Know All About Digital Marketing Salary in Seremban

Updated on: Jun 28, 2023
Know All About Digital Marketing Salary in Seremban-iide

¬†Digital advertising entails selling your business`s services or products via online channels, consisting of social media, paid search, natural search, email, and others. It`s a continuously evolving field‚ÄĒspecifically with regards to social media, wherein new systems appear to crop up like mushrooms after a rainstorm with sudden regularity‚ÄĒand virtual entrepreneurs want to preserve their finger at the pulse of the present-day tendencies to be successful.

Many virtual entrepreneurs run into the sector by operating for a virtual advertising corporation, wherein they`ll get to paintings on exclusive tasks concerning a couple of channels. Working for a corporation is likewise a wonderful studying enjoy due to the fact customers anticipate groups to realize the tendencies for all mediums and systems (speak approximately consuming from a hearthplace hose!) You`ll additionally be surrounded by others with exclusive information units than yours from whom you could learn.

 While touch is a greater difficulty in a few ways, others start as in-residence virtual advertising specialists. If you pass this route, you can want to depend greater on self-taught information, as you’ll be a part of a smaller crew that can’t have the funds to rent a dealer and wishes to manipulate all virtual advertising sports internally. Know more about the scope of digital marketing in Seremban.

If you are looking for a Digital marketing salary in Seremban then you are in the right spot. This blog cover all the information regarding digital marketing salary in Seremban. 





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Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary in Seremban

Here are the factors that digital marketing salary in Seremban mostly. 

  • Skills¬†

Digital marketing is a career with a lot of opportunities. If you have more skills then you also have more salary. The most common skills that affect your digital marketing salary are: 

‚Äď Marketing budgeting and forecasting

‚Äď Digital Analytics¬†

‚Äď Marketing strategy and planning

‚Äď Social media marketing

‚Äď Content creation and management

If you have both hard and soft skills such as Technical SEO skills, link building, strong interpersonal skills, and communication, you may be rewarded higher than the challenger. You’ll need to master the most in-demand digital marketing skills such as SEO, social media marketing, project management, audience building, data analysis, and copywriting.

Also, it is profitable to learn these skills from a reputed institution. IIDE offers a 4-month certification course to upskill your knowledge.

  • Years of Experience¬†

If you have 5+ years of experience as a digital marketer, you can expect more than your previous digital marketing salary. The longer you work, the higher your salary. But years are not the only reason to gain experience. If you work in a particular industry or work with a particular tool, you may be more than just a marketing copywriter. The same is true for those working in the AI ‚Äč‚Äčand machine learning industries.

Typically, greater enjoy consequences in better pay ‚Äď as much as a point. Similarly, if the placement requires a person with 10 years of enjoy in a specific occupation, and also you don`t meet the requirements, you can discover yourself at the diminishing stop of the salary range.

  • ¬†Certifications¬†

Certifications and memberships in expert companies or exchange institutions may have a high-quality effect on pay. However, if a process requires a certification you don`t have your pay is probably set on the decrease to give up the range. Some employers require personnel without certifications to paint closer to them. Developing digital marketing skills is beneficial if you are considering a career in this field. But do you know what the icing on the cake is? Certification for all skills that develop and improve.

Going to an interview adds weight to your resume and makes a good impression. Who knows if that will persuade employers to hire you or give you a better salary? Qualifications play an important role in your resume. Companies only seek candidates who have sufficient knowledge and qualifications from recognized institutions.

  • ¬†Education¬†

The matching between your schooling and what`s typically required for your activity normally impacts your pay. Plus, the great of schooling can affect salary. Earning a diploma from a pinnacle application generally has a tremendous impact on pay, at the same time as incomes a diploma from a faculty taken into consideration vulnerable in a specific discipline may also lower your income potential.

To become a digital marketer, you need a bachelor’s degree. This can be communications, business administration, advertising, journalism, etc. These days, many digital marketing professionals start their careers without a college education. They started their marketing careers based on specialized courses such as SEO, SEM and data analytics. However, you should know that with more degrees you can get a better salary.

  • Location

In digital marketing, location and company location are also salaried determinants. If your business is located in a developed country or state, you may earn more income than doing business in a less developed or underdeveloped country or state. Because digital marketing works online, many activities can be done remotely. However, your employer’s country of residence affects your salary. Full-time employees are paid for digital marketing jobs, while freelancers are paid hourly. This payment varies by country. Salaries for digital marketing professionals vary from city to city, even within the same country.

  • Industry¬†

Which industry you choose in digital marketing will also affect your salary. Whether you choose entertainment, health, or education, the revenue opportunities are greater than any other because these industries are rapidly digitizing. Choose wisely which industry you want to work in. Leading technology companies offer their employees generous salaries. Digital marketing salaries are no exception. Startups offer top salaries to qualified and experienced candidates who add value to the company.

 Which industry you work in can have a big impact on your income. Public school accountants, no matter how hard they work, don’t make as much as the accountants who partner with Ernst & Young. Even in the same occupation, income is greatly influenced by which industry you work in. If you want to maximize your earning potential, you need to decide which industries offer the best opportunities for your chosen career.

  • Designation¬†

Where you work matters. Are you an intern, a manager, or a manager? Your position at the company determines or defines your salary at each company. This point is linked to experience, and your salary will gradually increase as you raise your position. As you progress in the industry, your responsibilities and salaries also increase. Within an organisation, people in higher positions and positions earn more than professionals in relatively lower positions. A digital marketing manager’s salary is higher than a social media manager and SEO manager’s.

A digital marketing specialist who leads an entire team is paid more than a freelancer who works alone. This is because they take more responsibility and create more value by being part of the decision-making process rather than part of the execution process.

  • Result-oriented approach

The biggest difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is that everything can be measured in digital marketing. Easily set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and measure the results of your communications against them.

 This makes it easier to conduct a cost-benefit analysis and understand which campaigns or strategic moves are working and which are not. So you can identify professionals who offer concrete results, not just good ideas. Results-oriented digital marketers are rewarded with a higher salary package than other marketers. Many employers rely on reviewing benefit reports to determine how much they are willing to pay their employees. Performance reports are especially important for current employees who are considering a raise or promotion. However, potential employers may also make hiring and salary decisions based on performance reports from job seekers’ previous employers.     


 Digital marketing salary trends in 2023

1. Digital marketing project manager

Digital advertising and marketing project managers oversee advertising and marketing tasks from beginning to finish. They use mission control equipment and techniques to streamline advertising and marketing workflows, processes, and structures in an organization. Knowing the way to coordinate cross-practical groups and paintings with outside groups and participants is essential for a virtual advertising and marketing project manager.

  Salary of the digital marketing project manager

The total pay of a digital marketing project manager is MYR23000 in Seremban and the average salary is MYR 8000 per month.


2. Digital Marketing Strategist 

They make certain net content material simple to read, mobile-responsive, and optimized for seeking. They additionally maximize natural attain with the aid of using the optimizing internet site and weblog content material with the proper key phrases and search engine optimization strategy. The virtual advertising obligations of a search engine optimization expert include:

  • ¬†¬†¬†Defining and enforcing key-word techniques¬†
  • ¬†Updating headlines, photograph alt text, and metadata to enhance seek engine rating¬†
  • ¬†Managing gear like internet sites and Google Analytics¬†
  • ¬†Creating search engine optimization techniques to grow internet site conversions¬†
  • ¬†Optimizing content material to carry out on SERPs¬†
  • ¬†Conducting search engine optimization audits¬†
  • ¬†Generating reviews overlaying search engine optimization practices

   Salary of Digital Marketing strategist 

The total pay for the Digital Marketing strategist is MYR 17118 per month and the average pay is MYR 3318 per month.

3. Social media manager

Social media is the primary client touchpoint for lots of potential online clients. Thus, social media control is at the coronary heart of virtual advertising obligations. Social media managers unfold the organization`s message on social media. They reveal the overall performance with the aid of using monitoring target market growth, engagement, natural reach, and click-on rates. The virtual advertising obligations of a social media supervisor include:

  • Determining posting frequency on social media
  • Responding to feedback and replies
  • Building a sturdy connection between clients and the enterprise
  • Collaborating with different advertising group members
  • Building social media approach to boom recognition and engagement on social media

Salary of social media manager 

The total pay of a social media manager in Seremban is MYR 11505 per month and the average pay is MYR 4005 per month.

4. Content Creator

Content creators consist of writers, videographers, and different creators who generate online content material to attain advertising goals. Content can be text, video, audio, or different kinds of media. Most advertising groups paint with a hybrid group of content material creators, such as in-residence and outsourced contributors. They create content material for lots of advertising channels, such as blogs, emails, and videos. Content creators` virtual advertising responsibilities go away an enduring influence on all people who comes in touch with them. The responsibilities of virtual advertising content material creators consist of

  • Maintaining consistency with emblem messaging
  • Generating new, innovative content material thoughts to marketplace business enterprise services and products
  • Creating notable content material
  • Collaborating with different advertising groups to execute a successful virtual advertising campaign
  • Creating SEO-optimized content material to rank excessively on seek engines

     Salary of the content creator

The total pay for a content creator is MYR 5600 per month and the average pay is MYR 3000 per month in Seremban.

5. SEO Specialist

They make sure internet content material is straightforward to read, mobile-responsive and optimized for seeking. They additionally maximize natural attain via way of means of optimizing internet site and weblog content material with the proper key phrases and search engine optimization strategy. The virtual advertising obligations of a search engine optimization expert include:

  • Defining and enforcing key-word techniques
  • Updating headlines, photo alt text, and metadata to enhance seek engine rating
  • Managing equipment like internet sites and Google Analytics
  • Creating search engine optimization techniques to grow internet site conversions
  • Optimizing content material to carry out SERPs

  Salary of the SEO specialist in Seremban 

The average salary for SEO specialists is MYR 4,000 per month in Seremban. The total pay is MYR 10750 per month.

6. PPC Specialist

A PPC (pay-per-click) expert is beneficial for organizations investing in paid online marketing and marketing. Marketing equipment consisting of Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs assist area of interest commercials to discover the proper key phrases to your target market. PPC advertising equipment is effective in using traffic, developing an audience, and assembling advertising marketing campaign goals. Responsibilities of virtual advertising PPC managers include:

  • Segmenting the target market
  • Establishing key overall performance metrics
  • Creating paid marketing and marketing reproduction
  • Strategizing and executing paid advertising campaigns
  • Analyzing and optimizing lively paid campaigns

Salary of PPC Specialist 

The average salary is Myr 5090  per month and the total pay is MYR 14390 per month.

7. Search engine marketing specialist 

SEM Specialists (Search Engine Marketing), additionally referred to as seek advertising strategists, paintings on behalf of corporations to make certain that after audiences look for unique and applicable content material the usage of Internet search engines like Google and Yahoo, the websites for corporations they paintings for seem inside the pinnacle effects. Search engine advertising makes use of strategies including Internet sites and seeks optimization in addition to paid Internet advertising techniques including pay-per-click on marketing and marketing and paid directories; SEM professionals should realize the diverse special search engines like Google and Yahoo utilized by clients and the special seek and rating strategies of each.

Salary of search engine marketing specialist 

The average salary is Myr 5090  per month and the total pay is MYR 14390 per month.

8. Email marketing manager 

An e-mail advertising professional is an expert author who makes use of their understanding and enjoys crafting interesting e-mail advertising messages for a company`s products, packages, or services. In this role, e-mail advertising professionals behaviour marketplace studies to decide key traits and examine the campaigns of competitors. They additionally put together big e-mail lists primarily based totally on client demographic statistics and different accrued data, then display the fulfilment of those campaigns.

Salary of email marketing manager 

The estimated salary of an email marketing manager is MYR 7000.

9. Graphic designer 

Graphic designers play a good selection in growing attractive content material and hanging emblem belongings, e.g., logos, media kits, presentations, and social media posts. Consistent branding makes your emblem memorable and recognizable for customers. Although photograph layout is one of the crucial virtual advertising group roles, many advertising groups paint with freelance photograph designers thru freelance and contracting structures together with Upwork. The virtual advertising obligations of a photograph fashion dressmaker include:

  • Creating visible factors for social media posts, content material advertising, and different advertising functions
  • Executing layout thoughts for one-off advertising tasks
  • Coordinating emblem belongings for taking part with different manufacturers
  • Creating emblem layout guidelines
  • Contributing to internet site layout

Salary of the graphic designer 

The total pay of graphic designer un Seremban is MYR 5500 per month and the average pay is MYR 3000 per month.

10. Copywriter 

Copywriters create content used to market products and services and are responsible for creating a clear, concise, and customer-engaging copy. Copywriters are often responsible for creating the first impression of a company’s brand, so this is an important role for companies. Below are some of the responsibilities of a copywriter:

  • Create compelling content for print, web, product packaging, advertising, and marketing materials
  • Create well-written content that is SEO-friendly and optimized for conversions
  • Create compelling ad copy, landing pages and marketing campaigns
  • Write quality product descriptions and provide supporting content
  • Collaboration with her team of designers and creatives
  • Work with analysts to ensure messaging is consistent across the organization

Salary of copywriter 

The total pay of a copywriter in Seremban is MYR 7050 per month. The average pay is MYR 3500 per month.


Where to learn digital marketing?

There is a lot of demand for digital marketing specialists in Seremban, so it is necessary to learn digital marketing from the right platform. So if you are passionate about digital marketing, invest your time and plutocrat in learning digital marketing skills. 

As you guys know, digital marketing has different levels and the highest salary in today’s era, and learning it from a reputed institute adds more skill power. There are many institutes to learn digital marketing but IIDE is the best among all.

Businesses are rushing to ride the digital wave. They understand the need for marketers with digital abilities to succeed in this competitive environment and are willing to pay more to hire these individuals. Act now to become one of these look-after candidates that companies across the world are struggling to engage.

IIDE provides a bunch of expert-led digital marketing courses that will set you on the exact track in this fast-paced, challenging, and highly rewarding career. Get certified today with the Digital Marketing Certification Course and the  MBA Level Digital Marketing Programme from a well-known institute i.e. IIDE.

IIDE’S advanced digital marketing course will educate  A-Z on digital marketing skills and exposure to industry-related tasks. 


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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is the basic salary of digital marketing?

Ans: The common profits of a Digital Marketing Manager (entry-level) are ‚āĻ5,48,755 according to annum in India. Whereas, a Senior Digital advertising manager`s profits degree between ‚āĻ7,09,800- ‚āĻ10 lakhs, who has over 5-nine years of revelling in India.

Q. What is the average salary of a digital marketer?

Ans: The average profits for a Digital Marketing Manager in India are 7.2 Lakhs according to year (‚āĻ60.0k according to month). Salary estimates are primarily based totally on 6828 salaries acquired from diverse Digital Marketing Managers throughout industries

Q.Is digital marketing a high-paying job?

Ans: As for an executive-stage position, the very best earnings in virtual advertising and marketing are about INR 5,00,000. Wherein for the manager`s role, the common maximum earnings is INR 10,00,000. Although those numbers are noticeably dependent on the understanding you possess, you’re enjoyment withinside the industry and the scale of the company.

Q. How much a fresher can earn in digital marketing?

Ans: If you’re a Fresher in Digital Marketing task it lies between 15k to 25k. As your talents develop and at each degree while you degree up your talents perhaps 1 12 months or 2 it will increase as much as 35k to 50k. Earning up to at least one lakh while you end up an Expert. Relying on your talents and the form of duty you handle.


Now we have arrived at the end of this blog, but the beginning of your digital marketing journey. We hope that you understand how important digital marketing is in today’s world.  If you want the best course on digital marketing, then do check out IIDE’s 11-month Post Graduation Program in Digital Marketing.  You can check also out IIDE’s 4-month Advanced Online digital marketing program. This is one of the great online digital marketing courses in Seremban If you wish to learn a particular topic of digital marketing then this course is perfect for you, IIDE’s short-term certification courses. So what are you staying for? 

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