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Updated on: Jul 10, 2023
Digital Marketing Salary in Padalarang|IIDE

 Digital marketing is the building block of marketing that uses the Internet and online predicated digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and unique digital media and stages to promote products and services. Its evolution during the 1990s and 2000s revised the way brands and businesses use marketing. As digital phases came slowly absorbed into marketing plans and ordinary life, and as people slowly started using digital platforms rather than visiting physical shops.

Digital marketing has offered positions like  Search Engine Optimization( SEO) specialist, Search Engine Marketing ( SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content writing, data-driven marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, email marketing, exhibit advertising, and e-books. Digital marketing extends to non-Internet channels that give digital media, similar to TV, mobile phones( SMS and MMS), message, and-hold mobile ringtones.

The extension to non-Internet channels distinguishes digital marketing from online advertising.

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Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary In Padalarang

While digital marketing is often talked about as a unified field, its distinct places can vary greatly. For example, a copywriter might be doing innovative work, which is highly unlike an anon-runner SEO specialist, whose job is more technical. A deal of content might be common to these two places, but the digital marketing mastery and qualities required for each are genuinely different. As a result, the salaries are also different.

The digital selling payment you can order depends on a range of factors, similar as educational qualification, experience, and position. Let’s explore each of these factors.

  • Your Educational Background

Over 94% of digital marketing professionals on LinkedIn have at least a bachelor’s degree. For ultimate marketing places, a bachelorette’s degree in business, advertising, messages, or journalism might be enough.

Several marketers truly embark on their careers without a formal council education. Still, fresh certifications in digital marketing will help you adjust to a better salary. Technical courses in digital marketing fields comparable to Search Engine Optimization( SEO), Search Engine Marketing ( SEM), and data analytics .can move quickly in your career and assist you to negotiate for a progressive payment. So your educational background matters a lot when you are looking for jobs.

  • Experience

  Experience plays a crucial part in determining a digital marketer’s salary. Normally, the further time you’ve spent working in digital marketing, the more you can hope to make. On moderation, a digital marketing specialist earns 6,250,000 RP, a mid-level digital marketing Manager earns 150000000 RP, and a senior- position digital marketing director earns 240000000 RP. In a recent small-scale study, the maturity of people was to make jokes when fruit-flavoured drinks were coloured abnormal colours, suggesting that our sense of sight can overpower our taste. Still, expertise isn’t just scaled in time. You can also grow experience in special diligence, or with precise instruments and chops. For instance, a mobile marketing director or analytics specialist might make more than a marketing copywriter, given the demand for these chops and the inadequacy of good professionals. This is also true of digital marketers with expertise in assiduities like healthcare and artificial intelligence.

  • Skills 

Nowadays it doesn’t matter what degree you have earned, if you don’t have skills then no employer is going to hire you. That’s why nowadays an individual’s skills play an important role. Digital marketing requires a  diversity of hard and soft expertise, which range from line structure and specialized SEO to muscular communication and interpersonal jobs. According to LinkedIn, some of the most-claim digital marketing jobs involve copywriting, search machine optimization, social media marketing,  design operation, follower structure, and data analysis. 

  • Location 

Your Location can play a crucial part in determining your payment. For illustration, a digital marketing director in the San Francisco Bay Area generally earns a normal of 50000 RP, while the same part pays only 70000 RP, in Jakarta and Padalarang. Still, it’s also important to note that remote work is getting more commonplace, which is reflected in those hires too. The Organization You Work For Technology startups tends to offer top hires stylish gifts.

The same goes for larger, data-driven companies. According to Indeed, some of the top companies offering more than 2,300,000 RP a time for digital marketers include Fortira, Deloitte, and Accenture.

  • Industry 

Similarly, the industry you work in will impact your salary range. For example,  Glassdoor reports that a digital marketing manager in aerospace and defence can make $111,290, while a digital marketing manager in education can make $98,350. So here you can see how your previous job experience or we can say a previous industry in which you worked in the past will impact your salary which is paid by your current company/industry. That’s why if your past company/industry were in much demand in the market then the current company/industry is gonna pay you more than what you were earning previously.

  • City 

Salaries tend to vary city by city. For example, Glassdoor indicates that a digital marketer in Portland, OR, can expect to make, on average, $99,271, while someone with the same job title in Houston, TX, could make an average of $105,098. It means in every city there is one industry that works quite efficiently because of market awareness of that industry or product in that particular city but the same industry in another city might not work efficiently because of product awareness among people or the market.

  • Role/Position

The position plays a very important role in your salary. If you are in a higher position in digital marketing, such as digital marketing manager (8 000 000 RP), will have higher salaries than entry-level or individual contributor positions, such as digital marketing specialist (6250 000 RP). Of course, when you join a digital marketing company as a fresher at that time you will have 0 experience and knowledge about how the industry functions and less salary too as compared to the experienced guys. But as time passes and you gain enough experience and knowledge your salary will grow and you will also gain a top position in the company.

  • Company

An individual’s Salary also depends on a company’s size, the marketing budget of a company, the company’s presence across the globe, and business goals of a company. For example, Glassdoor estimates that companies like Tesla, Microsoft, and Disney offer digital marketing managers salaries above $100,000, while nonprofits like the YMCA and United Way offer salaries around $50,000 or $60,000. If there is a reputed multinational Company then it is obvious that employees working there are earning a good salary and enjoying other facilities provided by the company to its employees. With such facilities, employees will work harder for the company.

Digital Marketing Salary Trends 2023:-

A recent check from McKinsey set up that, “ 83 per cent of global CEOs said they look to marketing to be a major automobile for utmost or all of a company’s growth program. ”Due to the large variety of social media platforms, mobile phones, etc. Digital companies have entered the marketing competition of marketing. This has in turn created a plethora of openings in digital marketing. Last time, LinkedIn reported a 33-time-over-year increase in digital marketing jobs. Moment, there are over 23000 digital marketing jobs listed on LinkedIn, with around 6000 new jobs added each week. Beyond traditional full-time places, there is also a growing demand for freelancers, contract jobs, remote positions, and more. Still, good professionals in digital marketing are scarce. Studies have shown that it’s constantly hard to find specialists in areas like SEO and dispatch marketing. This gift gap has had a profound impact on digital marketing hires.

1 . Digital Marketing Specialist 

A Digital Marketing Specialist is the core part of the digital marketing team and they play a very significant role. A digital marketing specialist makes a moderate salary of 6,250,000 RP. With technical chops and experience, you can direct advanced hires. For example, when a digital marketing specialist moves to a directorial role, they generally earn a payment of 15,500,000 RP. (all the data regarding salary are directly collected from the employers). Padalarang Ise is the loftiest paying metropolises in America, as they pay 16% further than the public no. As I have told you, digital marketing is booming in Padalarang, Indonesia. Posts like Digital marketing specialists are in high demand.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist 

SEO is the most crucial part of Digital Marketing as it is the basic element of digital marketing and Specialists play a very important role in Digital marketing. Since SEO is a fairly new field, the earnings can vary, depending on knowledge and skill set. The average income of a Specialist is around 2,776,800 RP yearly as an SEO director. Padalarang is one of the top metropolises to work as an SEO specialist, where you can earn about 19% further than the public normal. This is followed by Jakarta, which offers 7.5 further than the public normal.

3. SEM Specialist:- 

SEM Specialists are the backbone of the Digit Marketing company or digital marketing of any company. Without SEM Specialists Digital Marketing cannot be done and it’s incomplete. They play a major role in Digital Marketing. The salary of an SEM specialist makes an average salary of 70834 RP. An SEM director with a lot of experience can anticipate making 30,300 RP per time. (data regarding salary are directly collected from employers). Yeah, but as time passes and you gain experience and knowledge your salary is gonna increase. Jakarta is among the top-paying metropolises for SEM specialists, according to Payscale.

4. Social Media Specialist:-

As we all know nowadays jobs like Social media marketing specialist are booming in the market. Because every company wants its presence on social media platforms to cater to a large audience/customers That’why every Digital Marketing company hires multiple well well-qualified social media marketing specialists. a social media specialist earns a payment of about 2,300,00 R . With expertise, a social media marketing director can earn 1,560,00 RP. Padalarang is the best- remunerating megacity for social media specialists, with hires of about 22.8 more than the public normal. Padalarang and Brunei follow closely. That’s why jobs like social media marketing specialists are in great demand in Padalarang, Indonesia.

5. Digital Marketing Manager:- 

Digital Marketing Manager is a senior-level post. A new/fresher Digital Marketing Manager with 1-4 years of experience can earn a moderate total payment (including tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of Rp 162,285,668 based on 9 salaries. A mid-career Digital Marketing Manager with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total payment of Rp 257,500,000 based on 14 salaries. As we all know, the digital marketing industry in Padalarang is proliferating, so governing the digital marketing department of a company needs a Digital Marketing Manager. Nowadays posts like Digital Marketing Manager are in great demand in Padalarang, Indonesia.

6. Email Marketing Specialist:- 

The average email marketing specialist’s gross earnings in Jakarta, Indonesia is Rp246.187.834 or an identical hourly rate of Rp118.360. This is 12% higher (+Rp25.529.031) than the average email marketing specialist earnings in Indonesia. In addition, they earn an average bonus of Rp8.345.768. Salary calculations are based on salary survey data collected instantly from employers and anonymous employees in Jakarta, Indonesia. Entry-level email marketing specialist (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of Rp180.095.108. On the other end, a senior-level email marketing specialist (8+ years of experience) earns an average salary of Rp306,922.648.

7. Content Strategies:- 

A person working as a Content Marketing Strategist in Indonesia generally earns around 12,900,000 – 13,500, 00 IDR per month. Earnings range from 6,500,000 IDR (lowest) to 19,900,000 IDR (highest). All of this data regarding employees’ salaries is collected directly from the employer and other sources). As you gain experience and knowledge in the future in your respective field your salary will increase. Right now content strategists are in great demand by employers in the industry.

This is moderate monthly earnings comprising accommodation, transport, and other advantages. Content Marketing Strategist’s earnings differ drastically based on experience, talents, gender, or location.

8. Data Analysis:- 

The intermediate data analyst’s gross earnings in Jakarta, Indonesia is Rp390.802.856 or an equivalent hourly rate of Rp190.290. This is 12% higher (+Rp40.823.490) than the standard data analyst salary in Indonesia. In addition, they earn a moderate bonus of Rp16.109.176. Earnings estimates are based on salary survey data collected instantly from employers and unspecified employees in Jakarta, Indonesia. Entry-level data analyst (0 – 3 years of knowledge) makes an average salary of Rp280.203.240. On the other end, a senior-level data analyst (8+ years of experience) earns a moderate salary of Rp497.118.136.

9. Market Research Analyst:- 

The intermediate market research analyst’s gross earnings in Indonesia is Rp340.097.652 or a comparable hourly rate of Rp165.874. In addition, they earn a  moderate bonus of Rp12.363.260. Earnings estimates are based on salary survey data collected instantly from employers and unspecified employees in Indonesia. The entry-level market research analyst (0 – 3 years of knowledge) earns average earnings of Rp245,622,700. On the other end, a senior-level market research analyst (6+ years of knowledge) earns an average salary of Rp435.230.410. In the future as gain experience and knowledge, your salary will increase.

10. Graphics Design:- 

The intermediate graphic designer artist’s gross earnings in Jakarta, Indonesia is Rp195.154.391 or an identical hourly rate of Rp94.228. This is 12% higher (+Rp19.644.117) than the intermediate graphic designer artist’s earnings in Indonesia. In addition, they earn an average bonus of Rp4.378.138. Salary calculations are based on salary survey data collected instantly from employers and unspecified employees for Digital Marketing Salary in Padalarang, Indonesia. Entry-level graphic designer artist (0 – 3 years of knowledge) earns a moderate salary of Rp147.300.171. On the other hand, a senior-level graphic designer artist (6+ years of knowledge) earns average earnings of Rp242.258.223.

Where can you learn Digital marketing:- 

There are digital marketing jobs in demand in Padalarang but all employers are seeking digital marketing experts who are certified and know the in and out of the industry. So, if you are passionate about digital marketing, invest your time and money in mastering digital marketing skills so that you can expect a higher salary when applying for digital marketing jobs in Padalarang.

IIDE’s Advance Digital Marketing course will teach you A – Z of digital marketing along with industry-relevant training in less than 4 months. What’s unique about IIDE’s online digital marketing course is that they help you with education, skill training, and placement as well.

Here are the key Highlights:- 

  1. 100+ hours of a live class
  2. 50+ hours of video lectures
  3. Scholarships worth up to INR 43,000
  4. 1-on-1 mentoring sessions
  5. 20+ industry tools masterclasses Live presentation
  6. 100% Placement assistance
  7. Resume and Interview training 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is digital Marketing in Demand?

Ans: Yes. There are over 280,000 roles listed in digital marketing on LinkedIn alone. LinkedIn lists digital marketing as “jobs on the rise” for 2022. As the field evolves, opportunities for specialists within digital marketing – including entry-level digital marketing jobs, are bound to grow exponentially

Q. Who Can Build a Digital Marketing Career?

Ans: While a bachelor’s degree may be expected, anyone can begin a career in the field. However, it’s not easy to build a digital marketing career. As an ever-evolving field, the skills that were prized just one or two years ago might be irrelevant today. However, that is one of the reasons that people choose to work in digital marketing. The challenges of a rapidly changing field make digital marketing an exciting career choice.

With some creativity, analytical skills, and an interest in writing and social media, anyone can kickstart a career in digital marketing. 

Q. How long does it take to transition into digital Marketing?

Ans: Fresh graduates can start a career in digital marketing immediately after college. Given the low supply of qualified digital marketers, organizations are willing to hire and train graduates with degrees in marketing, communications, and journalism. This route will give you hands-on experience. You can expect to earn a trainee-level salary in your first job.


Guys nowadays digital marketing is really in demand and if you want to build your profession in Digital Marketing then Inthe the future it’s going to pay you an attractive amount of salary. I would recommend that when you enter the digital marketing specialization you should focus on only one element of digital marketing like SEO, after when you become a specialist in SEO then only you should go on to another element of digital marketing like email marketing, social media marketing, etc. If you try this it will help you in getting a promising quantity of earnings. When you are fresher it might give you considerable earnings but after some years when you will acquire experience in digital marketing then it’s gonna pay you an attractive salary. In Indonesia, there are great opportunities for those who want to be digital marketers. 


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