Explore top 8 Free Digital Marketing Courses in Varanasi: Turbo-charge your skills

Updated on: Dec 24, 2023
Free Digital Marketing Courses In Varanasi

Digital marketing is the hottest skill to have in today’s world. Digital Marketing is the use of digital channels to promote or market products and services to consumers and businesses. Digital Marketing courses are open to anyone with a fascination and desire to pursue it. The eligibility criteria for pursuing a digital marketing course vary depending on the type of course and institution offering it.

With the rise of the internet and social media, businesses have access to a global audience and can reach their customers in new and innovative ways. Varanasi being a home to several institutions that focus on Technology, embraces the Digital age. Being the spiritual capital of India, is also promoting the digital revolution with a growing number of institutes and training centers offering digital marketing training classes.

Overall, the digital landscape in Varanasi is rapidly growing, offering ample job opportunities in the field of digital marketing. In this blog post, you will be introduced to the Best Free Digital Marketing Courses in Varanasi which will help you learn the fundamentals and advanced concepts of online marketing that you can enroll in today and start learning from the comfort of your home. If you are looking for a way to learn digital marketing skills without breaking the bank, you are in luck.

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List of 8 Free Digital Marketing Courses in Varanasi

1. Digital Marketing Masterclass with Certification- IIDE


IIDE-Indian Institute Of Digital Education-IIDE being ASIA’s most trusted Digital Marketing training and certificate provider fosters its students to prowess in the field of Digital Marketing. It is a premier institute in India like NIIT, NIFT, etc.¬†¬†¬†

This course is designed to be accessible to beginners and intermediate learners, regardless of their educational background.

In this Free Digital Marketing Masterclass, you will be introduced to the essentials of digital marketing, which will help you reach your target audience effectively in less than an hour. By the end of this masterclass, you will be awarded an Online Certificate of Completion which can be shown in your Resume, LinkedIn profile, and other professional platforms.

Key Concepts that you will Master are as follows:

  • SEO
  • ¬†Social Media Marketing – Organic¬†
  • Facebook And Instagram ads
  • Ad budgeting
  • Email and SMS Marketing

Why enroll in this FREE MASTERCLASS?

Firstly, you can learn valuable skills and knowledge without having to spend a single penny. Secondly, it’s a very convenient one. All you need is an internet connection and a device to access it. You will gain a solid understanding of the essentials of Digital Marketing. Thirdly, this course is taught by experts having years of experience in the field of digital marketing.

2. Free Live Master Class- NDMIT

National Digital Marketing Institute And Training – NDMIT is one of the leading digital marketing training institutes in the country. This institution aims to impart better education and training in digital marketing.

NDMIT offers a free masterclass where you can learn digital marketing from the experts in Varanasi. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to learn more about digital marketing. This course guides experts enabling us to upskill in the field of digital marketing.

 The masterclass provides an introduction to Digital Marketing, covering many Digital Marketing modules such as :

  1. SEO
  2. SMM 
  3. Paid Media
  4. Google Ads

Why enroll in this FREE LIVE MASTERCLASS?

It is free of cost and you can access it at your convenience. It is taught by industry experts at NDMIT. Due to its flexibility, you can access it at any time from anywhere.

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3. Internet Marketing School’s Free Demo Classes ¬†

Internet Marketing School is one of the leading digital marketing training institutes in Varanasi. They offer a dynamic and quality learning approach that enables students to master the concepts of Digital Marketing.

Internet Marketing School offers Free Demo classes that give a brief idea about the numerous Digital Marketing Career Prospects and provide a complete insight into Digital Marketing.

This course material includes the following:

  1.  WordPress
  2.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3.  Social Media Marketing
  4.  Email Marketing
  5. Digital Marketing Strategy

On course completion they provide Digital Marketing certification to qualified students.

Why enroll in this Demo Class?

By attending their Free Demo Classes you can get an insight about the courses that they offer and their certifications which will help you build your career in the field of Digital Marketing. Demo classes are provided online so that anyone from any remote place can access them.

4. Master Digital Marketing Courses Online and Classroom Training Free Demo Class- Delhi Courses Academy

Delhi Courses Academy: Where learning meets excellence. Delhi Courses Academy is a training institute that specializes in digital marketing and other fields. They offer online and offline courses that introduce various aspects of Digital Marketing. Delhi Courses Academy, with its Free Demo Classes, looks forward to educating the aspirants about the importance of Digital Marketing in today’s world.

Topics covered in the Free Demo Class are as follows:

  1. Digital marketing and its various components
  2. The benefits of online and offline learning modes
  3. The overview of the comprehensive curriculum and live projects
  4. Interaction with industry experts and experienced trainers

Why enroll in this FREE DEMO CLASS?

You can book a Free Demo Class for any course you are interested in and you can also get a glimpse of what you will learn. 

5. Master Digital Marketing Course– IIM Skills

IIM is an online platform that offers Digital Marketing Courses. You can access them from anywhere at any time. IIM Skills offers an online Free Master Digital Marketing Class. It is an hour-long online session that gives an overview of their paid courses. If you want to get certified by IIM and other reputed organizations you will have to enroll in their Master Digital Marketing Course.

Topics covered in this Free Master Digital Marketing Class:

  1. Digital Marketing in today’s world¬†
  2. WordPress
  3. SEO
  4. SEM and SMM 

By the end of this Free Master Digital Marketing, you will get a flash of the courses and certifications that they offer. You can also Book a Demo Class to get a view of their teaching techniques.

Why enroll in this Free Masterclass?

You will be introduced to Digital Marketing and its importance in today’s Digital world. If you want to pursue a career in Digital Marketing then this is the right platform for you.¬†

6. Free Digital Marketing Workshop- Digital Karigar 

Digital Karigar is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Varanasi that offers a Free 3-day Website design workshop online session that educates you about the basics of website designing. This workshop however is not a complete course on Digital Marketing, it just gives a sight of their paid courses.

Here are some of the topics that you will learn in the Free 3-day Website design workshop:

  1. WordPress
  2. Widgets
  3.  SEO
  4. Sidebars
  5. Plugins 

In this session, you will learn to design different types of websites using WordPress and also learn to use web design tools. You are also guided on how to get a live mentorship from industry experts for 15 days and how to avail of a Workshop Certificate from Digital Karigar. 

Why enroll in this Free Workshop?

It is an online, short session where you can learn about the basics of website designing in just 3 days without any effort as such and adding on it’s a free session which means you need not break your banks and yet get access to some of the valuable tools and resources.

7. Free Digital Marketing Fundamental Certification CourseSeven Boats Academy

Seven Boats Academy is one of the leading Digital Marketing Training Institutes in India based in Kolkata, West Bengal. They present a Free Digital Marketing Fundamental Certification Course. This course aims to equip you with a well-rounded understanding of Digital Marketing, it will enable you to successfully craft campaigns.

Points covered in this session are as follows:

  1. SEO
  2. Audience Research  
  3. Business Analytics 
  4. Content Marketing 
  5. Social Media 
  6. Competitor Research Techniques

You will be awarded a Certificate upon Completion of the Course and also will be able to access their course material for 6 months. You will also get hours of video walk-through modules on the above-mentioned topics.

Why enroll in this Free Course?

By completing this course you will get a complete understanding of the ever-changing Digital landscape and will be in a position to use Digital Marketing Strategies to your advantage.

8. Free Digital Marketing Course – OHSC

Oxford Home Study Centre is a UK-based distance learning provider that offers a wide range of Digital Marketing Courses. These courses are online and are self-paced, it comes with the flexibility of learning anytime from anywhere. Once you complete this course you will be presented with a Certificate.

Areas of study under this course:

  1. Social Media Strategy 
  2. Social Media Marketing 
  3. Google Ads
  4. PPC AdvertisingCampaign 

This is open for enrollment with no prior knowledge or experience. This course is designed to help you find your place in the dynamic world of Digital Marketing.

Why enroll in this Free Course?

There are no deadlines or restrictions as such. You will be given a Level 3 Certificate on completion. Prior knowledge or experience is not required.

Which Digital Marketing Course To Do For In-depth Learning?

With so many Free Digital Marketing courses listed above, it’s understandable if you‚Äôre feeling puzzled about which one to choose. This section in my blog will help you find a valuable course that will help you achieve your goal.¬†

IIDE РINDIAN INSTITUTE OF DIGITAL EDUCATION as we know is INDIA’S #1 Digital Marketing Institute. IIDE provides the Best Digital Marketing Courses may it be a Free Certification Course or Paid course. I bet that you will not regret pursuing your Dream Course from IIDE.

You have been introduced to the Free Masterclass offered by IIDE above. Here I will give a brief idea about their Paid Digital Marketing Courses. 

Paid Online Digital Marketing Courses by IIDE are:

  1. Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing (ACDM)

Who can take up this course?

ACDM program is a popular choice for freshers, those who own small businesses, and people with strong social media presence.

Course duration and fee:

It is a 4-month program and the fee for the ACDM program is INR 1,15,000 or  USD 1147, inclusive of all taxes. IIDE also offers student loans to Indian Nationals at 0% EMI options and foreign nationals can apply with an Indian co-applicant.

2. Professional Certification in Digital Marketing and Strategies (PCDMS)

Who can pursue this course?

PCDMS program is well-suited for working professionals, Agency owners, and Freelancers.

Course Duration and Fee:

PCDMS is a 6-month program and the fee is INR 1,60,000 or USD 1600 inclusive of taxes. 

IIDE also offers a scholarship of up to INR 30,000 and no cost EMI option.


  1. Short Term Certification Courses

This is an amazing course offered by IIDE which enables you to learn any topic in less than a month with an Online Certification that adds up to your beautiful profile.


  1. MBA-Level PG in Digital Marketing

Last but not least they offer an 11-month MBA-Level Post Graduation In Digital Marketing Program (offline) which is taught at their South Extension Campus. On successful completion of this Post Graduation In the Digital Marketing Program, students will be awarded IIDE’s certificate which will clarify the student as an expert in Digital Marketing.

The fee will be INR 5,95,000 and they provide absolutely no-cost EMI option starting from INR 29,000. They also provide scholarships up to Rs:1,00,000 based on the merit of the students.

IIDE provides 100% guaranteed placements based on their performance. Over 250+ hiring partners, 9 out of 10 students get placed.

Apart from studies they support many co-curricular activities and perform many rituals such as Friday’s Black Coffee Ritual!!

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1. Can I get any Free Digital Marketing Courses in Varanasi?

Absolutely yes, you can take up Free Digital Marketing Masterclass with Certification from well-known institutes such as IIDE and 3 days Website Designing Workshop by Digital Karigar Agency etc and many more.

2. What are the Eligibility Criteria for a Digital Marketing Course?

Anyone with the hype to learn Digital Marketing can take up the courses, may it be a high school student , undergraduate , graduate , freelancer ,anyone with absolutely 0 experience in this field are also eligible. Unless its a PG program which might demand a UG or degree in any field.

3. Can I study Digital Marketing at Home?

There are many institutions and agencies worldwide that offer free as well as paid Online Digital Marketing courses. Most of them are listed above in this blog.

4. Is Digital Marketing hard for beginners?

It depends on you, at beginners level you will be educated about some fundamentals of Digital Marketing which will be fun learning.


Here I have listed some of the best institutes providing FREE DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE in VARANASI. Hope this blog helps you make the right choice on your Digital Marketing Dream and advance your career in this rapidly growing field. Take the first step towards mastering digital marketing by enrolling in one of these courses and unlocking a world of opportunities in this exciting field.

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