Know The Highest Digital Marketing salary in Purwokerto-The Knowledge Guide

Updated on: Jun 5, 2023
Digital Marketing Salary in Purwokerto

Digital marketing is the process of using social media platforms to market and sell products or services. It comprises a wide range of activities, including email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

With the growing popularity of the internet and social media, many businesses are turning to digital marketing to reach their target audiences. As a result, there is a growing demand for digital marketing professionals who can effectively plan, execute, and measure digital marketing campaigns. 

The digital marketing salary in Purwokerto, Indonesia is on the rise. This is due to the growing demand for digital marketing professionals in the country. With the rise in demand, comes a corresponding increase in salaries. In this blog post, we will take a look at the average salaries for digital marketing professionals in Purwokerto. We will also explore the factors that contribute to the growing demand for such professionals.

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8 Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary In Purwokerto 

Many factors affect digital marketing salaries in Purwokerto. Here are the most important ones:

1. The Size of the Company: 

The size of your company matters. Company size affects how much money you can make, and this is especially true for digital marketers. In fact, according to one study from HubSpot and LinkedIn, “The average salary for a software engineer with 0-5 years experience is IDR150K (10% more than all other titles combined). The average salary for someone with 2+ years experience is IDR160K (9% more than all other titles combined).”If you’re working at a small company or freelancing on the side while still in school, don’t expect much in terms of pay—although there may be opportunities available if your skillset aligns with what they need at that moment. But if you want steady employment after graduation and are looking forward to earning some extra cash while learning new skills through internships or apprenticeships within larger companies where there’s room for growth within their team structure then look no further. Larger companies tend to have bigger budgets for digital marketing, so they can afford to pay their employees more.


  2. The Industry:

Some industries are more competitive than others when it comes to digital marketing, so salaries may be higher in those industries. The digital marketing industry is a growing one, and as such, you’re likely to see your salary rise over time. However, if you are just starting in the field of digital marketing and don’t have any experience yet—or even if it’s been a while since your last job you may want to consider what factors affect salary first before applying for jobs. If you do decide that finding work as a digital marketer is right for you? then here are some things that could help determine how much money an employer will offer:

A lot of companies use analytics software like HubSpot or Google Analytics because they know how much better their results will be when compared with those from other tools out there, so naturally, these firms tend not only to pay higher salaries but also expect them to.

 3. The Location: 

Location can also affect your salary. If you’re located in a major city or close to another city with a high demand for digital marketing talent, your payment will be higher than if you live somewhere rural or remote. The average salary range for digital marketers is IDR70k to IDR150k, which means that those who live in major metropolitan areas may earn more than their counterparts working in less populated lists the average salary for digital marketers as IDR80k, while PayScale reports that earn IDR72k. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) also tracks digital marketing salaries and found that the median pay was IDR91,730 in 2016. Thus, location plays an important factor in digital marketing. 

4. The Experience Level: 

The fourth factor is experience, and it’s another important one. If you’ve been in the field for some time but haven’t yet landed a job that pays well, then it’s time to start looking for ways to get that experience. You can take on freelance projects or build your website to showcase your skills; either way, the more experience you have under your belt, the better off you’ll be when applying for jobs. Experience can include one’s past work or one’s previous job or contract work. More experienced digital marketers will usually command higher salaries than those who are just starting.

 5. The Skillset: 

Those with more comprehensive skillsets like they know coding, web design, and copywriting will usually earn more than those with just basic digital marketing skills. Apart from skills personality type is important because it helps you understand how to deal with your colleagues and manage your career. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality test that helps people understand their personality type. There are four main types: introverts, extroverts, sensing, and intuition types. These can help you determine how best to communicate with others in an office environment or even at home when working on projects together as part of a team.

  6. The Education Level: 

The sixth factor is education, and it’s an important one. If you’re looking to get a better job, or even just make more money than your current salary, then go back to school! It will help you get the skills necessary for landing a higher-paying position in digital marketing as well as other industries that require expertise in this field. But don’t worry if this isn’t possible for you: there are plenty of ways other than getting an advanced degree that can help boost your credentials when applying for jobs—and those tend to be less expensive than going back through school especially if they’re online.

7. The Job Market: 

In areas with a high demand for digital marketers, salaries will often be higher than in areas where there is less demand. Thus the seventh factor is the market. It may be that you’re applying for jobs that simply don’t exist. If so, then you might want to consider changing your focus or getting more experience before applying again. The final factor is luck—and there’s no way around it: some jobs just come down to chance. But if you do all the other things above, then at least you’ll have given yourself a fighting chance of landing that dream job.


8. The Job Title and Responsibilities:

The job title and responsibilities are also important factors to consider when determining your digital marketing salary. For example, if you have a high-level role such as an executive director or senior manager, you can expect to earn more than someone who works as an entry-level employee.

Job responsibilities can be a factor in career growth as well. For example, if you are responsible for managing multiple projects at once and performing tasks such as budgeting and scheduling, this will undoubtedly help boost your earnings potential at work! This means that it’s worth putting extra effort into preparing yourself for these challenges so that they don’t negatively impact your performance or affect how much money you make each year.


10 Digital Marketing Salary In  Purwokerto Trends

1. Digital Marketing Manager 

The management of marketing campaigns that advertise the products of the business falls within the purview of the digital marketing manager. They increase their brand awareness in the digital world. They use different ways or strategies to increase traffic to their websites. Some skills that a digital manager must have are – Strategic thinking, data analysis, email marketing, SEO (Search engine optimization), an eye for good copy, and also some knowledge and idea of visual marketing with leadership skills. The salary of a digital marketing manager in Purwokerto ranges between 1,929,174 – 6,371,491 IDR. Salary may differ from company to company and area to area. 

  Job Responsibilities:

  •  Digital marketing managers plan and execute digital marketing campaigns, and design, build and maintain a social media presence.
  • Measure and report performance, identify trends and insights, and optimize spend.
  • Plan, execute and measure growth strategies.
  • Collaborate with internal teams to create landing pages and improve the user experience.        

2. Pay-per-click Specialist 

Pay-per-click specialists are in hot demand and are experts in pay-per-click advertising plans for different PPC campaigns, strategies, designs, implementation, and analysis of ad performance on different digital platforms, making creative suggestions for templates. Their work is to analyze the data and take the required steps. They have strong analytical skills and creative writing skills, and they should know how to use tools that are used for advertisements like Google AdWords  Other job titles that fall under this area are – PPC analyst, PPC manager, PPC executive, and PPC account manager. The salary of a pay-per-click specialist is IDR 1,718,980 – 3,737,578 IDR. Salary may differ from company to company and area to area.

         Job Responsibilities:

  •          Developing and managing PPC campaigns.
  •               Analyzing and optimizing PPC performance.
  •              Conducting A/B testing.


3. Social Media Specialist 

The social media specialist’s work is to create and publish content on different social media platforms to attract the audience towards their brand or product. Their other work is to create brand awareness about their product and boost their sales, collaborating with the marketing and sales department. The requirements required for becoming a social media specialist are an excellent knowledge of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. One should have problem-solving skills and good time management, one should be familiar with web design and should be multitasking. The salary ranges from 1,309,055 – 4,012,175 IDR in Purwokerto. Salary may differ from company to company and area to area.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Developing social media marketing strategies:
  • Creating content, Managing social media accounts
  • Analyzing social media data
  • Collaborating with other teams
  • Staying up-to-date with industry trends
  • Building and maintaining relationships
  • Creating reports


4. Search Engine Optimization Specialists 

The SEO specialist is high in demand in the marketing field. The work of an SEO specialist is to track, report, and do the regular analysis of web analytics data and different SEM campaigns. An SEO Specialist should have the ability to understand social media platforms and should have a better understanding of what customers will search for. Apart from they should also have a good understanding of search engine ranking algorithms. Many known institutes offer SEO in their courses. 

If you are interested in becoming an SEO specialist then for your knowledge the salary of an SEO specialist is 1,831,197 – 3,866,223 IDR. Salary may differ from company to company and area to area.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Find suitable keywords and phrases for website optimization, and conduct keyword research.
  • Optimize the content of your website, including headers, titles, descriptions, and pictures.
  • Work with other departments such as marketing, content, and web development to ensure SEO best practices are incorporated into all aspects of the website and online content


5. Marketing Specialist 

The role of a marketing specialist is to develop marketing strategies for advertising their products on various social media platforms. They create monthly reports on critical metrics for lead generation website traffic. To become a marketing specialist one should have a strong understanding of Microsoft Office programs, communication, and presentation skills. They should have experience in planning and leading initiatives. Apart from this candidate should have Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communication, or a related field. The salary of a marketing specialist ranges from 1,507,403 – 4,305,752 IDR. Salary may differ from company to company and area to area.

Job Responsibilities:

  • To comprehend the target market, the competitors, and market trends, and do market research and analysis.
  • With the use of data analytics tools and key performance indicators (KPIs), evaluate and assess the efficacy of marketing efforts.
  • based on performance information and client feedback, continuously improve marketing strategies.
  • Stay up-to-date with industry news and trends, and participate in online communities to stay informed and share knowledge.


6. Copywriter 

The copywriter produces good and attractive content which is interesting and also gives the whole details of the brand. Mainly copywriter focuses on reader requirements. The skills required for becoming a copywriter are – an eye for detail, they should know a wide variety of English vocabulary, one should have great listening skills. One should have a Bachelor’s degree preferably in journalism, English, or a communication-related field. If you are interested in becoming a copywriter then for your knowledge the salary of the copywriter is 1,340,932 – 4,397,899 IDR. Salary may differ from company to company and area to area.

Job Responsibilities:

  • To comprehend the target market, the competitors, and market trends, do research and analysis.
  • To increase exposure and generate traffic, optimize your material for search engines and other online platforms.
  • Follow industry news and trends, join online groups, and contribute your knowledge by being informed.
  • Develop and maintain a portfolio of work to showcase skills and expertise.


7. Paid Media Specialist 

Paid media specialists are responsible for the daily management of paid digital marketing campaigns. Paid media specialists help to grow and develop the organization by having an effective marketing strategy. They monitor the effectiveness of campaigns by collecting data on response rates and conducting market research to determine which products will be successful in the market. The one should be creative, good at communication, should know how the ad works, and should be familiar with the technology.

The salary provided for Paid media specialists is 4,340,622 – 8,718,287 IDR in Purwokerto. Salary may differ from company to company and area to area.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Perform in-depth analysis of keywords and website 
  • Examine the benefits of PPC and ROI
  • Grow, implement, and advance digital campaigns
  • Supervise and manage the social media budget 


8. Product Marketing Manager 

The product marketing manager’s work is to oversee the events related to the product like creating sufficient demand for products through marketing and advertising. They built trust with their target or potential customers through their communication skills. Unlike a product manager, a product marketing manager act as a voice for the product outside of the company. Skills required for a product marketing manager are – one should have strong organizational and communication skills, project management skills, and strategic thinking. In today’s time, product marketing managers are in great demand and it has an outstanding career for the future. 1,812,635 – 6,000,271 IDR is the salary of the product marketing manager in Purwokerto. Salary may differ from company to company and area to area.

Job Responsibilities:

  • To comprehend the target market, the competitors, and market trends, do market research and analysis.
  • To accomplish corporate objectives and goals, develop and implement product marketing strategies, campaigns, and methods.
  • With the use of data analytics tools and key performance indicators (KPIs), evaluate and assess the efficacy of marketing efforts.
  • based on performance information and client feedback, continuously improve marketing strategies.

9. Web Developer 

Their work is to develop and build websites. The web developer is responsible for the design and appearance of the site. They are also responsible for technical aspects such as the speed of the site and how much traffic it can handle. They should have knowledge of User experience (UX), visual design, user interface (UI), and coding languages like HTML and CSS. Skills required are – computer literacy, strong communication skills, problem-solving skills, and a keen interest in technology. The salary for web developers ranges from 5,150,000 – 17,800,000 IDR. Salary may differ from company to company and area to area. 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Use best software development practices to create well-designed, testable, and efficient code
  • Integrate data from back-end services and databases to meet technical needs.
  • Create and maintain software documentation, maintain, expand, and scale the website.
  • Collaboration with web designers is required to match visual design intent.


Where Can You Learn Digital Marketing?

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How much do digital marketing jobs pay in Indonesia?

Ans: Digital Marketing jobs in Indonesia pay an estimated IDR 16,121,115 per month with an average salary of IDR 5,371,115 per month.

Q. How much does digital marketing make in Indonesia?

Ans: The person working in the field of digital marketing makes around Around 17,400,000 IDR per month. Which ranges from 9,410,000 IDR to 26,300,000 IDR.

Q. How to become a digital marketer?

Ans: Although formal education is not required to work as a digital marketer, obtaining a degree or taking a short course may be beneficial. A diploma or bachelor’s degree in marketing or business might be something to think about pursuing.

Q. Why are digital marketers in high demand?

Ans: Market demand for tech-based or digital marketing skills is still very high. Due to the small number of experts working in this field, their market value appears to be rising every day. This is due to the fact that companies are always looking to adopt new technologies in order to stay competitive.

Q. What is the digital marketing salary for freshers?

Ans: Digital marketing newcomers typically make between 9,410,000 IDR to 26,300,000 IDR per year. Pay, however, varies by nation and level. Today, digital marketing is one of the industries with the fastest growth rates, and everyone is looking for ways to get into the industry.


Digital marketing is a relatively new field, and it’s changing faster than ever before. As we’ve seen in this article, there are many different types of digital marketers out there working on projects from all sorts of companies. Digital marketing as a career can be incredibly rewarding and fun, but it does require some degree of commitment and dedication to succeed at it. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic or want to start your own digital marketing company? Check out our website for more information! And if you want to join the 4- month online Digital Marketing Course. Don’t waste the next second just enroll and start growing your career.we feel that you have an idea of digital marketing salary in depok.

Let’s know your views in the comment section.


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