The Ultimate Guide to MBA in Digital Marketing in London: Career, Opportunities and Institutes

Updated on: Jul 27, 2023
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Are you curious about the scope of an MBA in Digital Marketing in London? Well, you don’t have to wait any longer because all your questions will be answered right here on this blog. We will explore the eligibility requirements for an MBA in Digital Marketing, the application process, and the colleges offering this program in London. Let’s dive right in!

Digital Marketing is a powerful form of marketing conducted through various electronic media, enabling businesses to efficiently promote their products and reach their target customers in a short span of time. It is also referred to as “Online Marketing.” Within this degree, Marketing is one of the most sought-after specialisations, and according to LinkedIn, Digital Marketing experts are among the top 10 highest-paid professionals.

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Scope of Digital Marketing in London


MBA digital Marketing in London- Scope


Nobody can neglect the worth of digital media and its power, which assists businesses in expanding. Later, there will be an even higher demand for digital marketers.

The scope of Digital Marketing in London is vast due to its status as a global financial and technological hub. With a high internet penetration rate and a tech-savvy population, businesses have ample opportunities to leverage digital channels for effective marketing. The city’s diverse range of startups, small businesses, and multinational corporations emphasises the importance of digital marketing for reaching target audiences.

London’s leading digital marketing agencies and consulting firms provide additional avenues for professionals to gain exposure and explore diverse opportunities. The scope encompasses various domains, including SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and digital analytics, with a high demand for skilled individuals in these areas.

With technology constantly evolving, the scope of Digital Marketing in London is expected to expand further, offering rewarding career paths. Aspirants can pursue specialised courses and an MBA in Digital Marketing in London to equip themselves with the necessary skills for success. The vibrant business ecosystem and growing emphasis on digital transformation make London an ideal place for digital marketers to thrive and make a significant impact.


Do you know the difference between an MBA in marketing and an MBA in digital marketing?

You can read MBA in Digital Marketing vs MBA in Marketing 




MBA In Digital Marketing In London


Eligibility Requirements

Pursue a 4-month advanced online digital marketing course here: Digital Marketing Course

Application Procedure

We believe that every learner, regardless of background, has the ability to dream big. Making an application for an MBA in digital marketing in London is as simple as pie. 

However, there may be a few steps you must take to ensure you have everything you need to submit an application.

  • The matriculation method for an MBA in digital marketing in the United Kingdom varies by institution. As an international learner, you will complete the matriculation process online, and UK resident students can apply directly, or some colleges advise them to apply through UCAS.
  • The first thing that appeared when you applied for the course was a form to fill out with all of the necessary information. Many details, such as personal information, visa information if you are an international student, and previous academic qualifications or work experience, must be entered.
  • Students must pay an application fee set by the colleges, or they may apply for free if there are no fees.
  • After submitting the details, the institution will review everything and contact you for a Personal or online interview. This may differ from university to university because each institution uses a different method. For a better understanding, you should consult with your preferred college.
  • After completing all of these procedures, you will have to wait until your admission is confirmed by the university or committee. You can get an official email, or you can check the status of your application on the college website if one is provided.
  • You will have to accept the admission after receiving the admission letter.




Top 5 MBA Digital Marketing Colleges in London in 2023



1. IIDE: Indian Institute of Digital Education


MBA in Digital Marketing in London -IIDE logo


IIDE’s 11-month MBA-Level Post Graduation in Digital Marketing Program is one of the highly-rated MBA in Digital Marketing programs in Delhi.

Established in 2016, IIDE has become a leading digital marketing institute in India. Awarded as the best digital marketing institute by World Education Congress, IIDE offers flexible digital marketing courses to people from all walks of life.

Their program might not be recognized as a traditional MBA but the curriculum and industry-level practical training of the PG Program has much more to offer than a regular one.

IIDE is now opening its new campus in South Extension, Delhi. Get in touch with the counsellors to know about their offline digital marketing courses.


Course Benefits:


2 Specialisations After 7-8 months of fundamental training, students are given a choice of 2 specialisations – Creative Strategy & Performance Marketing.
13+ Live Projects Students work on 13+ live projects wherein they individually or within teams, analyse and create digital marketing strategies.
28+ Industry Tools In this course, you will master 28+ Industry Tools such as Google Ads, Moz, Mailchimp, Facebook Ads, Ahrefs, WordPress, etc
1-on-1 Mentorship Students can book a personal mentoring session with a trainer to solve thier doubts & questions.


Course Syllabus:


Inbound Marketing Introduction to Digital Marketing
  Website Creation
  Search Marketing
Outbound Marketing Content Marketing
  Social Media Marketing & Management
  Video Marketing
Media Management & Automation Advanced Forms of Digital Marketing
  Integrated Marketing (Full Funnel Marketing)
Managerial Skills & Soft Skills Soft Skills
  Agency Skills
Compulsory Internship & Thesis Internship & Mentoring
Specializations Creative Strategy OR
  Performance Marketing
Capstone Project Thesis-like Final Practical Project


Course Faculty: 


Another USP of IIDE is that the trainers carry years of experience from the real industry. Having worked for big brands such as Asian Paints, Unilever, etc, they don’t just teach the curriculum but also their learnings. You will be personally mentored by industry experts mentioned below in this MBA in Digital Marketing – Post Graduation Programme.




Course Duration and Fees: 


IIDE’s MBA-level Postgraduate Program in Digital Marketing is 11 months long, and the fees are INR 5,95,000. You can avail of the 0% EMI Option as well, starting at INR 25,000 per month. This may seem expensive, but with the average starting salary of graduates being INR 4-5 LPA, the ROI is high. 


Scholarship Available:

IIDE also offers scholarships to all admitted candidates who stand a chance to win a scholarship of up to INR 1,00,000 based on merit.  IIDE’s focus is always student-first, making a student’s entire experience fun-filled and full of practical learning. Have a look at one of their alumni’s success stories:



Placement Assistance:


If you pursue IIDE’s MBA-level PG Program in Digital Marketing, IIDE offers 100% guaranteed placements based on your performance. Have a look at IIDE alumni who work at some of the most well-known brands in the industry.


mba alumni


Contact Details:


Phone No.- +91 96199 58615
Email ID- [email protected]



2. The University of the West of Scotland



Mba in Digital Marketing in London-University of Scotland


London is full of things for learners to do. Individuals roam from all parts of the world to experience life as a learner in London. UWS London welcomes international learners and those from the UK who would love to experience life as a learner in London. The University of the West of Scotland has a next-generation London Campus, which is located in the historic London Docklands and is an entertaining and vibrant place to work.


Course Benefits:


  • Study from Experts

University involving squad and guest lecturers have developed a riches of knowledge and encounters working in businesses in the UK and throughout the world.

  • Learn about the world’s financial capital

Live and learn in the main commerce capitals of the earth.

  • Updated Course Structure

You will get to learn the best-updated course in the world which is suitable for the industry and will also get to learn professional management skills, develop knowledge and confidence and business advantage.


Course Syllabus:


Core Modules

SCQF Level Module Code Module Name Credit Footnotes
11 BUSN11129 Creating Business Advantage 30 Core to all pathways
11 MARK11045 Digital Marketing 15 Digital Marketing pathway
11 BUSN11127 Strategy Leading and Managing Business 30 Core to all pathways
11 BUSN11128 Professional Management Skills 30 Core to all pathways
11  MARK11046 Theoretical Perspectives in Digital Market 15 Digital Marketing pathway


Contact Details:


Website: UWS London



3. Coventry University



MBA in Digital Marketing in London- Coventry University


This university is one of the most significant providers of business-related degree courses in Europe. They are repeatedly giving quality across numerous vital areas containing learner satisfaction, teaching and research quality, graduate job prospects, degree outcomes accomplished, and more.


Course Benefits:


  • This MBA course explores modern thinking and developments in marketing and management exercises, motivating learners to ask questions and advise on solutions. The course objectives are to extend your aptitude to search for the information and insights you would want to make well-informed decisions—an ability that will serve you well all over your profession.
  • You can hear from great marketing practitioners and their success stories. The course faculty is also very friendly with primary careers in international marketing and will be very helpful if you pursue the course at our university.
  • Business Strategy.
  • Preparation for your future.


Course Syllabus:


You’ll survey nine requisite modules plus one option of three flexible features for your last term assignment.



Module Credit
Leadership: Towards Mastery of Leading Self and Global Cultures 15 credits
Global Strategic Management 15 credits
Managerial Finance 15 credits
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 15 credits
Creativity and Brand Communications 15 credits
Research Methods 0 credits
Digital Marketing 15 credits
Final semester modules


Course Duration and Fees:


Duration Course Fee Start Date

1 year full-time

2 years part-time (UK only)

£14,500 January 2023


Contact Details:


For UK Students

Website: Coventry University

Email: [email protected]

Phone No.: +442477652222


International Applicants

Website: Coventry University

Email: [email protected]

Phone No.: +442477652152



4. University of East London



MBA in Digital Marketing in London-University of East London


Stratford and the Royal Albert Dock are home to the college’s campuses. This course will be extremely beneficial to those who are good with numbers and have an aptitude for data analysis in the business field. Their course is so flexible that full-time students can attend during the day while part-time students are taught in the evening.


Course Benefits:


  • Placement
  • Management and leadership skills
  • Learn from Experts
  • A clear vision for future


Course Syllabus:


The module structure of this course is:


Level Module Code Module Title Credit Weighting Core/Option Available through Distance Learning?
7 SG7001 Managing Strategy, Operations and Partnerships 30 Core N
7 HR7003 Managing Financial and Human Resources for Sustainable Business Success 30 Core N
7 MK7040 Marketing in a Digital Age and Corporate Social Responsibility 30 Core N
7 HR7004 Mental Wealth: Professional Fitness and Leadership 30 Core N
7 MK7043 Digital Marketing
30 Core N
7 MK7042 Applied Digital Marketing Project 30 Core N
7 SG7120 Industrial Project 120 Option N
7 SG7006 Extended Work Project 120 Option N


Note: Optional modules may not run every year; it will depend on the course team which option will be running, and it is decided every year for a good learning experience.


Course Duration and Fees:


Duration Course Fee Start Date
1 Year full-time Full-time: £12,120- £16,740 (per year for industrial placement year 2 fee is £3,000) September 2023
2 Years part-time Part-time: £2,020 (per 30 credit module) September 2023


Contact Details:


Email: [email protected]

Phone No.: +44 (0)20 8223 3000



5. University of Bedfordshire



MBA in Digital Marketing in London-University of Bedfordshire


The University of Bedfordshire is an award-winning college as they provide quality education for about the last 100 years with campuses in Luton. Bedford, Aylesbury, Milton Keynes and Putteridge Bury. This college is ranked as one of the best 300 universities in the universe below 50 years old in the Young University rankings.


Course Benefits:


  • Study skills development
  • Modern Accommodation
  • Career and job-seeking guidance
  • Volunteering and work experience


Course Syllabus:


Unit Unit Name Level Credits Core or Option
BSS056-6 Theory into Practice Project 7 45 Core
BSS057-6 Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship 7 30 Core
BSS058-6 Strategy and the Global Competitive Environment 7 30 Core
BSS063-6 Management Practice 7 15 Core
BSS064-6 Leading and Managing Organisational Resources 7  30 Core
MAR046-6 Digital Marketing and Communications 7 30 Core


Course Duration & Fees:

  • The fee for the MBA for students starting in the year 2022/23 is £14,550. This is for two years cost
  • The fee for the Executive MBA for students starting in the year 2022/23 is £14,700. This is for a two-year cost.
  • The 2022/23 academic year standard international fee for an MBA course up to 15 months is £15,400

If you have any questions about fees and funding, You can contact them at  [email protected]



Career Opportunities after MBA in Digital Marketing in London


Getting a Master’s degree in a course and becoming an expert in demanding skills are highly appreciated. A master of business administration in digital marketing is popular among everyone and highly valued as it helps to adapt and develop leadership and different business skills through the course.

As a result, people are taking an interest in a master’s course in digital marketing, and demand for colleges and jobs is emerging very fast. Currently, companies and industries are asking for skilled people who have very good knowledge of marketing, so they are given opportunities to be experienced as well as beginner marketers for different positions in marketing. As the demand for digital marketers and their different roles increases, job opportunities in the market are also becoming more vast.

There are many career opportunities available with an MBA in digital marketing You can get information on the same here – Career Opportunities



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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Is digital marketing well-paid in the UK?

Ans: Entry-level salaries for digital marketing assistant positions range from £22,000 to £25,000. A digital marketing officer or executive can expect to earn £22,000 to £28,000 per year. With the position of a digital marketing manager at a more advanced level, an income of up to £48,000 can be expected.

Q2. Should I do an MBA in Digital Marketing or a short course in digital marketing?

Ans: It would be wiser to pursue an MBA in Digital Marketing rather than a digital marketing short course, as the MBA course provides you with deep knowledge and creates greater career opportunities, while the short courses give you basic knowledge about the field.

Q3. What is an MBA in Digital Marketing?

Ans: A program in MBA Digital Marketing equips holders with both conceptual and hands-on knowledge of digital marketing strategies. Although strongly connected to traditional commerce concepts, this particular course fosters artistic abilities within the ambitious individual while offering training in advanced corporate administration practice.

Q4. What jobs can I get after doing an MBA in digital marketing in the UK?

Ans: People who have obtained their MBA in digital marketing in the United Kingdom can find jobs such as campaign specialist, PPC specialist, Brand Manager, Digital marketing manager, etc.

Q5. Are there any prerequisites to learning an MBA in digital marketing?

Ans: To be successful in digital marketing, one must possess the necessary skills required for this field of study. Strategic Thinking, Writing and Editing, Creative and Analytical abilities, Design Skills, etc.





MBA graduates are in demand in the digital marketing and media sectors due to advancements in marketing trends. It can help you build a successful career, as Digital Marketing has become an important part of the marketing sector.

You still don’t know what to do. Maybe this can help – You can contact our counsellor at [email protected]  or +91 9619958615, and all your questions related to digital marketing will be answered free of charge.



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