How To Choose The Right Career: Your Digital Marketing Career Guide

Updated on: Mar 16, 2020
If you are in a conundrum over how to choose the right career in the digital marketing sphere, we understand. Inbound marketing, outbound marketing, marketing automation, market research, account management – the list is endless. While we’ve already written a digital marketing career guide, this blog will help you figure out how to choose the right career based on your future goal.

This ‘career map’ will lead you to the right digital marketing career for you. Whether you see a future in account management, design, copywriting, video production, ORM, Media Planning. Or something that does not even exist right now!

So leave aside those career anxieties, and let us help you understand how to choose the right career!

Here are a few digital marketing careers that you might feel are right for you, based on your future career goals: 


Career Goal: Rise To Upper Management In The Medium Term

Role: Account Manager

How To Choose The Right Career

If you have wonderful managerial skills, work well leading a team, can stay in office past working hours even if you are not directly contributing to something…account management is in your blood! 

Career growth in this profession is fairly accelerated. If you spear-head several exciting and successful campaigns, your work will be recognised. Being super organised, finding your groove when multitasking, understanding how to lead teams from the front – all important qualities in a great account manager.

If you can develop and enhance these qualities as your career progresses, you will be in a good space to rise to the top of the manager ranks. Eventually, you can aim for an account director position.

Career Goal: Eventually Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

Role: Business Development Manager

Business Development

If you’ve always had that entrepreneurial drive in you, it’s best to get a few years of experience and immerse yourself in the digital marketing world first. 

We would recommend the role of business development executive or manager in a digital marketing agency. You will be involved in strategising for business expansion, client acquisition and retention, marketing and PR for the agency and other such activities. You will get to observe first-hand how an agency grows and evolves over time.

As a person working in business development, you will be as entrepreneurial as you can be within an organisation – an ‘intrapreneur’, some might say. This will be good training ground if you eventually wish to start your own digital marketing agency.


Career Goal: Design For Some Of The Best Brand Campaigns In The Country

Role: Junior Designer

How To Choose The Right Career

As a creative person with a penchant for design, you might be thinking that there might not be much growth for you in an agency where account managers have the best career growth. That’s a myth.

You will have substantial career growth as a digital designer. The more brand campaigns you are involved in, and the wider your portfolio of brands, the more you will grow. From a junior designer, you can move to a senior designer and ultimately, a design lead.

If you are looking for a course that will teach you design skills at an advanced level, allow you to learn from experts and from some of the best brands, IIDE’s web design course is for you.

Did you know that IIDE also now has a 1-year Postgraduate programme in design? Check it out here.

Get Assured Placements - PG in Digital Marketing

Career Goal: Start Your Own SEO Agency

Role: SEO Manager


This is a no-brainer. But at a time when brands are fighting in a competitive space (the Internet) for limited real estate (that coveted first page of Google), SEO is a much-valued skill. So what better time to start an agency that specialises in SEO?

But first, gain some crucial experience as an SEO executive or manager in a reputed digital agency. Work on other brands, optimise their content, learn the technical ins and outs of SEO. You can also pick up content marketing skills, as SEO and good content marketing is deeply intertwined.

You will also learn managerial skills from managing diverse clients, which will of course come in handy when you have your own business.


So, How Do I Choose The Right Career?

Well, we hope we’ve helped you. If digital marketing is your calling, why not match a future goal with a present role?

Understand how various facets of a digital marketing agency work from the ground-up, and then rise up the ranks! Whether you want to soar new heights within an agency or don an entrepreneurial hat, it always helps to map out future goals first.

We’ll truly help you reach those goals, through our new Postgraduate courses. Read more about them here. Then come back to this blog and re-evaluate your long-term objectives!

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