Which are The Best Professional Courses After 12th? – 2024 Edition

Updated on: Mar 4, 2024
Professional Courses After 12th

Professional Courses After 12th aren’t just pathways to academic success; they’re gateways to professional prowess and business acumen. Imagine this: while conventional educational routes offer a solid foundation, professional courses after 12th serve as accelerators, propelling individuals into specialized fields with precision and purpose.

In today’s fiercely competitive job market, where expertise reigns supreme, these courses emerge as indispensable assets, shaping individuals into adept professionals equipped with practical skills and industry know-how. For professionals seeking career advancement or businesses aiming to stay ahead of the curve, investing in such courses is akin to investing in success itself.

These courses bridge the gap between academic theory and real-world application, nurturing talent and fostering innovation. With the digital revolution reshaping industries at breakneck speed, the demand for specialized skills has never been higher. Hence, professional courses after 12th offer a strategic advantage, empowering individuals and businesses alike to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape of opportunities.

What is a professional course?

Professional courses are short-term courses focused mainly on a specific job or career. It aims to develop knowledge, and skills, and train students for a particular domain.

Professional courses aim to make learners well-equipped with all the skills and knowledge students need to excel in that particular field.

Types of Professional Courses:

Professional courses are further divided into 3 sections:

  1. Degree Courses
  2. Diploma Courses
  3. Certification Programmes
  4. Training Courses

Now that we know what a professional course is, let’s dive into some top professional courses after 12th one can pursue to kickstart their career. For your ease, we’ve divided this into 2 segments, i.e., professional courses after 12th arts, science, and commerce.

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We’ve curated a table of the most popular professional courses in 2023 along with the to institutes from all the lists given below based on our research and opinion.

Professional Courses After 12th Top Institute
Digital Marketing Thakur College of Science and Commerce (Autonomous),
KES Shroff College (Autonomous), KPB Hinduja College of Commerce, Pillai College of Arts, Commerce & Science
(Autonomous), Niranjan Hiranandani School Of Management And Real Estate, Bhavans College
Designing MAAC
Teaching Amity University
Literature Miranda House University
Therapist/Counsellor Christ University
Economics Fergusson College
Coding Coding Ninjas
Engineering IIT
Medicine AIIMS


Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

Best Professional Courses After 12th Arts

Arts has always been considered an easy stream. However, very few know the writing, research, and communication skills you build upon along with understanding perception and expression much better.

Keeping that in mind, we have put together a list of job-oriented courses after 12th arts that lead to professional qualifications and careers in the humanities.

1. Digital Business

While not strictly a humanitarian field, a digital marketing course would be ideal as, with your knowledge of economics, and your mastery of spin, you could be a great marketer in no time. Digital is also the fastest-growing vertical in 2023, due to the growth in internet-based transactions over the past year. 

You can learn digital marketing through a conventional 3/4-year undergraduate degree. Alternatively, you could opt for a 2-year postgraduate degree from the State University. 

However, we would recommend that you pursue an undergraduate degree as it would give you plenty of time to intern and learn through practical experience. You can also begin working directly after graduating from college with this option.

If you are looking for an undergraduate degree, we would strongly recommend you consider BBA in Digital Business as it gaining huge popularity among students. In addition to theoretical coursework, BBA in Digital Business program provides its students with a hands-on experience through internships, and projects.

Here’s what students of Bachelors in Digital Business have to say about the degree:

Top 6 Professional Courses After 12th Arts - Bachelors in digital business review

Top Institutes:

Detailed Course Information & Counseling –  https://iide.co/bachelors-in-digital-business/


2. Digital Designing 

Digital design, also known as graphic designing, are professional courses after 12th arts that combine your creative skills along with your business acumen in order to create a stellar corporate design that helps the brand stand out and represents everything it stands for at the same time. 

Digital designing can be pursued either through one of the standalone 6-month job-oriented courses after 12th arts, as a postgraduate specialised option, or even a separate undergraduate course under a wider array of design. 

Our recommendation is to opt for one of the many 6-month job-oriented courses available in the market, alongside another undergraduate degree that doesn’t specialise in design but rather in media skills. For example, a Bachelor’s in Mass Media. This will give you a good base for your chosen career. 

Top Institutes:

  • Zee Institute of Creative Arts (Mumbai)
  • Arena Animation (All over India)
  • Symbiosis Institute of Technical Design (Pune, Maharashtra)


3. Teaching 

A professorial or teaching career is a great career option after 12th arts. However, unfortunately, none of the courses after 12th arts directly focus on this. 

A very good option, however, is some of the new integrated courses combining undergraduate and postgraduate studies that are becoming popular, starting out with a 3-year Bachelor’s in Arts course, and finishing with a 2-year Bachelors in Education. 

Top Institutes:

  • Amity University (Lucknow)
  • Lovely Professional University (Phagwara)
  • Kasturi Ram College of Higher Education (Delhi)


4. Literature 

Maybe you’ve always been a big reader. Maybe you just really love analyzing text. At any rate, a doctorate in Literature is one of the well-sought-after career options after 12th arts. However, much like other humanities specializations, no specific undergraduate courses focus only on this stream.

Doctorates in literature move on to a professorial career, work for top literary magazines, and write their own books and textbooks. This translates into a monetarily satisfactory career. But before you apply for a PhD in Literature, you will need to complete at least one of the available undergraduate courses after 12th arts. 

We recommend that you pick one of the Bachelor’s in Arts courses after 12th arts. This option provides you with not just general knowledge in humanities, as well as introductions to subjects like psychology and sociology, but also allows you to build a strong base in Literature, your future specialization. 

Top Institutes:

  • Miranda House University (Delhi)
  • Saint Xavier’s College (Mumbai)
  • Saint Stephen’s College (Delhi)


5. Therapist/Counsellor 

While you need an MBBS degree in order to pursue a career in psychiatry, there are several options available for humanities students in order to become a therapist or a counsellor. 

While you have already been introduced to psychology as a subject in high school, much more in-depth study is needed to become a certified professional in this area. You can do this by pursuing one of the many available BA courses after 12th arts and specializing in psychology, and go on to pursue a postgraduate diploma in clinical or applied psychology. Conversely, you can also pursue a Master’s in any degree of psychology. After this, you could also choose to pursue a PhD. 

Top Institutes:

  • Christ University (Bengaluru)
  • Fergusson College (Pune)
  • Saint Xavier’s College (Mumbai)


6. Economics 

Courses after 12th arts in Economics are sought by many students. However, unfortunately, there are no direct courses you can pursue in this case. You can, however, pursue a Master’s in Economics after an undergraduate degree, like BA. This will also help you build up a strong base for your master’s degree. 

Top Institutes:

Christ University (Bengaluru)

  • Loyola College (Chennai)
  • Lady Shri Ram College for Women (Delhi)
  • Fergusson College (Pune)


Best Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

If you have chosen commerce in 12th, then you are probably looking to make a career in marketing, business, trade, banking or accounts. But, in 2023, the scope of commerce and careers have rapidly increased.

1. Digital Business 

Businesses are going and growing on digital platforms. In 2023, both consumers and entrepreneurs think of eCommerce, social commerce, and D2C businesses as challenging but the most profitable ones. 

If you have a business idea in mind but lack the execution skills or want to be an entrepreneur but don’t know where to start, a professional course after 12th in digital business is what you need! 

You can pursue a degree such as B.Com with a specialization in Digital Business to start your journey. Not only budding entrepreneurs but those who want to make a career in building digital businesses of other clients can also apply for this course. 

Top Institutes: 


2. Business Administration

BBA stands for Bachelor in Business Administration. If you want to own your own business, then this is one of the best professional courses after 12th for you. It will teach you everything there is to know about managing an enterprise and help you develop the leadership skills to be in charge! 

Top Institutes:

  • Christ University (Bengaluru)
  • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (Mumbai)
  • Symbiosis International University (Pune)
  • Shaheed Sukhdev College for Business Studies (Delhi)


3. Charted Accountancy

Charted Accountancy aka CA, is one of the best job-oriented courses after 12th one can pursue if one loves accountancy and managing finances on a high scale. Charted Accountancy deals with auditing, financial functions, taxes, etc.

Offered by ICAI, Chartered Accountancy does not require any bachelor’s degree. Once you’re done with your 12th, you can apply for the entrance exam and get started with the course.

Though charted accountancy takes longer to complete (4-5 years), it gives the best returns in the future. One can join banks, and financial institutions or can start their own practice as a licensed CA.

Top Institutes:

  • ICAI


4. Digital Marketing

If you’re someone who loves building brands, seeing numbers, and gauging data to make marketing strategies, you should definitely go for a digital marketing course.

With the growing popularity of online marketing, many large and small-scale businesses are moving online to sell their goods or services. These institutions are always on the lookout who can optimize their sales and reduce marketing costs. That’s where digital marketing comes into play.

Digital marketing is one of the best professional courses after 12th one can pursue to gain knowledge on topics like SEO, SMM, paid marketing, ORM, content strategy, ASO, etc.
It teaches and trains you to handle online business and gain audiences with different marketing tactics.

Check out: Advanced Certificate Course In Digital Marketing

Top Institutes:

  • IIDE
  • Thakur College of Science and Commerce (Autonomous),
  • KES Shroff College (Autonomous)


Best Professional Courses After 12th Science

1. Coding

Coding is one of the best professional courses after 12th science that will help build you one of the most solid careers in this current economy.

What is coding?
Well, have you ever seen a website you really admired? Or maybe an app? Ever wonder who made these websites or apps?

It was more than likely a coder sitting maybe continents away from you, whose work managed to reach you in such a personal way. This is why coding is one of the most attractive professional courses after 12th science to pursue. What’s more, you can use it for many different purposes, like web design and software design as well!

Top Institutes:

  • The Valley Bootcamp (Bengaluru)
  • Coding Ninjas (Delhi)


2. Engineering

This is one of the career options after 12th science that we are sure you’ve heard of. Engineering is one of the lucrative career options after professional courses after 12th science.

Engineering brings in the money but it requires a long-term commitment of hard work and discipline from you. You should pick this career option only if you really want to work in engineering. Engineering is a tough nut to crack and if you aren’t passionate or want to pursue a different career, it is not the best choice.

Top Institutes:

  • Indian Institute of Technology (Several branches – the top being Mumbai, Delhi)
  • National Institute of Technology (several branches – the top being Tiruchirapalli, Karnataka)
  • Anna University (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)


3. Medicine 

The medical field is not just a well-respected profession, but also a very well-paying one. Our doctors and nurses were ] the frontline warriors in the battle against COVID-19 and are performing some of the greatest acts of service to this country possible today.

Within medicine, too, there are many specializations: You can be a traditional doctor i.e., a physician. Or, you could be a surgeon. Or a nurse. Or a psychiatrist. Or a dentist, dermatologist, consultant, or veterinarian … the possibilities are limitless. You can choose which area of medicine you feel an affinity towards, and pursue a specialized degree in that post a general degree in medicine.

Top Institutes:

  • All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (New Delhi)
  • Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (Chandigarh)
  • Christian Medical College (Vellore)
  • National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences (Bengaluru)


4. Biotechnology

If you like to connect physical and life sciences, this one is for you. The course covers the application of biological principles and techniques to develop products and technologies that improve human health, agriculture, and the environment.

Biotechnology teaches biology, chemistry, genetics, bioinformatics, and engineering, making students ready for the field with all the necessary knowledge to kickstart their careers.

Top Institutes:

  • Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs)
  • National Institutes of Technology (NITs)
  • National Institute of Immunology (NII), New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore
Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass


  • Can I do a professional course online?

    Yes, but it depends on the rules and regulations of the institute. IIDE offers online and hybrid modes of education for the ease of students.

  • Which fields have scopes after 12th?

    Fields like digital marketing, social media management, finances, and engineering have a wide scope of development.

  • Which professional course is best for commerce students?

    Professional courses like Chartered Accountancy, Digital Marketing, and Event Management are suitable for commerce students.

  • Is a professional course after 12th worth it?

    Professional courses are ideal for students who want to start earning soon and want hands-on experience in the field. Professional courses develop job-relevant skills to keep students up-to-date with the necessary skills to excel.



In conclusion, the diverse array of professional courses available after 12th across different streams provides students with numerous opportunities to pursue their interests and build rewarding careers. For arts students, options like digital business, digital designing, teaching, literature, therapist/counselor roles, and economics offer pathways to success in various fields, emphasizing the value of creativity, communication, and critical thinking skills.

Similarly, commerce students can explore avenues such as digital business, business administration, chartered accountancy, and digital marketing, enabling them to excel in the realms of entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing in the digital age. Meanwhile, science students have the option to delve into coding, engineering, medicine, and biotechnology, offering opportunities to contribute to technological innovation, healthcare, and scientific research.

We hope you enjoyed this list of our picks of the best job-oriented professional courses after 12th. If you gained something from it, share it with your friends who were struggling with the same doubts as you, and comment your thoughts down below! 

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