What is Moment Marketing – Its Importance, Benefits, Examples and Strategies

Updated on: Mar 31, 2024

Have you ever wondered about how important timing is when it comes to advertising? Even if you worked on the perfect ad campaign, if it is delivered at the wrong time – it is bound to fail. To make a lasting impact, it is important to use the right technique and also timing. This is where the importance of moment marketing comes in. 

Read more about moment marketing meaning, how it can help your business, types of moment marketing, examples and strategies, and more.

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What is moment marketing? 

Moment marketing is the process of taking advantage of an event or a current occurring with which a brand can deliver relevant and relatable content. Brands can actually insert themselves into the current happenings and market themselves. 

It is one of the best opportunities for brands to stand out of the clutter and become a part of trending conversations happening around the topic. What makes moment marketing unique is its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Any brand can start with moment marketing with just a simple graphic making it super affordable for brands to market their business.

The trick is to be relevant and also witty at times. It is important to also be politically correct and not hurt any community or person’s feelings. 

Why Do Brands Need Moment Marketing?

Moment marketing has many benefits. Let’s have a look-

  • Engaging content
    Audiences love to be up-to-date. If brands cover current events, it keeps the audience engaged. Sometimes consumers search for the same information, and this helps in organic SEO rankings too. It is a win-win situation!
    It is one of the best ways to connect with the target group, create brand awareness, and boost engagements and sales.
  • Grabs audience attention
    Hands down, one of the fastest ways to grab attention. People feel comfortable enough to comment and react as well if it is talking about current trends. It encourages audience conversation and in turn, increases engagement.
  • Relatable and shareable content
    Moment marketing is the most shared content in digital marketing. It is shared with friends, and family and reaches a wider audience. You can understand the demographics of your target audience better by using insights and accordingly design your strategy to make it even more relatable.
  • Increased conversions
    Since it has a greater chance of going viral, the conversion rate shoots up due to higher visibility. This works well for brands
  • Cost-effective
    It is a cost-effective way of marketing as it leads to organic conversions and increased visibility. It also increases your chances of going viral, having a good conversation with your audience, and increasing brand awareness in the end.
  • Builds Connection
    When brands engage with current topics, it creates a connection with the audience and creates a sense of credibility among the target group.

Guide To Start With Moment Marketing

  1. Get started with the target location:
    Location plays a crucial role in moment marketing. Figure out what all areas you want to target. Once you decide on the location, you’ll be able to craft marketing communication easily.
  2. Stay updated with trends and events
    Moment marketing lives on trends. Keep an eye out and stay updated with what’s happening around you. Be cautious to pick on trends as you would only want to capitalize and market on topics that resonates with your brand and your audience. Understand that moment marketing seems super spontaneous but it can be planned in advance with the right strategy in place
  3. Be humorous
    If you can bring a smile in your users mind, you’re halfway there to turn them into paying customers. Keep a hint of humor and jokes in your campaign. This will increase the amount of shares and engagements on your post.
  4. Keep your business at the heart of your campaign
    Your ultimate goal to run a moment marketing campaign is to drive sales. Connect your marketing post with the product or service that you offer. It is a great way to start a conversation around your business and reach a new base of target audience. Make relatable posts that can drive new customers and increase sales for your business.
  5. Don’t forget you brand’s personality
    Moment marketing is one of the best ways to grab eyeballs and gain followers but as a business-owner/marketer, one needs to understand that not every trend is wort to hop on.
    Analyze and get a clarity of your brand image and your audience base. Ask yourself, “is it worth posting on my social page for business?”, “will my audience like it?”. Remember, you don’t want to offend your users.

Best Moment Marketing Strategies

Current moment marketing is all about grabbing the right opportunities. We give you some of the top moment marketing strategies that you can use for your company –

#1 Do it now
You have to leverage the topic when it is hot. Most brands leverage a topic within an hour to 24 hours. If you talk about it post that, it might be too late as many brands may have already created content around it and created a buzz.

#2 Get sales
Whilst it is a fun technique, you need to keep in mind the main objective of marketing – to drive sales apart from creating brand awareness. Your communication needs to tie in your product or service and create interest in the consumer.

#3 Be Witty
Use humour to connect with the audience. It will spark conversation and also give a kind of humanistic persona to the brand. Always keep your messaging as customised and local as possible to appeal to local audiences.

#4 Event-led or occasion-led events work well
Is there an event coming up? Or an occasion within your country or city? Make sure to plan in advance for these in your content calendar.

#5 Use memes
The power of meme marketing is immense as more and more people are looking for memes online. This is because they are funny, relatable, and shareable. Millennials and the Gen-Z today prefer subtle advertising over in-your-face advertising. Read on to know how to market effectively to the Gen-Z here.

#6 Stay true to your brand personality
Choose the events you wish to cover keeping in mind your brand personality. Your brand views and personality need to be in tune with the messaging.

Moment Marketing Examples

There are many moment marketing examples to take inspiration from. Let’s have a look at some of the best moment marketing examples in India –

1. Amul

Moment Marketing Example - Amul

Moment marketing by Amul has been ever-green and an age-old marketing technique that the brand has been using. When the brand started with its marketing efforts, print media and television advertising were very expensive. Hence, they focussed their marketing efforts on outdoor advertising.

Today, they have accounts on various digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. An example of their moment marketing campaign is the swearing-in ceremony of the US President and Vice President. The brand plugin is often very subtle in nature. 

2. Zomato

Content Marketing Strategies Example - Zomato

Moment marketing Zomato has been well received. They have used both Instagram and Twitter to win the hearts of its audiences. For example, Zomoto leveraged the iPhone launch by generating a Tweet in less than an hour of its launch.

3. Uber India

Moment Marketing Example - Uber

Uber India is known to have brilliant moment advertising. They recently incorporated the color of the rainbow in their logo and route map to support gay pride. Not only did they win the hearts of many, they also made the headlines in a positive way. 

4. Pidilite – Fevicol

Moment Marketing Example - Fevicol

Fevicol is a household name and has a fan-following for their advertisements as they are creative and witty. Their Labour Day campaign, Covid-related posts, and also the Yuvraj Singh post were well-liked by its audience. 

5. Durex India

Moment Marketing Example - Durex

Durex has always been ahead of its time with witty and tasteful campaigns. They have been very subtle in their marketing and careful about not being out there as protection is still a hush-hush concept in the Indian market. From the Virat-Anushka wedding to the GOT season launch, Durex is always on point. 

For more moment marketing examples, do have a look at these brand marketing case studies. Do let us know which one you find most interesting.

Now, you already might have understood how moment marketing is beneficial for you, but here’s a detailed overview of the importance & benefits of the same. 

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Q. Is moment marketing effective?

Moment marketing is very effective as it allows you to leverage events that are currently trending and your ad shows up at the right time. Because your users are engaged, this means that your ads are more likely to convert.

Q. Is Moment marketing successful in India?

Yes, moment marketing is successful in India. Many brands such as Amul, Parle, Zomato, and Pidilite have used moment marketing successfully in India. 


Let us know in the comments below some of the best moment marketing campaigns that you have come across.  

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