Email Marketing Automation Benefits, Top Tools, Best Practices, and More

Updated on: Jan 10, 2022

In this article, we will read about email marketing automation benefits, email automation examples, email marketing automation flow, and the best email marketing automation practices available.  

Email marketing has been used since the time the internet has surfaced. It is here to stay with its tremendous marketing benefits and impact. Over 50% of digital marketers agree that email marketing has helped increase their sales and revenue. 

It is the act of sending out emails for business, to increase sales, raise awareness, or even for a social cause. 

Email marketing is here to stay and email marketing automation has made it easier for marketers. It enables them to send out segmented emails with absolute ease. Let’s get started and learn more about email marketing automation in-depth. 

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What is email marketing automation?

​​We bet you have heard the term email marketing automation. Ever wondered what it is? It is a type of strategy through which digital marketers can send out timed promotional emails for their campaigns to people who have subscribed to them. 

It can help online marketers to send out personalized emails to prospective clients, especially when the conditions are right for them to see the email or make a purchase. 

Through email marketing automation you can not only send out timely personalized emails but also automate them to share requests for feedback, send out offers specifically to high-paying customers, and also generate re-engagement campaigns if subscribers do not respond to the campaign. 

Automated email marketing free tools are available as well which we will read about further. Check out this online Email marketing course to expand your email marketing skills. 

Examples of email marketing automation 

Listed below are some examples of email marketing automation – 

1. Reminder Emails

Reminder emails are a great way of reminding your customers that your brand exists and to keep buying your product or service. For example, Nissan’s reminder strategy is to get in touch with their clients after 6 months of the purchase of the car for a service appointment. This way they can cash in on additional revenue. 

2. Survey and Feedback Emails

Email Marketing Automation - Example

Feedback emails are very important. They enable you to understand and gain insight into valuable feedback and accordingly take action. For example, Uber India sends out feedback surveys on a regular basis to understand how they can improve their services. 

3. Birthday Emails

Sharing special offers and discounts to a loyal customer base as well as new customers makes them feel special and valued. Birthday emails are a good time to send out such offers. Westside India, owned by the Tata Group, Trent Ltd. is known to send out special Birthday offers to their users.  

4. Re-engagement

Re-engagement emails are a way of reminding your consumers that they have not purchased from you. They may have previously shown interest in your brand but like they say, out of sight, out of mind. 

Hence, brands use this tactic to remind their consumers of their presence. Many Indian brands like Big Basket and Nykaa send out emails reminding their customers that their carts are full and they haven’t made a purchase yet. 

5. Review Emails

Review emails after service are crucial. This really enables the customer to believe that they are truly valued. Brands ask their customers to rate their experience. 

6. Product Launches

How does one create hype around new product launches? By enabling email automation projects and sending out these emails to potential clients informing them of the new product launch, its features, and other such details. 

7. Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are important as it is one of the first interactions a consumer has with your brand. You can urge a user to subscribe to your mailing list here as well. Most brands today use this tactic.

Benefits of email marketing automation

Listed below are the benefits of email marketing automation – 

  • Convert leads to sales

The main goal of any business is to increase leads. With email automation. Consumers could increase their sales up to 7x times if the campaign was planned well. With email marketing automation, features like remarketing campaigns are triggered for customer retention in case there are customers who stray. 

  • Increase efficiency

Salesforce email automation increases the efficiency of any team so that they can focus on other important tasks that need urgent attention. Since everything is automated such as feedback requests, personalization, exclusive offers, etc. it increases their efficiency tremendously. 

  • Increased click-through rates

Segmented emails get more click-through rates than those that are not segmented. The revenue rate is also much higher for segmented emails. This can also annoy your customers much less since you won’t be bombarding them with email after email. 

  • Increased revenue

Email automation is a good way of boosting your revenue. With the automation software, you can directly send emails to interested candidates that subscribed to your newsletter or browsed through the video on your website. This means that they are already interested in your product or service. 

  • Personalized communication 

Emails with personalized communication are 27% more likely to be opened and have led to 6x higher revenue rates. With personalized emails, consumers automatically feel more valued. Email marketing automation is brilliant with personalizing the names and saving you from the hassle of manually feeding them in every single time you send out an email.

List of Best Email Marketing Automation Tools 

Listed below are some of the best email automation tools –

  • Mailchimp

Types of Digital Marketing Tools

Mailchimp is one of the top leading email marketing automation software in the industry. Its free version offers a wide array of features as well from segmenting and personalization to analytics as well. 

  • HubSpot

digital marketing courses in fontana - hubspot

Hubspot is one of the best email marketing tools as it has the ability to customize the entire user experience purely based on user experience. Its analytics are also very detailed and perfect for small businesses.

  • Omnisend 

Email Marketing Tools - Omnisend

Omnisend is designed to reduce the workload on marketing teams. Their primary focus is for eCommerce companies to reduce cart abandonment and also to retain existing customers. They also offer innovative templates for their users. 

  • Wishpond

Email Marketing Automation - Wishpond

Customizing emails, real-time analytics, and dripping campaigns are some of the email marketing automation features that Wishpond has to offer. 

  • Benchmark

Email Marketing Tools - Benchmark

Benchmark has a great customer support system and comes with a very user-friendly approach. It is a perfect automation tool for beginners and those who do not wish to deal with the technicalities of software. 

  • Keap

Email Marketing Automation - keap

Keap offers great features such as automatically sending out emails, good on-boarding, follow-ups, and shopping cart solutions. 

  • Mailjet

Mailjet is an affordable solution for all users. It provides an easy drag and drop solution and improves the durability of emails.

  • ConvertKit

Email Marketing Automation - Convertkit

Looking for a straightforward email marketing automation tool? Then ConvertKit is your best option. It can create landing pages and has WordPress integrations. 

  • Litmus

Email Marketing Automation - Litmus

Litmus is a good marketing automation tool for testing out emails before sending them out. You can test, preview and analyze emails before blasting them out. 

  • MailTrap

Email Marketing Automation - Mailtrap

Mailtrap is a similar email testing tool. It has a free plan available as well. 

Email Marketing Automation Best Practices 

Listed below are a few email marketing practices that you can essentially follow – 

  • Understand your target audience

Create personas to communicate to. Understand their demographics, what they are interested in, and how to best appeal to them. 

  • Segment Your Contacts

It is important to segment your contacts by the purchases they make. This will enable you to send out the right communication to them.

  • Do not Spam 

Don’t spam users who are not interested. Include an unsubscribe button in your communications. 

  • Send personalized emails

Sending out personalized emails will boost your revenue. Make sure to have the contact lists well organized. 

  • Assign Leads with a Representative

Assign leads with a representative to follow up. This needs to be done as soon as a qualified lead shows some kind of interest 

  • Track performance

Tracking the performance of every automated campaign is crucial. This will help you understand what is working for the brand.  

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Q. What is an email marketing automation specialist’s salary? 

An email marketing automation specialist’s salary in India ranges anywhere between INR 3 lakh to INR 15 lakh per annum depending on their expertise and experience. The average salary for an email marketing automation specialist is about INR 8.5 lakh. 

With so much scope, there are many email marketing automation jobs available out there. You can start at an email marketing automation agency to begin with. 

Q. Is email marketing part of marketing automation?

Since most email marketing tools offer some kind of automation, it is a part of marketing automation. 

Q. What is the best email automation tool?

When it comes to email automation Mailchimp is one of the best automation software and one of the most preferred tools in the industry. It is the best email automation platform for any type of business.

Q. What is open source email marketing automation?

Open source email marketing automation is built on a fully open-source technology as opposed to closed solutions. It is much more flexible in terms of marketing technology and adheres to changing customer needs.


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