Everything You Need to Know about Google My Business 2022 – Importance, Guidelines, Set-up

Updated on: Feb 17, 2022

Wondering how Google My Business can add your business goals? Then you’ve landed just on the right page. This article is your ultimate Google My Business guide. We will further explain what Google My Business entails, Google My Business features, its importance, and FAQs.

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What is Google My Business

Google My Business is a Google tool that helps you manage and also enhance your business profile on Google. Wondering what a Business Profile is? This listing appears on Google Maps and local search results on Google. In this Google My Business 2021 Guide, we will further look into the importance of this tool that Google has to offer.

Importance & Advantages of Google My Business

Listed below are a few advantages of Google My Business- 

  • Increased Visibility

GMB is a tool for listing your brand on search engines. It gives your brand increased visibility and helps with SEO as well. 

  • Cost-effective

A Google My Business is cost-effective and can show your profile in the Google local 3-pack. 

  • Increases credibility

When you show up on a search engine, people feel it is a credible brand. More than 90% of search engine users look for a brand online before making any kind of purchase. 

  • A way of networking

Many businesses can reach out to you through your company profile. In this way, you can reach out to a larger audience through your online presence. 

  • Local Sales

More than 60% of consumers have said they have used GMB to finalize local businesses online.

  • Boost in business

Many businesses have reported a significant increase in business with the help of GMB.

  • 3-pack Format

You can become part of Google’s organic results on the first page in the 3-pack format. You can boost your local rankings through this.

  • Know your Target audience

You will be able to understand your target audience better with GMB. The search intent is something you will get to understand and bridge the gap with the help of GMB.

How to Set up an Account on Google My Business

We have a Google My Business setup guide just for you. 

1. Create a Google account

Set up a Google account related to your business. Ideally, you need to include your domain name but a Google account is also okay. Create your Google My business login.

2. Go to www.business.google.com 

You can manage, evaluate and monitor your account with the help of www.business.google.com. You can publish online updates, reviews, photos, etc. 

3. Feed in your business name

Enter your business name. 

4. Add location and delivery

Type in your physical business address.

5. Select areas of service

If you are in the service industry and do not have a location as such, then select ‘specific areas’ and choose the areas that you are open to. If you serve people only within a certain radius, then click on ‘distance around your business location’ and select the distance. 

6. Choose a category for your business

You need to tell Google about the nature of your business. Choose a category from the multiple pop-up options. 

7. Add contact details

Fill in your primary number, email address, and also physical location. 

8. Verify

Finish and verify your account and voila! You are ready. We hope that this GMB training guide was of good use to you.

List of Important Google My Business Guidelines 

Here’s a list of Google My Business Guidelines that you should follow – 

Google My Business Brand Guidelines and Local Google My Business Guidelines

  • Ensure that your address is correct.
  • One business should have only one profile
  • Your business name and identity need to be similar across stationery, signage, and branding. 

Google My Business Video Guidelines

  • Use relevant video content
  • Video content needs to be clear
  • You can use videos of the location to build brand credibility

These were a few Google My Business Review Guidelines that you must follow to the T. Continue reading to find a checklist. 

Google My Business Optimization Checklist 

Here’s a Google My Business Optimization Checklist for you-

  • Fill out every section

Make sure that you have included all the information necessary such as the company name, address, phone numbers, website, and working hours.

  • Re-check contact information

Make sure the contact information is correct. The name should be the same as your business name and used elsewhere. There needs to be consistency. Mention your hours of work as well and holidays. 

  • Fill out your business description

What is your business about? Summarize it in 2 lines. The customer needs to understand from those 2 lines what your business stands for. 

  • Choose your category

Choose a relevant business category. This will help you use the discovery search feature on Google. This needs to be done especially if your business name does not have much to do with the type of business you have to offer.

  • Select your offerings

Choose what services you offer. For example, check dine-in if you offer it, valet parking, air-conditioning, etc. 

  • Add photos

Ensure quality photos that will appeal to your target audience. They need to be visually appealing and also relevant. 

  • Include reviews

Include reviews with your business profile. Since reviews are one of the most important factors in purchase decisions, the Google algorithm is such that it gives a lot of importance to reviews for ranking. 

  • Answer questions

Allow questions to include your answers. Include the most commonly asked questions. 

  • Set up messaging

Lastly, set up messaging with your account to chat with your customers.

You can even use the Google My Business App for optimizing your business profile. It is a Google My Business Optimization Service that they provide.

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Q. What Should You Do If Your Company’s Category Isn’t Found on Google My Business?

You need to select a primary category on Google Business that matches up to the nature of your business. 

Q. What Are GMB Labels, and Why Do They Matter?

Labels in Google My Business are a special feature to organize your business locations. 

Labels on google my business are a feature used to organize your business locations. They help a business owner to multi-location outlets into groups, and you can easily manage them on your Google my business dashboard. Each of your physical outlets can have up to ten unique labels associated with them.

Q. Is it necessary to have a physical address in order to use GMB?

Yes, it is necessary to have a physical address in order to use Google My Business as Google requires a physical mailing address to verify that the business exists in the verified area. You have the option of hiding your address from public view.

Q. What Should I Do If I Work From Home and Don’t Want My Address Listed on Google My Business?

You can do so by hiding your address so that it does not appear on your listing. Remove the address from the address section and save your setting.

Q. How Do You Use Call Tracking Numbers and Keep Your NAP Consistent?

Open the GMB dashboard and click on the info tab. Update your contact information, add your call tracking number in the primary field, and your business number. Start tracking!

Q. How Can You Improve Your Google My Business Listing?

Here’s how you can improve your GMB listing-

  • Make sure your listing is on Google Maps
  • Verify your business listing
  • Add good quality photos to the listing
  • Add a Q & A section
  • Post on your business accounts regularly with discounts, events, important announcements, etc.
  • Allow reviews and respond to them

Q. How Can I Add Multiple Locations to Google My Business?=

  • Sign in to your GMB account
  • Click on the ‘add business’ option in the drop-down menu
  • Click on add business
  • Click on import businesses
  • Download the template and fill out the location and business info
  • Verify the listings

Q. How Do I Add GMB Highlights / Attributes?

  • Sign in to your GMB account
  • Open the location you wish to manage
  • Click on the ‘info’ button
  • Find ‘add attributes’
  • Choose edit
  • Update your attributes
  • Click apply

Q. How Do I Change My GMB Address?

You can change your GMB address by tapping on the profile button, then clicking on the add address option, and clicking on the pencil icon. Edit the address and update it so it can reflect on Google Maps. 

Q. What is GMB’s short name?

A Google My Business short name is a short name or a customized name that you can add to your GMB account. This enables users to find you quickly. 

Q. What are the steps for adding answers to GMB?

  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Search for your business on Google
  • Navigate to the listing with the ‘questions and answers section’
  • Once you select the question you wish to answer, click on ‘select’
  • Answer the question and click on ‘post’


We hope that this article on Google My Business helped you gain valuable insights. We recommend this short course in digital marketing that will help you understand digital marketing holistically. 

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