Current Digital Marketing Trends in Bontang In 2024

Updated on: Sep 20, 2023

If you’re striving or eager about digital marketing then always try to stay up to date with the ongoing trends in digital marketing 2023. Digital marketing is an online platform where anyone can connect using the internet for promoting brands virtually they attract the customer through their creative skills and it is important to know the latest trends in digital marketing.

As new trends are coming up all over the world, here we have come up with digital marketing trends in Bontang. Bontang is a city on the eastern coast of the island of Borneo in Indonesia, in East Kalimantan. Though it is an old village it looked like a new one as it has many popular attractions.

In Bontang, digital marketing is also trending along with their small-scale business, fish farming which needs publicity on a national scale.  Due to their contribution to digital marketing, the demand for jobs in this city is raised.

Many institutes provide digital marketing courses to upskilled, updated with the environment IIDE provides Online Digital Marketing Courses also Short-term certification Courses for people who don’t have time to perceive long-term courses. Constantly finding new trends in digital marketing to make strategies for maintaining a forward position in the competition is the mindset of all business owners.

By 2025, Garter expects 80% of B2B sales, and their interactions with suppliers and the consumer to be done in a digital mode of channels. And covid-19 has been the best transformation to digital marketing over the last 2 years.

Everyone in the Field of digital marketing is expected to earn a good position for a prolonged in a prime location in this world of digital marketing like in elite job portals sites, such as Pay Scale, Glassdoor ZipRecruiter, etc.

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Why is Digital Marketing a Trending Career?

Everything is getting digitized in all the sectors in industries focusing on developing a robust online presence for that they are hiring digital marketers.

This sector is evolving as a much better option or scope in digital marketing and people stay connected with the new trends every single day or minute. Most of them in the world as chosen digital marketing as their career option.  Also due to this increasing competition most data-driven businesses growing demand for skilled professionals in this digital marketing field. Many of them find it interesting as there are many benefits of virtual marketing as it is cost-effective, increases engagement is optimized for better ROI, etc. 

There are many ways to be updated with the trends by engaging with new people every day, through Google alerts and social media as it is the best platform to be updated. For business or for people in the industry platform such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram is relevant.

There have been many changes in the dominant trends of 2021 to 2022 and the change belongs to different categories with all the articles and research on their evidence. And it is always seen that the changed trends are much better and more functional than the earlier ones which will be used for the benefit of the business and most of the industry in the world working with the digital mode of marketing. Also just to add that digital marketing strategies are term as short and long-term. 

Now have a look at how the digital marketing trends in Bontang build the marketing tricks in the right direction.

Top Digital Marketing Trends in Bontang in 2023

Customer expectations are rising daily and the competition is getting more fierce. In the overcrowded industry, companies want to be visible for they have to be creative and yet follow the trends that are taking shape for the future.

1. Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is similar to multi-channel marketing where there are various touch-points on different platforms that boost the product and ease customers. It is more universal as 90% of the customers do online shopping as it is widely used in retail, business, entertainment, food service, etc. Omnichannel is not just essential to get new customers but they even help retain existing ones by giving a positive experience.

Digital Marketing Trends in Bontang

Walgreens uses a mobile app as the main tool for communication. They check and refill prescriptions without having a call to the pharmacy in an app, and set reminders for prescription renewals in-app. Due to their intelligent work pharmacy has reduced the waiting time for in-store pickup and earned the public’s loyalty.

2. Video Digital Marketing

It is always in trend as one of the most favored content formats to promote the brand. Video digital marketing can be combined with accurate user metrics to give insight into the success of an attempt. Live streaming is one of the faces of the same coin. Twitch is such a popular channel where we can witness a pierce in streaming service. 

Also, Slack tools and Dunkin are an example of product marketing-making tools even the Netflix YouTube channel are promoting their new series as it comes under interactive videos. 

3. Chatbots

Chatbots Are considered one of the top digital marketing trends to make a case for conversion in today’s marketing efforts. It has succeeded in all industries, including healthcare, tourism, and event management.

Grand View Research maintains that this global market will reach USD 1.2 billion by 2025 with a 24% CAGR. The use of this is rapidly increasing as it is available 24/7 and quicker in answering queries, at scale 63% of consumers prefer it as a primary mode of communication. Facebook Messenger bots have reached immense popularity, just after website chatbots.

4. Rise of Geo-Fencing

Geofencing is an area-based service by which an app or other computer software program uses an implantable RFID tag as radio frequency identification (RFID), Wi-Fi, GPS, or cellular data to activate a serviceable obtainable market action (such as a text, email, advertisement, or app notification) when a mobile device tag enters or exits a virtual geographic boundary, known as a geofence. 

A simple example of using geofencing in geo-targeted marketing is when someone walks near a Starbucks at the mall and gets an app notification

5. Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is constantly evolving. From online ads and video to digital out-of-home, voice, and TV, the shared number of options can make it feel like an impenetrable process to understand. Programmatic advertising uses workflow automation and machine learning algorithms to deliver the most effective ads to audiences found on a variety of signals, like shopping patterns.

The benefits of Programmatic advertising for Advertisers as they may achieve higher efficiency,  much more targeted marketing research, clarity, and real-time measurement and enhancement. Also, there is the era of NFT, Livestream Commerce, Metaverse, etc. Social media influencer marketing is also trending.

Digital Marketing Jobs/careers at Bontang

In this modern world, the scope, and careers in digital marketing are growing fast. So let us see some of the placements for a career in digital marketing.

1.  Digital marketing assistant

The main task of a digital marketing assistant is to conduct research report findings and help craft a virtual marketing campaign. For this job, the person should have an idea or be familiar with digital marketing, and social media e-commerce.

2. Social media manager

It is a vast platform, A social media manager is liable for superintending the company’s interaction with the public by executing social media platforms, and content strategies by identifying new trends in public interaction & planning strategies from scheduling posts to daily reporting on performance, managing the entire team.

3. SEO writer

The SEO writer is the writing specialist. They update the existing content of the website, and blog, conduct keyword research, etc. The most important is the proper degree in English or knowledge of SEO research tools must be there in the writer.

4. Executive director of marketing

The task of the executive director is to supervise marketing operations like organic digital marketing, paid marketing, data analysis, implementation of new technologies, and building relationships with the media, etc. of the company. There are many more jobs in this field of digital marketing like chief marketing officer, social media specialist, etc.

Where can you learn Digital Marketing?

As mentioned above the great scope in digital marketing with new trends coming up daily it is seen that a career in digital marketing is best.

To learn about digital marketing there are many courses around you IIDE (India Institute of Digital Education) is one of them. It is the Online Digital Marketing course launched in India(Mumbai) where they provide the courses with certificates on completion of the course. Conduct courses on digital Education and help learners transform their careers. They step-by-step study guides to learn the course fast and improve your marketing skills as they guide everything from scratch.

Their course contains the following lectures:

  • Mentoring Session
  • Presentation 
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Interview Preparation
  • Personality class
  • Management system
  • Masterclass 

They provide individuals with customized courses to suit the necessity or the requirements along with short and long-term courses. Mid-Course Internships are also conducted by them and at first, they train the individuals and assign them tasks to complete. The Outcome of this certified course one can get accepted for a job in prominent or multinational agencies and brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is digital marketing in demand in Bontang?

Yes, the digital marketing industry in Bontang is growing day by day they’re the economy is on the rise. They try hard to keep their brands up to date and ahead in the competition. Bontang provides courses on developing digital marketing.

Q. Is digital marketing a hard job?

It can be deferred from everyone’s perspective. Every individual is different from everyone’s thinking pattern, their skills are different. So I cannot be easy or hard. It depends on the person. But yes it requires a greater amount of perseverance and patience. Day by day things get changed and Challenges can also be different.

Q. What are the top trends in digital marketing?

The Top trends in digital marketing are influencer marketing, video marketing, chatbots, personalization, social media, artificial intelligence, metaverse, and virtual reality.


Digital marketing is the best career from the future perspective and it is very dynamic. it is more effective than outbound marketing methods. The goal of virtual marketing is to address potential customers directly and individually thus achieving their loyalty for the brand’s products globally.

If anyone wants to do a career in digital marketing then an  MBA in Digital Marketing is good for them I would suggest starting with attending a Free masterclass that you must register for it through the IIDE website their details information is given and various other courses in it for digital marketing course before having a job in Bontang for digital marketing.

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