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Updated on: May 28, 2023

Browsing the web and looking to better understand the scope of Digital Marketing in Banjarmasin and worldwide? Then this blog is for you, offering you a deep dive into the scope of the field, its projected growth, future, nature, job scope, and a lot more! 

From Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing to SEO and PPC Advertising, Digital Marketing, also known as Online Marketing, is the practice of promoting brands and organizations to connect with their potential customers using online mediums and digital communication channels. 

Digital Marketing offers various advantages and benefits over traditional marketing. It has significantly lower advertising costs and generally promises faster and more accurate results, thanks to it being highly targeted and engaging. It also enables two-way communication between organizations and customers, something that is crucial for building trust and brand loyalty.

In addition, it offers a deeper dive into analytics and makes it easier to track and measure results and adjust campaigns accordingly. Read more about the Benefits of Digital Marketing. 

As digital marketing initiatives continue to grow at a brisk pace as more businesses realize the critical importance of scaling their online presence, the number of jobs in the field is naturally increasing, something that we will discuss later on in the blog as well, but now let us look at the scope of Digital Marketing post the COVID-19 pandemic! 

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Scope of Digital Marketing in Banjarmasin post-COVID-19 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe social and economic impact on the world and has caused some major and drastic changes across multiple sectors globally, including in the Marketing and Digital Marketing industries.

As a result, and in response to all the ongoing changes, professionals in the Marketing field were left with the sole option of adapting their strategies to remain relevant and stay competitive in this new era
 wondering what the scope of Digital Marketing post-Covid-19 is? Let’s dive right into it! 

1. Real-time analytics

Typically, marketing professionals used to check a post’s analytics and measure its effectiveness weeks after its launch. However, that is no longer the case, as real-time analytics has started to shake up the world of Digital Marketing. 

Conducting real-time analysis is enabling marketers around the world first to individualize content for smaller subsets of consumers and, second, respond much quicker to their performance.

2. Social Commerce

The pandemic made customers increasingly demanding and appreciative of opportunities to connect and communicate online, making social commerce mainstream as it promotes social interaction among customers on websites and e-commerce platforms powered by features such as user profiles to share experiences, reviews, comments, tags, and recommendations. 

3. Video Content 

Although video marketing was introduced years ago, it is only recently that its growth has accelerated at an incredibly fast pace, largely due to how the pandemic has driven everyone indoors. 

This growth is only expected to continue; an estimate from Cisco predicts that 82% of the content created globally will be in the form of videos, making it a top strategy in 2023 as Digital Marketing professionals capitalize on users’ short attention spans and desire to view content instead of reading it.

4. New technologies

Digital Marketers have started to incorporate many state-of-the-art technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence to analyze user data which enables them to understand better their target audience and so further customize the customer journey and interaction with the product.

In addition to AI, businesses globally will continue to utilize Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in the execution of their marketing campaigns to improve their customer experience, enhance brand awareness, and differentiate themselves from competitors. 

5. Omnichannel Marketing

Customers nowadays use various media to learn about and engage with a company’s offerings prior to and after their purchase. Therefore, businesses seek to accommodate that by using numerous channels to engage their target market in a seamless way, a practice that is referred to as omnichannel marketing that helps irradiate barriers that different media may impose.

For example, a product advertised on television should also have an online tie-in that’s optimized for both desktop and mobile users. 

Scope of Digital Marketing in Banjarmasin for Small Businesses

These changes in the global Digital Marketing industry will also affect how start-ups and small businesses around the world, including in Ambon, do business and advertise online, offering a large scope as well; let’s take a look at it! 

1. Less and Less Traditional

As seen in the figure above, businesses in Indonesia are generally spending more and more on digital forms of advertising such as search and video advertising and moving away from traditional forms. You, as a business in Ambon, should follow suit and capitalize on this growing trend to reach a wider audience and drive sales.

2. Mobile Advertising 

Similarly, more and more businesses in Indonesia are choosing to focus their digital advertising efforts and resources on Mobile advertising over Desktop advertising; therefore, all should adapt their online advertising initiatives and campaigns to be more mobile-friendly and appealing for mobile users to meet success. 

3. E-commerce

The average share of internet users purchasing items online has jumped from 53% to 60% during the COVID-19 pandemic, making the global e-commerce industry worth around $26.7 trillion. Therefore, having your products and services available for purchase online is no longer an option but a necessity in order to remain competitive and scale your business. 

4. Social Media

As seen earlier, mobile phone usage is on the rise, and so are social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, which are said to be the most popular marketing channel in 2022, with more than two-thirds of small businesses worldwide (67%) using these social platforms as a digital marketing channel for how effective and cost-friendly they are. 

5. Pocket-friendly 

Sometimes, it can be hard for small businesses to allocate a large budget to fund their marketing campaigns and activities, which can very much limit their reach. Yet and as discussed earlier, Digital Marketing does not require much cost to be spent to get campaigns running and sometimes no spending at all in comparison to traditional marketing means.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Banjarmasin for Students

All job-listing websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, or Glassdoor are filled with plenty of Digital Marketing-related job opportunities. However, there aren’t enough skilled talents to fill up the space. So if you want to make a career in the field, then this is the right time! Now, let’s have a look at the scope of digital marketing for students in Ambon.

1. Growing demand

Digital Marketing is on the rise as all businesses understand how critical it is to have a solid online presence to promote brand awareness & drive sales, and Digital Marketers are in high demand, including in Banda Aceh, so this is a perfect time to start in the field! 

2. Easy to Start

Any person, no matter what their educational or professional background is, can start learning and developing their skills in digital marketing from an online digital marketing course or program and launch into a promising career in the field.

3. Certifications Add Value To Resume

If you want to scale your career within the Digital Marketing field, then getting professional certificates will certainly set you off the competition and make you more skillful and credible to employers that can even end up paying you a higher salary.

4. Plenty Of Freelance Job Opportunities 

In the field of Digital Marketing, you can also work from the comfort of your house as a freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork and make a side income, or start your own agency and offer digital marketing services to businesses around the world. 

Scope of Digital Marketing in Banjarmasin in the Future 

1. Omni-Channel Marketing

Omni-Channel marketing is the integration of various channels to connect and interact with customers to enrich the brand experience. It aims to provide a better user experience to customers by offering various content and services to fulfill their needs. Companies with omnichannel states retain about 89% of their customers. 

As per SDL, 90% of the customers expect consistent interactions on various channels. A well-planned omnichannel strategy can prove to be the best way to retain customers.

2. Influencer Marketing Is Booming

The influencer marketing industry has immensely grown over the last year to reach  $16.4 billion in 2022, becoming one of the biggest trends of this year, and is only set to continue growing as estimates suggest that its market size will cross $84.89 billion by 2028. 

However, brands now are not only focusing on major and popular influencers or celebrities with more than 50K followers but also on micro-influencers as they generally promise more engagement of around 7%, as per the reports of the report of Later and Foher.

3. Geofencing Is Taking Over 

Geofencing is the perimeter that uses GPS or RFID to define geographical boundaries. It helps in tracking customers’ locations and can be used to target a certain area, business category, or demographic market, enabling businesses to personalize their offerings and marketing communication as 73% of customers prefer personalized messages, while 53% of the customers visit the shop after receiving the location-based message. 

4. Rise of Podcast

While videos, TitToks, Reels, and Shorts keep on booming, podcasts are catching up quickly. This form of content offers plenty of advantages over video content, one of which is cutting down screen time which makes multitasking easier, making it very convenient for consumers. With 383.7 million listeners globally, podcasts can be an effective tool to promote your brand or products.

5. The Era of NFT

According to BeInCrypto, the global NFT market is currently valued at around $3 billion, with 250,000 people trading NFTs every month on OpenSea and buying these digital assets in significant numbers. 

Brands can trade NFTs in the form of music, videos, or art pieces with the least possibility of fraud and can also utilize them as part of the customer retention strategy as rewards or points, creating digital collectibles, utility tokens, or gaming applications.

Where can you learn Digital Marketing?

If you are planning to pursue a career in marketing digital marketing is one of the options you can apply for. You might hear a lot about digital marketing on different social media, especially on youtube where there are a plethora of videos that explain digital marketing. But those videos are unstructured and in a theoretical manner.

These videos might give you superficial information about digital marketing, but to achieve a degree in digital marketing, you need to buy separate digital marketing courses that are available virtually or physically. If you are intending to achieve practical and detailed knowledge of digital marketing, IIDE (the digital school) provides you with courses both virtually and physically.IIDE also provides some amazing Advanced digital marketing programs.

Key Highlights of the Course:

  • 100+ Hours of a live class
  • 50+ Hours of Videos
  • Group project
  • Interaction with pioneers of different fields
  • Interview training
  • Scholarships

Look at the reviews

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Top Benefits of Digital Marketing.

Ans: It is a globally reached market, You can make your career from your house with the help of digital marketing. It provides you with a less investment-high return opportunity.

2. Digital Marketing demand in the future.

Ans: As people are engaging with digital marketing, the future is full of digital marketing, people want fast, smooth, and lower-price work that is only possible with digital marketing.

3. power of digital marketing.

Ans: you can check your analytics, customize your customer, and sell only desired people or more, there is no doubt in digital marketing.

4. Does a digital marketing course have a good future?

ANS: Yes. Digital marketing is the best future. From social media to search engine optimization, digital marketing continues to impact billions of users positively. With more advanced tools and practices, digital marketing will continue to propel companies to step up their competitive drive in the market.

5. What are the job opportunities for a digital marketer?

ANS: There are various job opportunities for digital marketing. Here are the top career opportunities in Digital Marketing:

  • Digital Marketing Manager.
  • Brand Manager.
  • Social Media Manager.
  • Online Content Developer.
  • Business Analytics Specialist.
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist.
  • Web Designer.
  • Professional Blogger.


A few years ago nobody would be able to guess that digital marketing will be trending all over the world. With the growth of mobile phones, social media, and internet users there is a great scope for digital marketing in Balikpapan. And there will be a great future for digital marketing.

There are so many impacts and benefits to digital marketing, and the future is so bright this is why people are looking forward to registering and attending top educational hubs like IIDE, you can also become a marketer today in the digital space and secure a better career for yourself.

Check out IIDE Online Digital Marketing Course in India to get a detailed course on digital marketing. 

That’s all for the blog; hope you enjoy reading it.  Make sure you follow IIDE more blogs.

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