small businesses is quite broad. It is not a tactic that is exclusive to large organizations or multinational businesses. With the aid of digital marketing, small and medium-sized enterprises can truly leverage their operations. They can compete well with long-standing companies. Additionally, they can fully utilize digital marketing by interacting with various clientele on various platforms.

Scope of Digital Marketing for small businesses in Bekasi are: 

1. Connect with Customer – 

A wonderful way to interact and engage with customers is through digital marketing. When done properly and successfully, it can be highly beneficial in conveying to passengers your bus’s message or USP. 80% of consumers, according to the study, obtain pertinent information about the goods or services they are looking for online.

Digital marketing offers a number of options to target customers in order to advertise or promote its products, whether it be on the website or social media platforms. Additionally, the nearby directory can be extremely helpful for small companies.

2. Cost – 

Being a small organization, the idea of overspending on marketing might be depressing. However, it won’t bother you anymore! When compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is substantially less expensive—or even free—if you decide not to advertise and have a strong marketing strategy.

Do you know that 40% of owners of small businesses consider digital marketing to be beneficial to their operations? You can learn what’s working and what isn’t by using different metrics like CPC, CTR, and CPL. You can reduce the amount of money you spend on adverts by looking at these statistics.

3. Concerns to Mobile Customers –

According to Statista, there will be 6,567 million mobile users worldwide by September 2022. 34% of all organic traffic is produced through mobile marketing. Therefore, it can be advantageous for you to use mobile marketing to target potential customers who are residing in your neighborhood or in another part of the world. Making your website mobile-friendly and creating mobile apps with responsive designs and landing pages to attract your potential customers becomes crucial.

4. Customer Support in Real Time – 

Real-time customer support is a great way to retain your customers. Customer involvement is a top priority when discussing a company’s goals, but being accessible around the clock when customers want their questions and worries answered right away can be challenging.

Companies, brands, or even small businesses must establish trusting relationships with the public in order to achieve this. This can be achieved by delivering live chats, live-streaming videos, having a social media presence, or holding events for clients.

5. High Conversion Rates – 

You can monitor your company’s conversion rates with the use of digital marketing. Through the many metrics offered, you can learn who submits a form, registers for an event, or makes a purchase. If you’re not getting the expected number of conversations, your marketing plan needs to be changed.

You can utilize A/B testing, heap mapping, form optimization, a strong call to action with a sense of urgency, and mobile-friendly content to increase conversion rates. The few items listed here can help you increase conversion rates above what you can anticipate from conventional marketing.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Bekasi for Students

By the end of 2022, the Bekasi, Indonesiana e-commerce sector will support over 30 million jobs, many of them in the lucrative sectors of IT engineers and programmers, according to Market Research Indonesia. Along with the rising number of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) supported by the platforms’ existence, indirect fields such as supporting roles in e-commerce companies would also help the nation create jobs.

Therefore, now is the ideal time to pursue a career in digital marketing. Let’s now examine the reach of digital marketing among Bekasi students.

1. Increasing Demand – 

Considering the statistics, the demand for digital marketing is increasing significantly over time and will likely continue to do so. The predicted yearly growth rate for the digital marketing sector is 9%. As a result, with 46.01% of the market, the IT/Computer sector has the biggest need for positions in digital marketing.

Simply put, there is a huge demand for jobs in digital marketing. These are the available digital marketing jobs in Bekasi! Right, surprising? So, there should be no hesitation on your part if you want to pursue a career in digital marketing.

2. Opportunities To Explore – 

There are various employment prospects in digital marketing for those who enjoy exploring and picking up new abilities rather than committing to one job for the rest of their lives. Digital marketing offers a wealth of opportunities to offer whether you enjoy writing, designing, creating reels or videos, or analyzing data.

App development is only 1% in demand, compared to 30% for data analysis and 20% for content marketing. You can also try your hand at the jobs of SEO specialist, email marketer, automation expert, digital marketing manager, and graphic designer.

3. Simple To Start – 

The ease of starting is one of the primary factors contributing to digital marketing’s popularity. Digital marketing will never let you down, whether you’re looking for your first job or want to change careers.

To start over, you don’t need to have a specific educational background or a Bachelor’s or master’s degree. You only need to enrol in an online course in digital marketing to learn the fundamentals and more advanced concepts from the comfort of your home.

4. Certifications Strengthen Resumes – 

If you wish to work in this industry, it can be advantageous for you to develop your digital marketing skills. However, do you know what may put the icing on the cake? obtaining certifications for all the talents you have mastered and acquired.

This will give your CV more weight and improve your impression when you go for the job interview. Who knows if that will persuade the employer to hire you or increase your pay?

5. Different Opportunities for Freelancing – 

The time when people enjoyed following directions and working for someone else is long gone. People these days desire to work for themselves under their own set of norms. The International Labor Organization estimates that 46.5% of all workers worldwide are independent contractors.

Do you know that the arts and design sector employs 75% of all workers? As a result, there are several prospects for freelancing careers in digital marketing. You only need a laptop with a strong internet connection to get started.

Scope of Digital Marketing in the Future

With a fast-expanding digital economy that includes online commerce, ride-sharing services, and financial technology services, Bekasi, Indonesians are among the world’s most active social media users. Due to the distinctive consumer behavior, there are now countless business prospects in the digital sphere, which will eventually lead to the creation of new jobs, accessibility improvements, and improved connectivity with the global digital ecosystem.

The nation already has the largest population of unicorns in Southeast Asia. The renowned Bukalapak, Tokopedia, Traveloka, and Gojek are among Bekasi, Indonesia’s leading e-commerce sites.

1. Voice technology everywhere – 

There is no reason to believe that the trend in mobile will slow down, and people will increasingly choose to communicate with their gadgets via this hands-free technology. It’s believed that voice search powers more than half of all search inquiries.

More marketing opportunities will arise as the number of smart devices powered by voice search increases. When it began to offer less expensive Kindle devices in return for consenting to receive marketing emails, Amazon recognized this possibility. Targeted Alexa advertisements are already planned, and the other gadgets will undoubtedly follow.

2. Universal Marketing –

Universal marketing refers to the integration of numerous channels used In order to connect with and engage with customers in order to improve the brand experience. By delivering a range of information and services to meet users’ demands, it hopes to improve its user experience.

Approximately 89% of customers are retained by businesses employing universal marketing strategies. 90% of clients, according to SDL, anticipate consistent interactions across several channels. The ideal method for keeping customers can turn out to be a universal marketing approach that is carefully thought out.

3. Power of Influencer Marketing – 

In 2022, the influencer marketing market will be worth $16.4 billion. It has become one of the major trends of this year because of this. The influencer marketing size is projected to reach $84.89 by 2028.

But here’s the catch: marketers are now paying attention to micro-influencers with higher engagement rates as well as huge, well-known influencers or celebrities with more than 50K followers. Because, according to Later and Foher’s analysis, micro-influencers have the highest engagement rates, which are around 7%. Influencers help the target audience, who is frequently inundated with a barrage of commercial commercials every day, feel more connected to and engaged by the advertising activities.

When a person recommends your goods or services or makes reference to your brands through influencer marketing, it not only widens your audience but also raises awareness of your brand.

4. Growth of podcasts – 

Podcasts are no longer in the running while video, reels, or shorts continue to soar. It has a lot of advantages over video. Reducing screen time is one of these, which makes multitasking simpler. Additionally, did you know that there are 383.7 million podcast listeners worldwide?

There is a big possibility for organizations to incorporate podcasts into their digital marketing plan given the large number of individuals who listen to them. Whatever your company’s objective, it might be the greatest strategy to market your name, your goods or services, or possibly even to build brand recognition.

5. Technology Powered by AI for Marketing and Support – 

For a long time now, artificial intelligence has increased the potential for the future of digital marketing, but over the next few years, we’ll see exponential increases in this technology’s potential. Chatbots allow you to capitalize on the trend of marketing becoming more conversational and personalized without putting additional load on your staff or resources.

Advertising also makes use of AI. Google is already using AI-powered ads to optimize campaigns by finding the best-performing ad styles and language and automatically updating based on user engagement, even though it hasn’t nearly reached human levels of creativity.

Where can you learn Digital Marketing?

Knowing that there are many scopes of digital marketing in Balikpapan and that digital marketing is a fantastic choice for a profession, you should only learn digital marketing from the finest if you are enthusiastic about it and want to be an expert.

During this time, you will study digital marketing techniques from various business professionals and will also receive a certificate. For college students and newcomers, there is also an Advanced Digital Marketing Course that lasts for four months.

IIDE also offers a Short Term Certificate Course for those who are interested in learning about principles in digital marketing. Learn this digital marketing course and your dream digital marketing job is waiting for you.

Key Highlights of the Course:

  • 100+ Hours of a live class
  • 50+ Hours of Videos
  • Group project
  • Interaction with pioneers of different fields
  • Interview training
  • Scholarships

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FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. What is the scope of Digital Marketing in Bekasi?

ANS: With a fast-expanding digital economy that includes online commerce, ride-sharing services, and financial technology services, Indonesians are among the world’s most active social media users. Due to the distinctive consumer behavior, there are now countless business prospects in the digital sphere, which will eventually lead to the creation of new jobs, accessibility improvements, and improved connectivity with the global digital ecosystem. The nation already has the largest population of unicorns in Southeast Asia. It would be better to start your career in Digital Marketing now.

  1. Digital Marketing scope in the future?

ANS: Digital marketing’s reach is expanding quickly and will probably continue to do so for a very long time. Businesses are seeking a more engaging method of interacting with potential customers. The demand for digital marketers is rising along with the number of digital marketing firms.

  1. How much does a digital marketer earn in Bekasi?

ANS: A person working as a Digital Marketing Manager in Indonesia typically earns around 17,400,000 IDR per month. Salaries range from 9,410,000 IDR (lowest) to 26,300,000 IDR (highest). The average monthly salary includes housing, transport, and other benefits. Digital Marketing Manager salaries vary drastically based on experience, skills, gender, or location. Below you will find a detailed breakdown based on many different criteria.

  1. Where can I learn digital marketing?

ANS: There are many institutions teaching Digital Marketing. But, IIDE digital marketing course is best. They have industry experts, giving the best education.

  1. What is the best role in Digital Marketing?

ANS: The primary role of a digital marketer is to manage marketing campaigns promoting a brand as well as its products. They have a huge role in increasing brand awareness as well as driving traffic and acquiring leads and customers. Digital marketers put all their efforts into understanding the brand tonality, and relevant and ongoing trends, choosing appropriate channels for running marketing campaigns, and devising digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing also entails identifying and evaluating new digital technologies through web analytics tools and measuring traffic on the website for optimizing marketing campaigns.


A few years ago nobody would be able to guess that digital marketing will be trending all over the world. With the growth of mobile phones, social media, and internet users there is a great scope for digital marketing in Balikpapan. And there will be a great future for digital marketing.

There are so many impacts and benefits to digital marketing, and the future is so bright this is why people are looking forward to registering and attending top educational hubs like IIDE, you can also become a marketer today in the digital space and secure a better career for yourself.

Check out IIDE Online Digital Marketing Course in India to get a detailed course on digital marketing. 

That’s all for the blog; hope you enjoy reading it.  Make sure you follow IIDE more blogs.

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