India’s Biggest Digital Influence: PM Narendra Modi

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Biggest Digital Influencer of India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is India’s top most digital influencer. The journey from a Chaiwala to digital influencer wasn’t easy.

In order to be a Digital Influencer, Narendra Modi knew How to utilise the social media platforms which were available for free to his advantage!

When the world thought they were advancing well without Digital, NaMo made the best use of social media platforms. Currently(03/2017), Narendra Modi has 40,550,990 likes on Facebook, 28.5 Million followers on Twitter, 645,565 subscribers on YouTube, 6.5 million followers on Instagram. Both Narendra Modi and PMO India pages are doing really well!

Before coming on Facebook, the digital platforms were Twitter and YouTube. The current team of the Prime Minister is doing an amazing job by maintaining uniformity across various accounts and engaging with the audience in the true sense. Since his platforms are so well connected & personalized, they seem all to be posted by PM Modi himself.

The Journey

Unlike BJP, Narendra Modi wasn’t inactive on social media. Right from his days as Gujarat Chief Minister, he utilised Twitter and YouTube in true sense to stay connected with his voters. Later on Facebook account handle was made official.

Right from YouTube in 2007 to Narendra Modi’s App in the recent years, the Prime Minister has been a strong influencer online. Who would believe when someone tells you that he has double the number of videos & 100k more followers than Past President of the United States of America Barack Obama? But that’s the reality!

Video content bought up by the NaMo’s digital media team has been substantial and effective.

8 Observations which you should make while noticing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s digital media presence:

Video Content – New Year’s Video

Would you imagine a Prime Minister of any other country coming live on various media portals to address your nation at the New Year’s Eve? That’s where Prime Minister stands different.

A record 2 hour video was live on Facebook wherein he summed up in the entire year’s progress.

Audio Content – Mann ki Baat

Every month end PMO addresses the masses of India and gives them insight of the monthly progress of the government. It’s a radio based initiative, these podcasts are uploaded online for the citizens. Having an App for it and making the podcast available in 19 languages isn’t a small initiative

Engagement – Reply to audience

PM Modi ensures to sustain a line of communication between him and his followers. This helps people trust him more and have a stronger connection with the PM. It drops lines of communication. It gives the sense of direct communication to the all the tweeters.

How humble can you be!?!?!?

Quick Action : Gift to lady who tweeted for Shawl of Narendra Modi

When NaMo wore a shawl in a recent event, a lady tweeted for a shawl. Next day the shawl was delivered to the lady’s residence with an autograph on the lady’s tweet

Audience Poll – App Based activity

Narendra Modi digital techniques are way advanced and cleverly planned than any other global politician. Post demonetisation it was essential to know Public’s opinion in context with demonetisation. Guess what? People downloaded Narendra Modi’s application just to put a yes and 90% of the population were in favour of the Prime Minister.

3 Word Campaign – Make In India, Swach Bharat Abhiyan

PMO is a master of good campaign delivery. His digital media presence prior to elections has been substantially successful due to 3 word(mostly) campaigns. May it be Swach Bharat Mission, Make in India, Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao, Skill Development India or AAYUSH. Narendra Modi’s campaigning has long lasting effect.

Creative images and info graphics are highly used by the PMO’s social media team.

Emails to Individuals

Team Narendra Modi reaches out to 20 crore people by just sending an Email per day. Prime Minister’s mail is received by every individual registered on their subscription list. Right from personal to economical, professional to political updates of Prime Minister are received by citizens of India


  • Crores of people are engaged and interacted through various communication channels
  • Use of social media has proven beneficial to build a strong rapport with the citizens
  • Good work needs good publicity and all the verified accounts of the Government of India has been showcasing that!


If you are reading this blog article on PM Modi, you’ve probably already realized how valuable the ideation, techniques & strategies are that led him this level of digital & overall success!

No one can doubt the brainchild of Narendra Modi. How he utilized these platforms to ensure his seat as a PMO and is utilizing it to be in the minds of the masses.

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