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Updated on: Jul 10, 2023
Digital marketing salary in metro|IIDE

Digital marketing is on the boom nowadays because all businesses and people come online and sell and buy their products and service online. Demand for digital marketers is increasing day by day so all companies and businesses need digital marketers or digital marketing agencies. 

Digital marketing salary depends on the person’s knowledge and experience but we can say the average salary per annum of digital marketing is approx 3 lakhs to 20 lakhs all depending on a person’s knowledge and expertise. 

The demands for digital marketing jobs in the metro are very high and increasing, the reason is now users of the internet have increased.


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Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary In Metro


The main factor which affects your salary is your skill and this is the most important factor. What you know and how you apply your knowledge are very important.   

Skill is how you think and how you manage your team and how you communicate with people and how is your personality. Good skills are the factor which trues to your dream and achieving what you want in your company and also a good salary package. The level of your skills directly impacts your digital marketing salary in Metro. With some amount of expertise in a skill, you can impress the company and thereby get a higher salary. Remember to not delve into too many skills at once, especially if you are new to the field. Companies would want someone who is an expert at just one skill, or only a few compared to someone who has surface-level knowledge in all digital marketing skills. Take note of a particular skill you enjoy or want to learn and focus on it.

Examples of skills you can learn are content writing, social media management, and visual skills.


An evaluation of the credibility and dependability of your marketing. Adding security seals, rankings, testimonials, and ratings to your website or landing page will help you convey trustworthiness. It is reliability, convincement, faithfulness, and reliableness and all theme are very important factors which are affecting your salary. When you start to work in your organization with all of these you found that you are a great leader and a valuable asset to your company a company never decreases a valuable employee’s salary and maybe you got a promotion also.

Job title:

This is also a very important factor which is affect your salary because it is very important which position you work in your company. If you work as a fresher then you god a low salary as compared to an experienced person and if you work as a manager, director, CEO, or head of the department then you god a higher salary so we can say this is moos affecting factor in your salary. Higher-paying jobs require more experience and are thus limited to those who have been working in the field for more than 5 years. But fret not, there are many ways to get a higher salary in just a few years. These job roles vary according to the tasks you have to do, and oftentimes while entering the market you might not find a salary as good as your colleagues. Don’t let this dishearten you, though

By making smart decisions in the role you take on from the beginning of your career in digital marketing, you can easily climb up the ladder and secure a much in a short time, a bigger wage.

Region / Area:

The region is where you work. If you work in a metro city you got a higher salary because their standard of living is high and these areas are very expensive or if you are working in a local and rural area you god a lower salary because their cost of living is low. Companies set up in urban areas have a higher amount of revenue than those in suburban or rural areas. This would mean that working at a company in urban cities can lead to a higher-paying job. However, you can still find an array of remote jobs on sites like Glassdoor. These jobs pay you just as much while still letting you work from the comfort of your home. Make sure to impress the interviewers to stand out from your competition who might be located closer to the company. If you can tackle most of the factors in this list, then location will not be a hindrance to your salary. 

Work experience:

This factor is valuable because more experience means you are more knowledgeable than a fresher, so you normally get a higher salary than a fresher. So this is a positive sign that your salary increase from time to time and you got a better life. Imagine you are hiring someone for your company. Would you want someone without any experience whatsoever in your field? If you answered ‘no’, then you are in the same position as the hundreds of recruiters who review your and other candidates’ resumes. Companies want people who can prove that they have at least some form of experience in the field. This would help them filter out those who are well-equipped to join the digital marketing department.

Now, as a college graduate it makes sense not to have work experience, but doing a short-term internship or any freelance work in digital marketing shows employers that you are serious about your role.

Your level of education:

Your education level is an affecting factor but not the most affecting factor in digital marketing. You can start after the 10th or 12th but you should have a bachelor’s degree in any field because many MNCs select criteria of minimum education qualification are bachelor’s degree in any field for application for the job. So we can say your level of education is also the affecting factor in your job. you still have many opportunities. Taking a master’s related to digital marketing is one option; you could also do a certificate training program in this field. Even as a working professional, you can pursue a graduate degree in digital marketing to make sure that you stand out from other candidates while looking for a job.

Moreover, having an education in digital marketing can vastly improve your prospect of a higher salary. Would you hire someone who holds certifications in digital marketing or someone who only has a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field?

Size of a company:

A company’s size can affect your salary because multinational companies offer higher salaries as compared to digital marketing agencies so if you work for an MNCs or a big size company then you got a higher package and great future career opportunities. Teams designed for this are necessary for businesses of all sizes to expand and increase income. But if you work for a business that was founded on a low-end speciality, your pay may change significantly. These positions might not have many compensation benefits to offer. On the other side, businesses and IT corporations are thriving in the digital age. You can be sure that working for these organisations will give you crucial perks like insurance, bonuses, etc. in addition to fantastic pay. 


Where you learn digital marketing is also important to factor in your salary. If you learn digital marketing from a good educational institute then you got a higher salary because its effect your interview and if you have great knowledge and information then you got a higher salary. 

In the digital marketing field, if you have knowledge and experience then you got a high salary because it demands only skill, not a certificate but a certificate is the first step for joining a company and also getting proper information about digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Salary Trends in 2023  

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is a popular field of digital marketing and jobs opportunity are very high in this field because every field needs content marketing for their service and product and the monthly salary in India for content marketing is approximately 50000rs. This may involve creating content campaigns from scratch and then seeing through it till the very end to ensure it is a success. You are in charge here, and it is important to have good communication skills as well as time management to ensure everyone is on the same wavelength and that your campaigns are useful. Content Marketing Managers have busy jobs with great rewards, as the company can greatly benefit from the success of well-planned campaigns that you will manage.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Creating content to reach the target audience and marketing goals.
  • Creating content for a variety of platforms and ensuring SEO and SMO strategies are implemented.
  • Tracking content trends, customers’ needs, and better technology.

Digital Marketing Sales: 

Every business and person sells their services online and this is the main reason the demand for digital marketing sales increased because a trend is that everyone won’t buy products and services online at the lowest cost. So the digital marketing sales sector is on boom in preset time and maybe in the future. The average salary in digital marketing sales is approx. 15000 to 30000rs.If you do well in this position, a whole new set of doors may open up in the future. You will learn from several various business areas in this position. Now, the compensation for digital marketing in Rantauprapat may change depending on the previously mentioned parameters. Still, you may anticipate a wage that is comparable to the figures below as a recent graduate or professional switching fields:

  • Develop and implement digital marketing initiatives as part of your duties.
  • Writing advertisements and creating content appear to be some of our areas of expertise.
  • Create original content for your digital marketing efforts.
  • publish and manage websites.
  • Keep an eye on and tweak marketing initiatives.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is on treading because this is the best way to remember your product and service by emailing them. Email marketing salary is approx 15000rs to 30000rs monthly on the base of your knowledge and experience in this field. In today’s digital environment, emails continue to play a significant role. Many people, especially those who are employed, have a habit of checking their emails first thing in the morning. What is your typical email checking frequency? As a result, emails can reach a staggering number of potential clients, especially individuals who may not be active on social media. Email marketers take advantage of this by sending brief, concise communications with strong subject lines and eye-catching imagery (like graphics or photographs). You would require a variety of talents for this position, including the ability to write well, communicate well, and create visuals.

Job Duties:

  • Design and implementation of email marketing strategies
  • Creation and upkeep of email lists
  • Performance analysis of email campaigns
  • Workflows for email automation are managed
  • Collaborating with multidisciplinary teams
  • Keeping up on market trends


Social media marketing:

Social media marketing is when you market and promote your product or services through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. This is a very high marketing strategy to reach your wanted audiences. The average salary in social media marketing is approx 10000 to 60000rs monthly. The business may reach a wide spectrum of clients just on social media with regularly planned updates and interesting social media. You must keep an eye on everything, ensure that everything functions well, and take an active part in these projects. Writing and scheduling blog posts, helping with copywriting, and supplying eye-catching creatives are all things you would be doing.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Developing a social media strategy
  • Creation of Content
  • Community management for social media
  • Analytics and Reporting for Social Media Advertising Influencer Management
  • Crisis Management: Following Market Trends
  • Collaboration and Communication


SEO marketing/managers:

Search engine optimization is you rank your site on the search engine result page and every business and person wants to rank high on the search engine result page. This is the main reason why people need an SEO expert and manager. In this competitive world, everyone wants to rank high so they buy the services of SEO experts for their website. The average salary of SEO marketing managers is approx 15000rs to 70000rs monthly. To increase traffic to their websites, businesses need their goods or services to rank in Google’s top few results. The best aspect is that it’s free, yet it has a significant influence on the company’s revenue and exposure. To precisely determine how to assist the business rank at the top, it demands the services of an SEO specialist. For many businesses, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is crucial and frequently plays a significant part in driving up sales and attracting new clients. Because of their value to the industry of digital marketing, SEO Managers are paid well.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Conduct keyword research to identify appropriate terms and phrases for optimising websites.
  • Make your website’s content, including the headers, titles, descriptions, and images, more effective.
  • Make sure SEO best practices are implemented into all facets of the website and online content by working with other departments including marketing, content, and web development.

Digital Marketing Manager:

A digital marketing manager is a person who knows everything about digital marketing like he know SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and PPC. etc. we can say expert in digital marketing. A digital marketing manager’s average salary is approximately 30000rs to 100000rs monthly in India. If you do well in this position, a whole new set of doors may open up in the future. You will learn from several various business areas in this position. Now, the compensation for digital marketing in Rantauprapat may change depending on the previously mentioned parameters. Still, you may anticipate a wage that is comparable to the figures below as a recent graduate or professional switching fields

Job Responsibilities:

  • Construct and execute digital marketing initiatives.
  • We appear to be experts in both ad authoring and content production.
  • Create distinctive materials for digital marketing initiatives.
  • website management and publication.
  • Observe and enhance marketing initiatives.
  • Results ought to be shared with leadership.
  • Gain More Knowledge About Digital Marketing.

Where can you learn Digital Marketing?

If wish to earn a good digital marketing salary, you must learn digital marketing you also do IIDE advanced marketing digital course and you can also learn free of cost on youtube. But this course is advanced level and you find all topics and sessions in one place.

This course will make you an expert in digital marketing and you can earn a good salary. 

If you want to be a master in digital marketing then you should opt MBA level 11th month program post-graduation in digital marketing with IIDE, after this program, you won’t need anything after this you will become a perfect expert digital marketer in every field.

 These are the key highlights of the course:

  • 100+ Hours of Live Classes
  • 50+ Hours of Videos
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions
  • 20+ Industry Tools Mastery
  • In-Class Live Presentations
  • 7+ Live Projects & Practice Assignments
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Resume & Interview Training

But if you want to act in a specific role and don’t want to waste your time in doing the whole digital marketing course, don’t worry we have a Short term certification course and here you can upskill yourself in a specific role and build your career.


Get Assured Placements - PG in Digital Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is digital marketing a high-paying job?

Ans: yes, you can earn high pay Deciding on your knowledge and experience you can earn monthly approx 10000-100000rs and if you want to create your agency then you can earn very higher.

Q. Is digital marketing a good career?

Ans: yes, this is a good career because the digital marketing demand in the future is very high so we can say that this career is good and secure.

Q. Is digital marketing difficult?

Ans: No, it all depends on your interest. If you learn and love this work then this is not difficult. This field is very creative and learning new things every time.

Q. Is digital marketing stressful?

Ans: it depends on you if you can handle all work with patience and complete work by the deadline then is not stressful. Work is not stressful but maybe the environment and company with work you can create stress, in this situation, you can switch to another company and freelance. And if you want to work there then you can create a joyful environment there so we can say it all depend on you.


If you are a student, unemployed, and employed, you can up your skill, become a digital marketer, and start a side hustle. This knowledge will increase your value. Salary in this field is good and the future scope is very high. So you can start your journey with IIDE India’s no.1 digital marketing educational institute.

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