Looking for Scope of digital marketing in Alor Setar?

Updated on: May 26, 2023
Scope of digital marketing in Alor Setar

Do you know that Digital Marketing plays an important role in business growth? Are you curious to know about the scope of digital marketing in Alor Setar? Then you are at the right place.

Digital marketing is known as online marketing. It is a huge industry from small to large every business or businessman depends on digital marketing. It reduces all your efforts and makes it easy to work with digital marketing tools.

Do, you ever think about what the scope of digital marketing is? Have you desired to make a career in digital marketing? You are in the right place. In this, we will discuss digital marketing scope & opportunities in Alor Setar Malaysia.

It is like nothing, but it is a huge industry. It helps to promote your online product and services through your desired customer. Digital marketing is trending nowadays, and everyone one going online to promote their business digitally.

We all know at 2019 covid virus spread worldwide, Every offline market, shop, and business was shut down. Small business startup companies wear suffer losses. when people start recognizing digital marketing and started promoting their products & services on social media to make sales.

Even after COVID-19 people have gone back to their businesses, but they have known that digital marketing is where we can gain results soon with low investment & high returns. If you want to 

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Scope of Digital Marketing in Alor Setar For Students 

Digital marketing is Currently one of the most important industries in the business world today, as Digital Marketing is very different from traditional marketing. Creates and implements those Marketing strategic plans and participates in attracting buyers through chats and through many digital tools ranging from email to mobile applications.

Digital Marketing is going popular comparing traditional marketing for some reasons.

  1. Instant Result
  2. Measurable
  3. Time Saver
  4. Global Reach
  5. Customer Engagement
  6. High Conversion rate and many more.

Digital Marketing is for everyone. There should not need to be a graduate to enter the digital world, You can learn it online or offline, and pursue your digital skill and make your career. 

To learn Digital Marketing with guaranteed career Making you can take the free live Master class of IIDE, To know yourself a digital marketing career is the right choice for you. You can Learn different online courses with placements guaranteed From IIDE.

Here are a few 5 points, what is the scope of digital marketing for students?

1. Work from home

As a student, you do not need to sacrifice your studies to do work from home, you can choose jobs you desire and can start work on them. Working from home basically depends on your skill and niche, It would be better if you choose work in which you have skill and passion.

There are many digital marketing jobs that can be done from your home and hostel. They do not care whether you are a home or hostel, you need to submit work as soon as possible.

2. Become an Influencer

Working as an influencer is also a huge platform. If you do not want to work with anyone, you can work as an influencer. To become an influencer, you need to have good followers on your social media like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and many others. As a student, you can earn good profit by becoming a good influencer.

3. Creative Writer

A person who can write plagiarism-free and unique content is called a creative writer. Become a creative writer and as a student, you can earn in many ways. One of them is you can start your own blog, and write and publish content daily. You can promote your work with social channels, this way people can see and appreciate your work, your hardworking shows you your avenue soon and secure your future as a productive creative writer.

4. You can work in different fields

Digital Marketing is a huge industry where are people with different digital skills. Working with varying aspects of people is give you a chance to learn new every day.

To become a Digital Marketer you do not need any degree, as long as need a good portfolio of your past work and skill that will allow you to work in with different diverse people.

5. Become a  freelancer

Freelancing is a highly demanded digital marketing area. If you are a digital marketer, you can start freelancing from your place. Freelancing means you provide different digital services to people.

You need a laptop with an internet connection, people can start their freelancing journey from make an account on Fiver/Upwork, etc.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Alor Setar in the Future 

Digital Marketing is new in this digital era, but demand for digital Marketers is enough everywhere and every time, even physically and digitally. As I said, it is day by day growing industry, you can learn new things every day and improve yourself. Digital Marketing has opportunities that will never be going to end. If you are creative and passionate you will surely make your career in this never-ending opportunity. 

Everything is growing because of the internet. We can see the current scope of digital marketing, and think about what will be the scope in the future. Let’s discuss what can be.

Some of the points can be in the future in Digital Marketing.

1. Voice Marketing

Voice search allows users to search for anything instead of typing. At the current time, we can see many social channels have their own voice assistant, which is easy to use for users.

The way of Marketing the product or services will be changing in the future, In every social channel we will find a voice assistant, which will allow us the feature to market our product or services.
The advantages of Voice Search Marketing in the future: The Future of Digital Marketing.

  1. Instant Answer
  2. Globally Work
  3. Promote local SEO
  4. Technology Worldwide.

2. Virtual Reality

Marketing Managers should evaluate varying tools to offer interactive, engaging, and personal experiences to their customers. It is the process to make users feel the real-world virtual 

This technology is important for various marketing strategies and is accessible. Due to the high cost of this technology digital marketers are becoming slow to adopt this amazing technology.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is intelligence that perceives data and information demonstrated by machines. It is a new-era invention, and many companies have already had their own artificial intelligence (AI) available.

The future will stay in auto mode with the help of Artificial Intelligence. According to Research and Markets investigation, the maximum amount of queries these days are handled through AI-based chatbots. AI-powered chatbots will be the Upcoming big thing to manage everything with ease.

4. Increase in home workers

As technology keeps growing and people are became more familiar with technology, it will decrease the worker who will need to work physically in the office. As we can see at the current time this is available many people work from their house mainly those who are in the technology sector, In the future, the Numbers will be going to increase soon.

5. Travelless shop

Travelers shop means what or when you want you can order that product or service according to your wish. Travelless shop is trending now, and we will see upcoming days in the future travelless shop is used by everyone. For this you do not need to travel a mile, all you do is you should have a laptop/Mobile and internet connection.
Here is the advantage of a traveler’s shop.

  1. No need to travel
  2. Privacy
  3. Informed choice
  4. Saving money and many more.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Alor Setar During COVID-19.

As we all know the time of COVID-19 (pandemic) was very hard for everyone. COVID-19 was basically impacted small and large businessmen, shop owners, and physical workers. Coronavirus makes forced people to embrace the new world where there shouldn’t need to be physical, that is digital space means Digital Marketing. 

Due to the coronavirus shut down everywhere, people turned around to digital marketing and start promoting themselves through digital tools. As a result, Digital Marketing helps people to grow their businesses successfully in promoting, advertising, and marketing as well as help in pursuing digital products during the Pandemic.

1. E-Commerce Companies: 

According to Alor Setar when the first epidemic spread worldwide – many e-commerce companies like DHL eCommerce Depot and H&F Digital Services were activated & started working fast as before they did. It grows fast because of the one reason that every offline work, businesses were shut down.

Its exact meaning is Electronic commerce where people can sell or purchase products and services online with the help of the internet.  There are many e-commerce companies.
Big e-commerce companies worldwide are 

  1. Amazon
  2. Alibaba
  3. Meituan
  4. Pinduoduo

Amazon is one of the top e-commerce companies worldwide, The company owner/CEO is Jeff Bezos. Left all three are after Amazon listed as a worldwide top company.

2. Online shopping 

If we talk about the present time, we are found only counted people in the whole world who did not purchase anything yet or who did not listen to online shopping yet, where internet connections are reached.

Online shopping means if we have a laptop/mobile with an internet connection we can buy everything that we need in a few moments. It is a form of e-commerce where we order on the web and the shoppers of the web deliver that product to us.
Here are the benefits of online shopping which help us to reach desired products or services easily.

  • It saves us time.
  • It saves the money that we spend during travel for shopping.
  • We get products at a discount or lower prices.
  • We can get detailed information about the product before purchasing it.
  • We can choose by comparing different brands, companies, etc.

3. Website Designing

Website designing is a great scope, Covid makes people necessary to live inside the door a times but many are starting skills themselves like learning website design. The website can be built in two ways one is with programming and the second is with WordPress, to purchase the paid domain or hosting or with a free domain or hosting.

We can find many websites that make us websites as we want in such a minute like Wix-e-commerce. People find the best way and start learning and we can see at this time many professional or highly experienced people are available in the world, who can make it a few times.

4. Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing is a trending industry worldwide. It means online marketing where people can market them, brand them, and promote them. Digital Marketing allows people to work online.

 It is the only way to get efficient results, Number of increasing sales, find desired customers, retargeting & remarketing, find analytics, count the number of sales, etc. It can be specific like content marketing, lead generation, website designing, marketing automation, Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, Search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, or many more.

Many people choose digital marketing and made their career in the digital world. As a digital marketer, he/she can provide digital marketing services and can earn money in the desired amount.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best commission-based platform in a short period, anyone can earn money with a digital skill.

Affiliate marketing is the process where publishers can earn money by advertising other products or services on commission bases with an affiliate link. How much amount is decided to pay you by advertising or selling other products in your effort, they will pay you?
It is easy to do affiliate marketing as a remote worker.

  • Find a platform where you want to start affiliate marketing.
  • Choose your expertise niche.
  • Create quality content with satisfaction knowledge.
  • Drive traffic and start marketing
  • Build trust with the public
  • Convert clicks to start sales.

Digital Marketing jobs list in Alor Setar

The demand for Digital Marketers is everywhere & every time. One who has skills in any nice of digital Marketing can apply for work at home or a physical job. It keeps growing every day, and new technologies growing every day which helps people to be employees. So, if you are someone who wants to make a career in digital Marketing can start to learn soon for the future.

Mainly the good salary jobs demanded in digital marketing are :

  1. Digital sales executive
  2. Content Creator
  3. Video Editor

1. Digital sales executive 

Digital sales executives are those people with the responsibility of creating digital social media platforms for a marketing agency or digital marketing company with the goal of generating revenue.

Sales executives play a vital role when they need to create a different new strategy for monitoring customers, making a trustable digital medium connection, to promote their brand. Without a digital sales executive, it is hard to run digital marketing agencies, increase sales, brand company, and build trust. They keep a record of sales amount, sales number, and sales price as well. 

A sales executive’s salary in an Alor Setar is estimated at RM 1700-5000 per month, your salary decides your job working type, you are there full time or want as a permanent worker.

2. Content Creator

Content creator means who creates content, The purpose of content creation must be different but who is highly experienced and expert to create content is applicable to the job in alor setar. We can see many content creators on social media where they store content and entertain, educate, motivate or inspire people by making that type of content.
Content creators must have such skills if they really want to create great content and are hired by companies.

  • You need to have a research capacity
  • For search engine optimization, you should have an idea of how you can rank your content.
  • Must be consistent
  • What your audience wants 
  • confident

A content creator’s salary in Alor Setar starts estimated RM 1500- RM 1800  per month, your salary decides your job working type, whether you are there full time or want as a permanent worker.

3. Video Editor

Video editing is a unique type of skill set. Every expert video editor has a different way to make money. The video editor has the main role of editing videos as their customers want. Nowadays, people are more engaged in content, everywhere everyone creates content from their own place, and we are consuming that.

 The video editor can hire from different companies, the very highly demanding niche is video editing. The video editor can make money on freelancing sites and can work online on different projects.

A content creator’s salary in an Alor Setar starts estimated at RM 1500- RM 2500  per month, your salary decides your job working type, whether you are there full time or want as a permanent worker.

Where can you learn Digital Marketing in Alor Setar?

If you are planning to pursue a career in marketing digital marketing is one of the options you can apply for. You might hear a lot about digital marketing on different social media, especially on youtube where there are a plethora of videos that explain digital marketing. But those videos are unstructured and in a theoretical manner.

These videos might give you superficial information about digital marketing but to achieve a degree in digital marketing, you need to buy separate digital marketing courses that are available virtually or physically. If you are intending to achieve practical and detailed knowledge of digital marketing, IIDE (the digital school) provides you with courses both virtually and physically.IIDE also provides some amazing Advanced digital marketing programs.

Key Highlights of the Course:

  • 100+ Hours of a live class
  • 50+ Hours of Videos
  • Group project
  • Interaction with pioneers of different fields
  • Interview training
  • Scholarships

Look at the reviews

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Top Benefits of Digital Marketing.

Ans: It is a globally reached market, You can make your career from your house with the help of digital marketing. It provides you with a less investment-high return opportunity.

2. Digital Marketing demand in the future.

Ans: As people are engaging with digital marketing, the future is full of digital marketing, people want fast, smooth, and lower-price work that is only possible with digital marketing.

3. power of digital marketing.

Ans: you can check your analytics, customize your customer, and sell only desired people or more, there is no doubt in digital marketing.


Here, we are at the end of our blog, How do you feel after reading this knowledgeable article & after knowing information about the scope of digital marketing?

These are the scopes and benefits of digital marketing which really help you to build your career in digital marketing. Leave your comfort zone and start one of the selected digital marketing courses to make your better version.

I hope you will enjoy and gain lots of information from here

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