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Embracing the Digital Frontier: My Journey from Nepal to IIDE in the Heart of Mumbai

Updated on: Sep 1, 2023
from nepal to mumbai for iide

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

No exception applies to my voyage from Nepal’s calm vistas to Mumbai’s busy streets. It’s a story of change, faith in oneself, and steadfast dedication to a profession in digital marketing.

I set off on a less-traveled path after leaving behind the stunning beauty of my hometown, Kathmandu, in Nepal. It was more than a professional choice for me to pursue a career in digital marketing; it was also a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. And along the road, I discovered the Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE), a true home away from home.

My First Exposure to Digital Marketing and IIDE:

I had taken a 4-month course in digital marketing with IIDE before enrolling in their PG program. It increased my interest in the realm of digital marketing because the experience was so enlightening. 

At that point, I thought, “Why not enroll in IIDE’s PGPDM?” Before taking further steps, I first went to IIDE’s Nepal campus to ensure this was the proper course of action. My anxieties disappeared when I entered the Nepal campus and met Mr. Rishi Agarwal, the Head of Student Experience at IIDE Nepal and Mrs. Anchita Bhimsaria, the Head of Learning & Development at IIDE Nepal. They ensured my questions were answered, gave me a clear career path, and helped the process go smoothly.

Then, I realized my decision to move forward with IIDE was nothing short of perfect.


Finding My Second Home

Counselors gave me nothing less than outstanding help before I arrived in Mumbai. They provided constant direction, making me feel like I was never too far from home. The course coordinators provided fantastic help in terms of lodging and other local amenities even before I arrived in Mumbai. 

Being embraced by IIDE with open arms helped to ease my separation anxiety. Mumbai felt like a second home because of the courtesy and acceptance I experienced from both the staff and my fellow batchmates. Thanks to its busy streets and unique culture, this city welcomed me with open arms.



Mumbai: A City of Dreams

pg student journey - from nepal to mumbai for iideMumbai is more than just a place; it’s an adventure. Because of its reliable infrastructure and dedication to safety, daily life is simple and worry-free. Mumbai is a city that never sleeps, providing a captivating fusion of entertainment, culture, and relaxation. Mumbai offers something for everyone, whether visiting historical sites, savoring flavorful street food, or relaxing by the beach.

Visiting recognizable locations in Mumbai, like Juhu Beach and Marine Drive, are among my greatest recollections from the city. One particularly lovely memory comes from the first week after the start of our course when I visited Carter Road Social with my fellow classmates. I’ll never forget dancing to Bollywood music, the pleasure and the food.

Unlocking Opportunities at IIDE

Beyond academics, the finest aspect of being affiliated with IIDE is the networking and leadership possibilities they provide. On the first day of orientation, I learned about the “Student Leadership Program.” I was intrigued by it, so I applied for and was even selected for the role of media secretary. I had the honor of taking part in different networking and cultural events as the media secretary.

The campus also organizes supersessions, allowing the students to network with business leaders and receive important exposure to digital marketing. Recent agency visits to notable businesses like WRM, Kinnect, and Schbang were coordinated by the Student Experience team. These trips gave us a look into our future as digital marketers and stoked our passion for the industry.

But life at IIDE is not all work and no play. I’ve taken part in a lot of enjoyable activities in the past four months, including Bollywood Nights, treks to Devkund, Social Media Day celebrations, and even giving blood on World Blood Donor Day. These experiences have aided my personal and professional development as a digital marketer.

The IIDE Faculty: A Different Approach to Learning

pg student journey - from nepal to mumbai for iideThe faculty at IIDE can best be summed up in one word: accessible. By bringing ideas to life through real-world examples, they present a novel method of instruction. Instead of listening to typical lectures, we work on real-world projects that improve our skills and encourage class cooperation. Our knowledge of the subject is increased through in-depth talks and brainstorming sessions.

Additionally, the mentors at IIDE are always there to help us reach our objectives and dispel any confusion. They are the foundation of our educational path because of their everlasting dedication to our achievement.

In Conclusion

Everything about my journey from Nepal to IIDE in Mumbai has been transformative. It is proof of the effectiveness of education, tenacity, and opening one’s mind to new possibilities.

I’m not only a student navigating Mumbai’s busy streets; I’m also a future digital pioneer. I’m excited to see where the field of digital marketing will take me next as I continue on my path. If anyone from Nepal is looking forward to pursue a career in digital marketing, then surely IIDE is the right place to go.


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Mamta Shroff

Head of Admissions & Institutional Relations at IIDE

She has been working with new trends in the Education industry for the last 2 decades. Starting her career as an Academic Counselor in the Middle East with Emirates College for Management & Information Technology......[Read full bio]

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