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Updated on: Jul 10, 2023
Digital Marketing Salary in Mussafah|IIDE

Would you need to wonder how much money is made in digital marketing in Mussafah? Would you like to discover the wage range and the available career opportunities in the field of digital marketing? 

I’ll cover the various business and career prospects, the salary range for the digital marketing sector, and the variables affecting it in this blog¬†Online marketing is one of the biggest markets in the UAE. The population of the UAE is now 10.12 million, according to reports for 2022. The average time spent on social media platforms by UAE residents is 3 hours and 10 minutes.

The modern company environment now heavily relies on digital marketing. Although it has not yet completely replaced conventional marketing so demand for in industrial cities like Mussafah for digital marketing is very high in 2023. According to LinkedIn data, 2.6 million new digital marketing jobs were advertised online in 2022. This was a tremendous 80% rise from 2021. Pay is determined by a person’s level of experience, the market demand for that occupation, Understanding its benefits, and how it can last for a while till we obtain a new generation of communication is necessary to comprehend the reach of digital marketing in Mussafah.

The IIDE’s online digital marketing course to gain digital marketing Skills will assist you in improving your abilities through practical study and improve your salary.


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Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary in Mussafah 

  • Education Qualification¬†

For the majority of marketing positions, a bachelor’s degree in business, advertising, communications, or journalism may suffice.It is even common for marketers to begin their careers without any formal college training.Having more experience in digital marketing can increase your ability to negotiate a higher wage.

Specialized training in particular facets of digital marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), expertise in such roles, and data analytics, can enhance your career and support salary negotiations.

The evolution of marketing campaigns will become more budget- and customer, and the requirement for skilled and experienced digital marketing experts will be at an all-time high to execute these objectives. 

A combination of skills and expertise will always help you enter and succeed in this rapidly expanding field, regardless of your career status or if you are a newcomer.

  • Role of the JOB and its Demand¬†

In comparison to entry-level or individual contributor positions, such as digital marketing associate, advanced positions in the field, such as digital marketing manager, SEO senior manager, and specialist in advertising, typically pay greater compensation. Your compensation is determined by the level of market demand for that particular work role. 

If a certain work role is in high demand, there is a considerable chance that you will earn more money.

Since strategy for digital marketing has so many components, the number of connected jobs is quite large. The industry is in the grip of a crisis: the digital skill shortage. According to a LinkedIn survey, there is a shortfall of roughly 2 million digital marketing professionals in key metropolitan areas across the UAE

With so many available positions and not enough experienced applicants to fill them, now is an ideal opportunity to get started in digital marketing.

  • Skills¬†

Both soft and hard skills are required for a wide range of responsibilities in digital marketing, from inbound marketing and analytical SEO to excellent interpersonal and communications skills.

As of August 2022, employers are most likely to put social media marketing, Google Analytics, SEO, SEM, and pay-per-click (PPC) as desirable skills in job descriptions, according to LinkedIn.

Many businesses are using digital marketing strategies and engaging digital marketing professionals. The most in-demand digital marketing skills include

  • Copywriting,
  • Search engine optimization,
  • Social media marketing,
  • Project management, leadership
  • Audience building
  • Communication Skills
  • CRM
  • Design skills
  • Data analysis & Analytics.
  • WordPress

you may not need to excel in all of the following categories ‚ÄĒ but there are several key abilities required across most digital marketing jobs.

  • Experience in the field¬†

There are tremendous chances of receiving a good income package if you have past job experience or completed any apprenticeships in the sector you are enrolling for. The duration of months and years you have been employed affects your income.

Digital marketers’ salaries are heavily influenced by their experience. As a rule of thumb, you can expect to earn more money in digital marketing if you have more experience¬†If a Digital Marketing Manager has 10 years of experience, he will be paid more than someone who has 3 years of experience.

Experience is not only quantified in years, though. Additionally, you can earn expertise in a particular field or with particular equipment and abilities.

  • Credibility

This is a factor that Digital marketing companies seriously undervalue. It is tied to the fact that the potential for earning money might be closely related to your reputation as a full-time employee, freelancer, or business owner.

The word credibility (credibility refers to the level of trust that others, such as customers, customers, or business partners, have in the integrity of your brand and the character you have established over

Rephrase  If a renowned marketing specialist, especially one who is of a high reputation, acquires his province of employment, he can demand higher pay as an employee and charge a higher premium as a freelancer.

  • Location

Your location may significantly influence your wage. For instance, the average salary for a digital marketing manager in ¬†Jumeirah is 75000 AED, while the salary for the same position in Mussafah is¬† 65000 AED. It’s also vital to note that the prevalence of remote work, which is reflected in those salaries, is increasing.

If the company is located in a significant city or crowded city, your remuneration will be enormous when compared to some other, unknown locations.Due to higher living costs and more competition for jobs, these cities have higher  pay for jobs than small cities 

  • Industry¬†

In a similar fashion, your wage range will vary depending on the industry you work in. For instance, according to Forbes, a digital marketing manager in the aerospace and aviation sector can earn 85000 AED, while a manager in the education sector can earn 65000 AED.The industry is another key factor affecting Digital Marketing Salaries in UAE. IT, Banking, and e-commerce pay higher salaries than other industries.

The salary will vary depending on whether the business is new or established.

Even startups will pay new hires handsomely if they are qualified and offer value to the company. This is because these industries require more skills and experience.

  • Industry niche

A niche market is the segment of the market that a specific product is aimed at. The product’s attributes that are intended to address certain market needs are defined by the market niche.If the company knows what the customer needs, and then provides a better solution to a problem that has not been addressed by the competition, then a niche market is often developed.

Your digital marketing pay will also be influenced by the product you are promoting. Accordingly, it would be advisable to select relevant markets before applying for a role in digital marketing.

For the greatest employees, technology startups frequently offer exorbitant pay. The same is valid for bigger, data-driven businesses.

Digital Marketing Salary Trends in 2023

Given the variety of functions within digital marketing, compensation in the field can vary considerably between positions, businesses, and industries.Below let us see the most demanded roles. their responsibilities and salary range in Mussafah 

  • Digital Marketing Manager


  1. Implements digital marketing strategies for an organisation to engage with market segments
  2. working on various marketing campaigns and maintaining a brand’s online presence and sales.
  3. Overall digital marketing campaign performance is measured, reported, and evaluated against set objectives (ROI and KPIs)
  4. Analyse trends and insights, then adjust spending and production based on the knowledge.
  5. Analyse cutting-edge technologies. Where appropriate, demonstrate thought leadership and perspective for adoption.

Salary range:

                        The average salary range for a digital marketing manager lies between 60000 AED to a max of  125000 AED per annum also depending on experience and the organisation working with.

Top-rated companies that hire Digital Marketing managers:                       

  1. Amazon,
  2. Google
  3. Accenture
  4. IBM
  5. Freelancer        
  • Influencer Marketing Manager


  1. Creates ties with influencers for a business and enhances influencer marketing initiatives
  2. Create content ideas, compose and curate material, and research pertinent industry professionals, rivals, target customers, and users.
  3. Plan innovative and original influencer campaign strategies.
  4. Set specific goals: As a starting point, agree on campaign objectives such as traffic, brand awareness, customer retention, online reputation, leads, or sales.
  5. Work with clients to determine the best route for influencers to take in order to achieve the goals specified. Identify and communicate with relevant influencers, negotiate reasonable content pricing, and ensure all necessary agreements are in place.

Salary range: 

                      The average salary range for Influencer Marketing Manager lies between  45000  AED to the max of  90000 AED per annum

Top-rated companies that hire an Influencer Marketing Manager: 

  1. NIKE 
  2. ADIDAS 
  3. Curology
  4.  Nike Communications, 
  • Search Engine Optimization Analyst/Expert


  1. Utilising specialised tools to do keyword research and come up with new keyword suggestions.
  2. Webpage and social media page analysis, followed by improvement suggestions.
  3. Managing search advertising campaigns.
  4. Maintains current knowledge of developments and best practices in SEO.
  5. Working knowledge of digital content management systems.
  6. Expertise in Microsoft Office Suite or associated software.
  7. Basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Salary range: 

The average salary range for a Search Engine Optimization Analyst/Expert  Lies between 40000 AED the max of  85000 AED per annum

Top-rated companies that hire a  Search Engine Optimization Analyst/Expert

  1. Tera ket, 
  3.  IBM 
  4.  Google,                       


  • Search Engine Marketing/PPC Expert


  1. Putting experiments into action, gathering and evaluating data, and seeing trends and insights to maximise the return on investment from paid search campaigns
  2. Tracking, reporting, and analysis of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and initiatives, as well as website analytics
  3. managing advertising expenses, following a budget, figuring out monthly costs and fixing errors If a certain work role is in high demand, there is a considerable chance that you will earn more money.


Salary range: 

 The average salary range for a Search Engine Marketing/PPC Expert Lies between 40000 AED to the max of  80000 AED per annum

Top-rated companies that hire a  Search Engine Marketing /PPC

  1.  Meta,
  2. Microsoft, 
  3. Accenture,
  4. IBM 
  5. Emaar Properties


  • Content Marketer and Writer


  1.  Manages the creation of strategic content that will educate and draw audiences.
  2. Create content for several digital platforms that inspire, educate, inform, sell, and just deliver information.
  3. Co-create content with the digital marketing team to get results.
  4. Create digital content that promotes our company as an industry leader and helps us be found by search engines by utilising your expertise in SEO and content development.

Salary range: 

    The average salary range for a Content Marketer/Writer Lies between 35000 AED to the max of  100000 AED per annum

Top-rated companies that hire a  Content Marketer/Writer

  1.  Meta,
  2. Microsoft, 
  3. Mac Group
  • Web Designer/Developer


  1. Develop well-designed, reliable, and productive programs by implementing the most efficient software development strategies.
  2. Using CSS and HTML principles, build the structure and interface design of a website.
  3. combine data from many repositories and rear services
  4. build and fine-tune standards and needs in line with digital demands
  5. Build and maintain program specifications
  6. Rapid prototyping requires proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  7. Working knowledge of an Agile/Scrum development process

Salary range: 

The average salary range for a Web developer/ Designer Lies between 35000 AED to the max of  100000 AED per annum

Top-rated companies that hire a Web developer/ Designer 

  1. Accenture 
  2. NIKE 
  3. KPMG


  • Email Marketing Manager


  1. Develop our email list and identify our target audience.
  2. Review emails for clarity, punctuation, and grammar.
  3. Consistently use mobile-friendly email templates
  4. Create newsletters containing all business updates.
  5. Using visuals, personalization, and advanced features, upgrade our email templates.
  6. Make suggestions for enhancements.
  7. Lists can be segmented depending on activities such as previous email engagement and website interactions.
  8. Create documentation and road maps for successful email processes, A/B tests, and promotions.

Salary range: 

The salary range for an  Email Marketing manager Lies between 28000 AED to the max of  75000 AED per annum

Top-rated companies that hire an Email Marketing manager

  1. Accenture 
  2. NIKE 
  3. PUMA


  • Media Sales Executive


  1. Ability to successfully close agreements and turn sales leads into opportunities
  2. Determine customer needs through requirements analysis and matching them to our solution set and development capabilities. 
  3. Generate leads through cold calling.
  4. Suggest and bargain prices for pertinent goods and services.
  5. In the short and long term, works to maximise sales and meet quotas.
  6. Maintains great relationships with all of the executive’s clients.
  7. Travels to meet with clients, attend trade exhibits, or take part in industry events or trainings

Salary range: 

The average salary range for a  Media Sales Executive Lies between 30000 AED to the max of  55000 AED per annum

Top-rated companies that hire a  Media Sales Executive 

  1. Puma 
  2. Mac 
  3. Loreal 
  • Data Analyst¬†


  1. Collection and analysis of data for the customer, advertising, and web activity.
  2. campaign testing, evaluation of critical metrics, and chance discovery for good campaign effectiveness.
  3. The lessons you have learned from your studies, together with suggestions for action, should be presented and developed..
  4. generating dashboard and data visualizations, as well as reporting on the performance of campaigns and websites.

Salary range: 

 The average salary range for a  Data Analyst  Lies between 75000 AED to the max of  120000 AED per annum

Top-rated companies that hire a Data analyst 

  1. Saudi Aramco
  2. IBM
  3. Microsoft 
  4. Deloitte
  5. Tiger analytics 
  6. Accenture 
  7. Airtel 
  8. APPLE
  9. Asian paints
  • Marketing Automation Expert¬†


  1. Define KPIs, develop reporting, and assess campaign performance in collaboration with management. Make suggestions for ongoing campaign improvement.
  2. Manage marketing automation processes and initiatives by proactively researching and putting into effect the most recent best practices, industry standards, and tactics.
  3. To define and implement improvements to productivity, conversion rates, program/campaign ROI, and sales growth plan and carry out A/B testing.

Salary range: 

           The average salary range for a Marketing Automation Expert  Lies between 75000 AED the max of  90000 AED per annum.

Top-rated companies that hire a  Marketing automation expert

  1. Google
  2. Skyview Innovative co
  3. Asian paints
  4. PepsiCo


Where can you learn Digital Marketing?

There are tons of demanding jobs in Mussafah that are looking for experienced candidates and freshers in the field of digital marketing.If you are interested in getting into the field of digital marketing and taking it as a career option you need to upscale your standards and certifications The IIDE MBA Program will upskill you in the digital marketing field and train you ready for the industrial standards  

Perks of joining this PG program 

  • 1-1 mentoring
  • 600 + live video sessions
  • 150+ record classes
  • 100 % placement assured
  • Additional Certification
  • Scholarships
  • EMI payments
  • Live projects¬†
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the basic salary of digital marketing in Mussafah?

Ans: In Mussafah, a digital marketer makes an average pay of around AED 50000 to AED 85000 per annum as a fresher and it exceeds experience for different roles.

Q. What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Ans. Digital marketing can be reached a large audience at a low cost by applying multiple strategies.

Q. What are the skills required to upscale your salary in digital marketing?

Ans: There are various skills required like communication, content creation, designing, SEO, and SEM.

Q. What are the different roles of digital marketing in Mussafah?

Ans: Based on the skills and experience obtained by the applicants, there are various roles such as content writer, Graphic Designer, web developer, and SEO specialist.

Q. What is the future scope of digital marketing?

Ans: As the number of users of social media is increasing, it became easy for people to get wide opportunities as Youtubers, freelancers, professional bloggers, and developing their agencies.


With the advancement of technology, digital marketing research, and practice is steadily improving. Marketers face new obstacles as a result of technological advancements as well as a number of benefits. B2B buyers despise cold emails and calls, according to research, therefore digital marketing makes sufficient provisions for connecting with the correct individuals thanks to its efficient search engine and relationships.

The same situation exists in Mussafah, the diverse growth in internet users and online business is creating a lot of jobs in the field of digital marketing in Mussafah. So upscaling your credentials with the IIDE PG program  will gain you a better salary and the best jobs in Mussafah 

To read more such blogs do visit BLOGs РIIDE 

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