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Professional Courses After 12th: Which are The Best Professional Courses After 12th?

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The above question has plagued the minds of many students throughout the years, and there is never a definitive answer. It’s difficult to be in a position where you have to choose between all the career options after 12th, especially getting mixed advice from every person you consult.

Everyone has a different career they want to push you down on, or an entrance exam they want to see you take.

But it’s okay. We’re here to provide you with the career guidance after 12th that you need right now.

The main criteria students today look at before picking the best career options after 12th are: i) money, and ii) growth of the industry. We have curated a list of professional courses after 12th that will help you not only earn enough money to be comfortable but will also chart industry growth in the foreseeable future.

What should I do after 12th for a well-paying job? 

Just having finished high school, it is unlikely that you will get a high-paying job. You will have to work at a company as an intern or a salesperson and work your way up from the bottom rungs of the ladder– that is if the company will hire you. 

In a country with the kind of population that we have, it is very easy to find people with college degrees to fill entry-level roles. Therefore, it won’t be easy for you to land a high-paying job with just a school diploma. Instead, you can opt for professional courses after 12th, or job oriented courses after 12th.

Instead of a traditional 3-year college degree, these courses are usually shorter and equip you to enter the working world immediately after completing them. They are intensive, industry-focused courses that require rigorous training and often host recruitment drives for their students. 

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Which is the best course for the future?

Alas, we are not fortune-tellers. If only we were, life would be much simpler. But in the estimation of the current climate as we can see it, and after consulting our resident industry experts, we can surely say that the digital industry is the way to go.

This does not require much explanation. It’s 2022, the world is currently still going through a deadly pandemic, and people are scared to go to work in offices, much less shop in malls, watch movies in cinemas, or even work out in gyms. What used to be normal life is very much breaking down into pixels online.

Google Meet, Zoom and other platforms have become offices, Amazon and Flipkart have become our malls, Netflix and Amazon Prime have taken over entertainment, and billions are hitting the gym on YouTube.

A big consequence of this is that people who used to work in these physical environments are losing jobs … and people working in the digital industry, who are in the business of building and promoting these very platforms, are in high demand.

The digital industry is only going to grow from here on out, as it has been doing since 2010. Digital marketing has to be, if not the absolute best, but definitely one of the top five, career options after 12th for any stream.

Now that we have all of this out of the way, let’s begin.

Professional Courses After 12th Top Institute
Digital Marketing IIDE
Designing MAAC
Teaching Amity University
Literature Miranda House University
Therapist/Counsellor Christ University
Economics Fergusson College
Coding Coding Ninjas
Engineering IIT
Medicine AIIMS


Professional Courses After 12th Arts

Pursuing professional courses after 12th arts has become a pressure point for today’s humanities students, because of parental or peer pressure from individuals who are more used to the clear cut Science/Commerce career paths. However, it is important for every humanities student to know that this is not how their career trajectories are going to look. 

The arts and humanities are not so much about logic and reason as they are about expression and perception. Their career paths are, also, much more flexible. For example, a student who pursues one of the many available professional courses after 12th arts in media may end up being a film director, a copywriter, or even a therapist. 

Keeping that in mind, we have put together a list of job-oriented courses after 12th arts that lead to professional qualifications and careers in the humanities that would leave both your career ambitions satisfied and aunties’ questions at bay.

1. Digital Marketing 

While not strictly a humanitarian field, a digital marketing course would be ideal as, with your knowledge of economics, and your mastery of spin, you could be a great marketer in no time. Digital is also the fastest-growing vertical in 2022, due to the growth in internet-based transactions over the course of the past year. 

You can learn digital marketing alongside another one of the conventional 3-year undergraduate courses through one of the many 6-month options available all over the country. Alternatively, you could opt for a 2-year postgraduate degree from the State universities. 

However, we would recommend that you combine it with your undergraduate degree as a 6-month condensed course would give you plenty of time to intern and learn through practical experience. You can also begin working directly after graduating from college with this option.

Top Institutes:

Indian Institute of Digital Education (Mumbai)

Delhi School of Internet Marketing (Delhi)

Digital Vidya (Mumbai)

2. Digital Designing 

Digital design, also known as graphic designing, are professional courses after 12th arts that combine your creative skills along with your business acumen in order to create stellar corporate design that helps the brand stand out and represents everything it stands for at the same time. 

Digital designing can be pursued either through one of the standalone 6-month job-oriented courses after 12th arts, as a postgraduate specialised option, or even a separate undergraduate course under a wider array of design. 

Our recommendation is to opt for one of the many 6-month job-oriented courses available in the market, alongside another undergraduate degree that doesn’t specialise in design but rather in media skills. For example, a Bachelor’s in Mass Media. This will give you a good base for your chosen career. 

Top Institutes:

Zee Institute of Creative Arts (Mumbai)

Arena Animation (All over India)

Symbiosis Institute of Technical Design (Pune, Maharashtra)

3. Teaching 

A professorial or teaching career is a great career option after 12th arts. However, unfortunately, none of the courses after 12th arts directly focus on this. 

A very good option, however, are some of the new integrated courses combining undergraduate and postgraduate studies that are becoming popular, starting out with a 3-year Bachelor’s in Arts course, and finishing with a 2-year Bachelor’s in Education. 

Top Institutes:

Amity University (Lucknow)

Lovely Professional University (Phagwara)

Kasturi Ram College of Higher Education (Delhi)

4. Literature 

Maybe you’ve always been a big reader. Maybe you just really love analysing text. At any rate, a doctorate in Literature is one of the well-sought after career options after 12th arts. However, much like other humanities specialisations, there are no specific undergraduate courses focusing only on this stream. 

Doctorates in literature move on to a professorial career, work for top literary magazines and write their own books and textbooks. This translates into a monetarily satisfactory career. But before you apply for a PhD in Literature, you will need to complete at least one of the available undergraduate courses after 12th arts. 

We recommend that you pick one of the Bachelor’s in Arts courses after 12th arts. This option provides you with not just general knowledge in humanities, as well as introductions to subjects like psychology and sociology, but also allows you to build a strong base in Literature, your future specialisation. 

Top Institutes:

Miranda House University (Delhi)

Saint Xavier’s College (Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Saint Stephen’s College (Mumbai, Maharashtra)

5. Therapist/Counsellor 

While you need an MBBS degree in order to pursue a career in psychiatry, there are several options available for humanities students in order to become a therapist or a counsellor. 

While you have already been introduced to psychology as a subject in high school, a much more in-depth study is needed to become a certified professional in this area. You can do this by pursuing one of the many available BA courses after 12th arts and specialise in psychology, and go on to pursue a postgraduate diploma in clinical or applied psychology. Conversely, you can also pursue a Master’s in any degree of psychology. After this, you could also choose to pursue a PhD. 

Top Institutes:

Christ University (Bengaluru)

Fergusson College (Pune)

Saint Xavier’s College (Mumbai)

6. Economics 

Courses after 12th arts in Economics are sought by many students. However, unfortunately, there are no direct courses you can pursue in this case. You can, however, pursue a Master’s in Economics after an undergraduate degree, like BA. This will also help you build up a strong base for your master’s degree. 

Top Institutes:

Christ University (Bengaluru)

Loyola College (Chennai)

Lady Shri Ram College for Women (Delhi)

Fergusson College (Pune)

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

By definition, professional courses after 12th commerce would be those that allow you to get a job as soon as you’re done. While full-time employment is not what is a top priority for every student planning their college careers, it is very important for some. And we are here to help you out by having put together this list that will make you qualified to snag a job the moment you finish the degree– in as little time as possible. 

1. Digital Marketing

This profession is currently the need of the hour. Therefore, it is one of the best professional courses after 12th commerce you could possibly attempt on this list.


Well, as I’m sure all of you are aware, we are currently in the middle of a global pandemic. This means that most people are either stuck at home, or stepping out only for the most essential tasks. This has thrown most traditional advertising out the window because it just isn’t reaching the consumers.

What is reaching the consumers, though, is the world wide web. That’s right, the Internet comes to the rescue of millions upon millions of brands yet again. People are spending over 113% extra time on the Internet, and around 80% more on social media, than they did before. With employees working from home, emails and other digital methods of communication are getting massive boosts. There was a 70% rise in streaming.

With all eyeballs migrating to digital, it is only natural for the advertising money to follow there as well. Brands are pumping more into digital than ever before, and are actively looking for more digital opportunities. This is the perfect time for a budding digital marketer to shine. This market offers more job opportunities than ever before as well. Because this is a growing field, it is one of the best professional courses after 12th commerce to get into, and you will not regret it. 

Top Institutes:

Indian Institute of Digital Education (Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Manipal ProLearn (Bengaluru, Karnataka)

2. Digital Design

Digital design professional courses after 12th commerce teach you to design branded communication for an organisation.

What does this mean? 

Well, advertising is just a part of the communication a brand puts out through the course of its existence. It also needs to communicate through creatives, and even things like logo placement and design are ways for brands to subtly communicate messages to its audience. All of this is what is taught to you in digital design professional courses after 12th commerce.

This is also an area of increased investment for brands since the lockdown as anything digital is being appreciated more by consumers, and hence is only going to grow in demand in the coming years. This is one of the best career options after 12th commerce for the creative souls.

Top Institutes:

Zee Institute of Creative Art (Many Major Cities)

Vogue Institute of Art and Design (Bengaluru, Karnataka)

3. Coding

Similar to the above, coding is also one of the digital professional courses after 12th commerce that will help build you one of the most solid careers in this current economy.

What is coding?

Well, have you ever seen a website you really admired? Or maybe an app? Ever wonder who made these websites or apps?

It was more than likely a coder sitting maybe continents away from you, whose work managed to reach you in such a personal way. This is why coding is one of the most attractive professional courses after 12th commerce to pursue. What’s more, you can use it for many different purposes, like web design and software design as well!

Top Institutes:

The Valley Bootcamp (Bengaluru, Karnataka)

Coding Ninjas (Delhi)

4. BBA

This stands for a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. If you want to own your own business, then this is one of the best professional courses after 12th for you. It will teach you everything there is to know about managing an enterprise and help you develop the leadership skills to be in charge! 

Top Institutes:

Christ University (Bengaluru, Karnataka)

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Symbiosis International University (Pune, Maharashtra)

Shaheed Sukhdev College for Business Studies (Delhi)

Professional Courses After 12th Science

Having taken science in school, you already know that it is a very nuanced field. To pursue career options after 12th science directly is a little dangerous, as making even one small mistake or not having the right specialisation in science-related fields can have disastrous consequences.

That being said, we also know that not everyone who has completed their schooling with a science diploma wishes to pursue career options after 12th science. So, we have a little bit of everything here– traditional job-oriented courses after 12th science and a few non-traditional options that will allow you to explore many different fields and discover your true area of interest while at the same time not closing off any career opportunities for you.

1. Digital Marketing

Being more one of the best career options after 12th rather than a course, digital marketing is no longer the future. It is the present.

Digital marketing courses after 12th science will hone your already sharp analytical skills and allow you to connect to a customer in the most personal way possible for a brand– right into their devices, that they’re glued to all day.

Digital consumption has increased multifold in 2022. This has a lot to do with the corona virus-induced lockdowns worldwide, forcing people to work and attend lectures from home.

This means only one thing– massive growth for the digital industry. More people wanting to advertise would mean more revenue generated through digital platforms, equaling more employment opportunities and greater potential. This is why we think digital marketing courses after science are such a great idea if you’re not really interested in pursuing a science-related career, but still want a job-oriented course after 12th science that will pay well and have job security.

Best Institutes:

Indian Institute of Digital Education (Mumbai, Maharashtra; and online!)

Digital Vidya (Many branches)

Upgrad (Many branches)

Delhi School of Internet Marketing (Delhi)

2. BMS

This stands for a Bachelor’s in Managerial Studies. BMS and BBA are often confused as one and the same. However, they are actually different. BBA is one of those professional courses after 12th that are offered only by private colleges, whereas BMS is available in many public (government university-affiliated) colleges. This often means that BMS is often a much more pocket-friendly course after 12th than BBA.

The main difference between these two courses is the specialisations. Whereas BMS offers only specialisations in Marketing and Finance, whereas BBA offers varied specialisations depending on the college (though Marketing and Finance are still the most popular options).

Why do we recommend this very commerce-oriented degree to a science graduate? Well, because it, quite simply, allows you to explore your horizons. It is often cited as an easier degree to complete than many other college degrees, and yet does not close off your options if you want to go into a different field later. It is a safe path to walk on while you decide what you’re truly interested in. 

Besides, a BMS course allows you to develop entrepreneurial skills, which are useful no matter what career options after 12th you eventually settle on. 

Top Institutes:

University of Delhi (Delhi)

St. Xavier’s College (Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Shiv Nadar University (Noida, Uttar Pradesh)

Jagran Lakecity Business School (Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh)

3. Engineering 

This is one of the career options after 12th science that we are sure you’ve heard of. After all, who hasn’t been the target of attempted convincing by some or the other relative about how engineering has ‘so much scope’?

Well, engineering does happen to have a lot of ‘scope’ within its field. However, we recommend you pick this career option only if you really want to work in engineering– not because you plan to do an MBA or attempt the UPSC exam after completing your degree. You will have effectively wasted 4 years of your life pursuing a tough course and understanding concepts you will never use.

If you want to do a certain postgraduate degree or attempt an entrance exam, it is much easier and simpler if you pick an undergraduate course more aligned with your interests. This way, at least you’ll retain the information you learn, and you will earn higher grades as you understand and enjoy what is being taught.

Top Institutes:

Indian Institute of Technology (Several branches – the top being Mumbai, Delhi)

National Institute of Technology (several branches – the top being Tiruchirapalli, Karnataka)

Anna University (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)

4. Medicine

The medical field is not just a well-respected profession, but also a very well-paying one. Our doctors and nurses are currently the frontline warriors in the battle against COVID-19 and are performing some of the greatest acts of service to this country possible.

Within medicine, too, there are many specialisations: You can be a traditional doctor i.e physician. Or, you could be a surgeon. Or a nurse. Or a psychiatrist. Or a dentist, dermatologist, consultant, veterinarian … the possibilities are as limitless as the body is flawed. You can choose which area of medicine you feel an affinity towards, and pursue a specialised degree in that post a general degree in medicine.

Top Institutes:

All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (New Delhi, Delhi)

Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (Chandigarh, Punjab)

Christian Medical College (Vellore, Tamil Nadu)

National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences (Bengaluru, Karnataka)

To Conclude

If learning cutting-edge, customized, and real-world relevant content from practising industry professionals and experts from the comfort of your own home is what you’re looking for, then courses like our online digital marketing course would be a perfect match.

But before you make a decision, try our free masterclass led by Mr Karan Shah, the founder, and CEO of IIDE, and see for yourself if our learning style works for you.

We hope you enjoyed this list of our picks of the best job-oriented professional courses after 12th. If you gained something from it, share it with your friends who were struggling with the same doubts as you, and comment your thoughts down below! 

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