Is UI-UX a Good Career Option For Designers?

Updated on: Jan 15, 2020
UI-UX Design Career

When Apple originally introduced the App Store in 2008, it wasn’t going to allow any other company to create apps for the platform. Luckily, they made the right decision of letting this thought go and allow other developers to develop a plethora of apps – which led to them earning $10 Billion in the first year. 

Google also started their own android market in the same year, now commonly known as the Play Store, which boasts of hosting more than 2.47 million apps.

These platforms created an ecosystem of tech companies and independent developers who created beautiful, problem-solving apps of all kinds giving birth to an important industry that is still steadily growing today.

More importantly, this gave birth to one of the most emerging careers of the digital age – “UI/UX Designing”

And if you are someone looking to start your career in this field, then this article is for you. In this blog, we will discuss the meaning of UI-UX design, Who is a UI-UX designer, and what are the benefits and advantages of starting a career in UI-UX designing. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the meaning of UI-UX design. 

What Is UI-UX Design?

Who is a UX/UI designer?

UI stands for “User Interface” and it is about turning a simple interface into something consumable and functional by using typography, images, and other visual design aspects.

And on the other hand, UX stands for “User Experience”. It is about figuring out your users’ complete journey and converting it into a product. UX design encompasses the full user experience with your product, from beginning to end.

UX design is concerned with the overall user-friendliness of an entire journey of a customer. 

Now that you know the meaning of UI-UX design, let’s move ahead and take a look at Who is a UI-UX designer and what exactly they do. 

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Who Is a UX/UI Designer?

For every app an entrepreneur/company thinks of, there is a team of UI/UX designers who work on the app to make it usable. 

As a UI/UX designer, your job is to ensure that the app which is being created is easy to understand, easy to use, and is aesthetically pleasing. 

In 2023, mobile apps are projected to generate more than $935 billion in revenue. That is the reason entrepreneurs today see this as the number 1 business opportunity, and every new business idea or digitisation of an existing business creates the need for UI/UX Designers. 

UI-UX design career

In India, the number of internet users is estimated to grow by 666.4 million by 2023 and the number of smartphone users will rise by 84% to 859 million by 2022. 

App Annie forecasts that by 2022, India will have 37.2 billion downloads a year, a growth rate of 207% – which makes it by far the fastest growing app market in the world. 

Not just that, according to LeadPages

  • More than 70 percent of small business websites do not use a call to action (CTA) button.
  •  The global UI and UX Design Software market size is valued at $960.19 million.
  • 28% of small businesses still don’t have a website.

And by looking at all these stats you might have got an idea of the demand for UI-UX designers in the industry.

Since stats show that 88% of online shoppers say they wouldn’t return to a website after having a bad user experience, as a result, many companies – small and big, are focusing on having well-designed user experiences through their websites and apps. 

Let’s explore some reasons to start your career in UI-UX design. 

Benefits of Starting Your Career In UI-UX Designing


1. You Can Earn a High Pay Package

You can earn a high pay package

According to some surveys, there has been a 3X rise in the salaries of designers at consumer tech companies in the past 3 years. Design Leaders at a leading consumer tech company get an average per annum salary of about Rs. 30 lakhs (42,000 USD).

Many companies are slowly realising the importance of skilled UI-UX designers and are looking for hiring potential designers to customize and build their apps according to the needs of their target audience.

Many companies have seen a tremendous hike in their sales and one of the factors that contributed to the success of the sale was the complete redesign of the user interface and the user experience of their app. 

2. Learning UX Can Fast-Track Your Entrepreneurial Career

Learning UX can fast-track your entrepreneurial career

What’s better than being able to think of app ideas?

Being able to execute it!

If you know how to create good UI-UX, you can make your own app or website to bring your ideas to fruition.

Think about companies that are worth billions of dollars – Instagram, Oyo, Snapchat, Facebook. All of these started with one big idea, but none of them would have been successful without a well-designed app and website. In fact the founders for companies like Airbnb, Google and Snapchat are UI/UX designers themselves.

IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) in a statement said “UX/UI in a fast-growing digital-first economy can propel India to be a key player globally in the coming years”.

Mobile App incubators have been set up that allows startups to create apps, with the help of IAMAI. To make sure there is a constant development of the app industry, the IAMAI has teamed up with Google and Paytm, for a programme called Mobile10x

All this will help you to fast-track your entrepreneurial career effectively. 

3. You Can Work On Your Own Terms as a Freelancers

You can work on your own terms as a Freelancers

One of the interesting options as a UI/UX designer is, opting to choose to become a freelancer. India’s freelancer market is the largest in the world, with more than 15 million freelancers. 

There are various Indian platforms that connect freelancers to companies in need of certain UI/UX work. Paypal released a survey that showed that web design and mobile app development freelancers were some of the most sought after.

If you choose to be a freelancer, you will be able to work according to your own hours. More importantly, you can work from anywhere and everywhere – whether it is a cafe, at home or even at the beach. If you want to be a digital nomad, a career in UI-UX is perfect for you.

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4. Be a Part of the Hottest Industry

How can you be a good UI-UX designer

UI/UX Designers are high in demand, however, the supply side still has a lot of catching up to do. Formally educated designers still are missing out on up to date industry requirements and UI/UX job roles. 

This requires a knowledge of the best industry practices and approach towards this discipline and the latest technologies and software. Companies are desperately looking for designers that can lead them to success in the digital age. 

And looking at the scope in this field, this would be the perfect time for you to start your career as a UI-UX designer and be a part of the hottest industry so far. 

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How to Start With a Career In UI-UX Designing?

If you have read the whole blog, then you would have an idea of starting a career in UI-UX designing. All those were some of the advantages and benefits of having a career in UI-UX design. 

According to a survey of LinkedIn, UI-UX designing has proved to be in the top 8 most in-demand careers in the field of digital marketing. Apart from it, the listicle includes SEO, Content Marketing, SMM, SEM, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, and Copywriting. 

And with our Online Short-term Certification Course in Digital Marketing, you can enhance your skills in any of the given fields and give a kick-start to your career. 

The top 3 digital skills that are currently enjoying great employability are UI/UX, Digital Marketing and Data Science. 

If you wish to learn all the modules of digital marketing together then we suggest you enrol for our Online Digital Marketing Course in India, which is designed by industry experts and covers all the important aspects of digital marketing. 

We hope the blog was informative and you enjoyed reading it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section given below. 

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