Email Etiquette Best Practices You Need to Follow in 2024

Updated on: May 3, 2023
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Have you ever been nervous typing out emails at your first job to the CEO, client, or even the internal team? We’ve all been there, done that. Maybe you were lucky enough to have someone take you through professional email etiquette, but many of you may have landed this article as you frantically wanted to learn basic email etiquette rules. 

In this article, we will discuss what is email etiquette and why is it important, business email etiquette and a list of email etiquette do’s and don’ts. So, read on for email etiquette examples and email etiquette training. 

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What is Email Etiquette?

First things first, let us understand what email etiquette is exactly. Email etiquette meaning is the use of communication that is generally accepted with a sense of politeness, grammar, and general knowledge when sharing emails. 

Sending out email communication can be quite tricky. To start your email with a ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’ or ‘Dear’ or to sign off with a ‘Yours sincerely, ‘Thank You’, or ‘Cheers’, comes with time and experience. However, you can educate with basic email etiquette. Let’s read more about the importance of email etiquette. 

Importance of Email Etiquette

Wondering why is email etiquette important? Emails are a way of developing a good work relationship with colleagues, clients, and suppliers. It is important to do so especially with the pandemic hitting us. Basic email etiquette has been taken to the forefront in companies all over the world. 

Acknowledging that email etiquette’s importance transcends borders is a huge step for global companies. Email etiquette training is an important part of HR responsibilities these days during employee inductions. 

Email etiquette for students is also very important, especially when applying to universities for further education as it can help communicate across borders.

Which one is email etiquette that you should use? Let’s read for a list of good email etiquette. 

List of Email Etiquette to Follow

Here’s a list of proper email etiquette practices you need to follow –

  • Clear subject line

The first email etiquette tip in the workplace is always using a very clear subject line, one that is formal. It needs to capture and essentially communicate what the email is all about.

Do not include words like urgent or important if your email is not exactly urgent as you don’t want to be called out for crying wolf all the time. 

  • Use an appropriate greeting

Use an email greeting that is appropriate for the recipient of the email. When writing to a colleague, a ‘Hi’ is good enough. If you are writing to someone outside of the organization, then it is preferable to have a more formal approach. 

  • Be careful when using humor

Use humor only if you know the recipient well. It can be confusing for the recipients if misconstrued. If it is an inside joke, it might make other people feel left out. 

  • Think about the purpose of your email

Be clear about the purpose of the email – do not leave the communication vague at all. It is also advisable not to leave the email open-ended. If there is a deadline to be made, re-iterate it if it is a long email chain. 

  • Do not use emojis

The first rule of email etiquette at work is to avoid using emojis in your emails with team members or your clients especially if you aren’t too close. It can come across as childish and people may not take you seriously.

If your rapport with your team members is very close, then it is okay to use emojis. 

  • Use ‘reply all’ sparingly

Have you been marked in an email with multiple people? Reply all only if that piece of information is relevant to everybody. Also, loop in other people only if it is absolutely necessary and it concerns them. 

  • Acknowledge your emails

Never miss out on emails. Imagine how embarrassing it might be if the CEO of your company replies to you and you miss out on his or her email. Even if it means writing ‘Noted’, it is a good email writing etiquette to follow. 

  • Use spell check

You definitely don’t want grammatical errors and spelling errors in your emails. It can imply that you were in a rush or lazy to use spell check. Using spell check software is important to eliminate any errors that can be easily avoided. 

  • Reply in time

Always reply in time. Check your email regularly. A thumb rule for email etiquette for businesses is to reply within 24 hours. If you cannot due to some reason, make it a point to reply that you will respond within a specified period of time. You don’t want to make the other person feel ignored. 

  • Automated out-of-office email

On vacation or have an emergency? Always switch on your automated response intimating the reader that you are on leave and when you will resume work or that you are unavailable. Add in your contact details in case they need to urgently reach you. 

  • Email signature etiquette

Sign off respectfully. According to the relationship you have with the recipient, add in yours sincerely, thank you, or any other respectful email signature. 

There are many email etiquette PPTs available online for you to refer to, but we recommend that you keep this checklist handy. 

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Q. What is considered to be poor email etiquette?

Not addressing your recipient, not compressing large files, not responding to the message in time, and not using a subject line are some poor email etiquettes people need to be aware of. 

Q. What are the five rules of email etiquette?

The 5 golden rules of email etiquette include –

  • Address your recipients respectfully and appropriately
  • Always do a spell check 
  • Format your email well
  • Avoid all caps as it can be disrespectful
  • Always compress large files

Q. What is basic email etiquette?

Basic email etiquette is to address the recipient well and communicate with them politely. 


We really hope that you enjoyed reading this article on email etiquette. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever encountered any bad email etiquette. 

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