Know All About The Digital marketing salary in Mataram-The Guide

Updated on: Jul 7, 2023
Digital marketing salary in Mataram

Wanna know? You will get a salary if you do a job related to digital marketing and to achieve that you have to first understand what digital marketing is and how you can pursue it as a career. You can visit IIDE as it is the #1 digital marketing institute and do courses.

What is Digital Marketing Salary Digital marketing salary in Mataram?

If you are pursuing a career in digital marketing, and want to know your 

Nowadays, there are many opportunities if you want to get a job with a good salary in digital marketing, as there is a demand for digital marketers in the market.

There are many opportunities in digital marketing as the audience we want to reach can be reached easily through digital marketing. The field of choice digital marketing allows you to show your creativity, for example, through ads we generally see on tv. Each of them has unique concepts, some give beautiful messages.

Whether a company is small, medium or large everyone needs marketing which costs a lot. But digital marketing not only helps in cost reduction but also helps in categorizing our target audience, basically the age group our product is made for or we want to reach.

And to do that there are various platforms for pictures or images we can look into Pinterest. Similarly, there are different platforms for different mediums i.e., written, visual, audio, etc…

We can run ads on these platforms about our products, their benefits, their uses, etc. and digital marketing jobs are in demand in 2022.

Demand for digital marketing jobs in Mataram in 2023?

There are many opportunities for a digital marketer. You can choose to work as an SEO specialist, social media marketer, data analyst, content marketer, graphic designer, web designer, VR developer and email marketer and many more.

According to Linkedin, 860,000 jobs are opening for digital marketer specialists. These are some high-in-demand jobs. As the market is evolving and you wanna pursue digital marketing as your career then it’s the right time to learn and upskill yourself with IIDE.


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Factors Affecting Digital marketing salary in Mataram

If you want to know about things that are important and affect your salary is mentioned here:

No matter in whichever field you want to pursue your career the first thing they will see is your qualification. Which subject did you choose? What is your expertise? Did you have any experience? Have you done any internships? Why should they choose you and give you a job with a satisfying salary among so many candidates? So, let’s get to know more about it.

1. Educational background

It plays an important role in deciding your position and salary in the company. If you have a degree then there are higher chances of getting a higher salary. According to LinkedIn, as a digital marketer, a bachelor’s degree is a must. Many digital marketers have done it without a degree by doing specialized courses in digital marketing in the present era. But at last, what matters is salary. So to get a good salary we can get do certified courses with a degree which you can do from IIDE as it provides the best courses with different duration.

2. Experience 

It is an important factor to have experience as you get practical knowledge of the real market instead of the bookish language we get when we learn. To apply our learning in the real world is experience. The more experience you have, the more salary you will get. However, it does not mean that the more companies you work at the more experience you have. It is necessary to get to know where you are working because you get to know the professional environment. You will get deadlines and goals that you have to achieve. With gaining experience you will gain knowledge also.

3. Company

           The company you work for helps you to gain knowledge of that field. Your salary can be affected by that if your company is a startup or a tech company as the company has different departments. For example, in IIDE different departments of Marketing, SEO, etc. allow you to know that particular department of the company. Accompany plays an important role in your growth as working in a reputed company will be good for your cv. A company provides opportunities to learn and apply your knowledge in your work. For example, if you are a graphic designer you are free to show your creativity in your work.

To know more about digital marketing:

4. Professional skills

To get a job the basic skills. It does not mean that you have expertise in everything but having these skills will help you build your CV and will also help in gaining high paid jobs. Skills are very important because it shows the hard work, and time you have put to learn a particular skill.

You are never going to run out of time to gain knowledge, gain skills. Always try to learn new skills be it learning a new language. I am learning the Instagram ads which are quite popular nowadays.

To learn these skills you can apply them at

5. Geographical factors 

It can influence your salary. It depends on various factors for example whether you are doing the job in a developing country. Or you are working in a metro city then your salary will be high so as you expenses .you are putting the same effort and time into a job but your salary differs from others as you are in a less developed zone.

The facilities you will get also differ as per the area you are living in. That is why people want to do jobs in bigger cities. It is possible with your experience and growth you get promotions.

6. Job title

 The higher your job title the more salary you will get. You will get a higher job title through your experience which requires patience and dedication towards your job. It will also result in responsibilities that you will get as with position both power and responsibilities come.

For example, an intern and a manager work in the same department, and the same company but their role, and responsibilities differ from each other. The authority they have in the company is different. That’s why people try to get promotions. And one will always strive to get better and it will lead to getting higher salaries and benefits in the company.

7. Soft skills

play an important role in one’s life as you have to interact with people every day from your colleagues to new clients. It helps in maintaining your relationship with others in your professional as well as personal lives.

And to gain a high-paid job leadership, communication skills, time management,

and A growth mindset are some qualities that are necessary and directly affect the salary you will get.

It is important to have soft skills because they will help you in every stage of your life, from cracking interviews to getting profitable deals everything depends on communication. Try to observe people and their behaviour, and talk to your colleagues.

8. Size of a company

Is Your company domestic or multinational, It plays an important role in your company’s size as it decides the level of exposure you will get in future. It also depends on whether your company is newly established. If yes then your paycheck will be less. The bigger the company the higher your paycheck will be. And with the bigger companies, the pressure will be higher to meet the deadlines for the skills you will learn will come to your rescue.

The MNCs have sets of rules and regulations that you strictly have to follow if want to do the job there. As the saying says the higher the risk the higher the profit you will get in the share market and similarly it can be seen in other industries.

Digital Marketing Salary Trends in 2023

It means the salary we can get when choosing digital marketing as a career.

The average pay for a Specialist Digital Marketing is IDR 190,258,387 a year and IDR 91,470 an hour in Mataram, Indonesia. The average salary range for a Specialist Digital Marketing is between IDR 135,083,454 and IDR 230,212,648.

But this is only possible if we seriously consider it. There are many trends which I have mentioned below:

1. Influencer marketing 

In influencer marketing a company promotes its product and services through those who are already famous and people trust them. By using their image and goodwill a company gets customers. Using social media influencers promote this. Instagram and Facebook are examples of platforms that influencers use.

It is a way through which the company uses their influence and the trust that its followers have in them to promote its products and services. It’s an effective way to reach potential customers. You can always make your page or can pay someone to do it for you. Nowadays micro influences are famous where the audience is less but the trust is high.

2. Video Marketing

The most used platform for video marketing is YOUTUBE. Through this, the videos can be published. The higher the number of subscribers the more you are famous and can be considered an influencer. It is the most interesting way to promote your product. One can show creativity through it. Can share stories or messages with society. As long as you have interesting content you can share it. 

It has both advantages and disadvantages as the start of the video is important, if not interesting people will skip it and will not see the entire video. The colours should be comfortable to see.

3. Digital marketing specialist

A digital marketing specialist has to manage digital marketing strategies and campaigns. Skills like SEO, social media, and paid ads required mastering you can do this by doing courses at

nowadays a career in digital marketing is considered good as the scope is high. All businesses small or big are doing digital marketing for promotion. The demand for digital marketers is increasing. 

To pursue your career in digital marketing you can do courses and get a job with a good salary. the best part is that it can be done through the internet which we all are using and familiar with.

4. Seo Specialist

It requires technical skills and if you are good at it then it is for you. You can choose to pursue your career as an SEO specialist. You must possess the SEO- optimized content with SEO tools and google analytics with an HTML and CSS basis. It is very exciting when you choose this as you will get detailed knowledge when doing SEO.

An SEO specialist sees that if someone searches for keywords that are related to your company then your company comes at the top in ranking in SERP.

You can do SEO courses from IIDE if want to pursue it as your career.

5. Content manager

A content manager guides, lead and manages the content in various platforms as it writes content for various platforms some examples are mentioned below:

  • Written content – WordPress
  • Video content – youtube
  • Audio content – Spotify

It plays a central role in any business as content management is the overall management of information in any format.

Content plays an important role as good content can attract people to know about your product or company. For example, there are millions if not billions of songs that are already on the market but do we listen to every song? No right, we listen to that song that attracts us. It can be the music or lyrics or the emotions behind it.

6. Social media managers 

There are billions of people on social media and most are active every day. Social media is one of the ways of digital marketing. The use of social media marketing is booming. From small business to large business every company are doing social media marketing. Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are the most popular social media platforms where we can promote and interact with our potential customers.

Can share the video or display an ad. If you want to pursue social media manager as your job you can see this video.

Career In Social Media Marketing | Jobs and Career Opportunities In Social Media Marketing

            Source: side

7. Data analyst specialist

           It involves lots of numbers and if you are passionate about numbers then this is for you. It requires extracting valuable data from piles of data. It plays an important role for a company as it sees whether the efforts were fruitful or not. Skills in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are required.

It helps us in analysing the performance done by our company and the results that we are getting. For example, the number of clicks that a blog gets the impression it gives to the consumers and all the experiences that we get are seen in numbers.

There are tools available for the same.

8. Email marketing specialist 

An email marketing specialist sends personalized emails to customers with discounts, coupons and many more. They also focus on uploading data like names, and email ids into the database.

You must be thinking that marketing through email is old school but you are wrong. It is one of the most effective ways of doing marketing. It is a formal way of communicating with customers. It helps in maintaining existing customers as well as gaining potential customers. Through email important announcements, and details of something can be sent to many with a click only. But the point to remember is to not send too many emails they can block or can unsubscribe your channel after getting irritated.

9. E-commerce specialist

An e-commerce specialist manages the website. They focus on maximizing sales and revenue. To become an e-commerce specialist you must know e-commerce platforms and how it works. With e-commerce, you can do product marketing, supply chain, up-selling, arranging prices, customer service, cross-selling, and many more things.

They ensure that the online stores are visually appealing, easy to navigate, and the contents are up-to-date. The consumer should get a good experience when visiting as the first impression is the last impression. If they don’t get a good experience then they won’t visit again and it is a loss of a potential customer for e-commerce which affects the sales and revenue.

10. Web developer 

Web developers help in creating attractive websites that help the users in navigation. It requires coding skills and must know computer software and graphic designing.

A web developer is a programmer. They are responsible for the speed of the website and maintaining it. They ensure that the site can handle traffic and how much traffic a site can handle. They can also create content for the site. The activities of a web developer not only refer to coding but other activities such as planning and managing projects. It is a process in which they create from scratch and finish it. 
Specialist Digital Marketing Salary in Mataram, Indonesia

  • IDR 190,258,387- Average Salary
  • ¬†IDR 91,470/hr-Average Hourly
  • ¬†IDR 6,449,759- Average Bonus

On average, an Associate Degree is the highest level of education for a Specialist in Digital Marketing. This compensation analysis is based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in Mataram, Indonesia.

Similar Job Titles

Specialist Digital Marketing


Salaries By City

Specialist Digital Marketing


Where can you learn digital marketing?

If you want to establish a career in digital marketing in Mataram and get a good salary, you must skill yourself up. It is best to learn in a structured way and get certifications. And for this, IIDE offers courses of different timelines as per your convenience online/offline both. it is an awesome place to brush up on your marketing skills. I will suggest you opt for IIDE’s   from these courses not only you will get high-quality learning material but also various placement opportunities.

And I guess that‚Äôs what you were looking for in a DIGITAL MARKETING SALARY IN MATARAM and you will be able to do this after you skill yourself up.IIDE will teach you marketing along with training. So what’s so unique about IIDE courses and why should you choose them? Does it help you in education, gaining skills, and placement?

Yes, it does.

So, here are some key highlights that you should know that IIDE offers:

  • 100+ hours of live classes
  • 50+ hours of video lectures
  • 1-on-1 mentoring sessions
  • Scholarships
  • 20+ industry tool mastery
  • In-class live presentations
  • 7+ projects and assignments
  • 100% placement assessment
  • Resume and interview training

So, what are you waiting for? Go and enroll to make a career in digital marketing.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the basic average salary of digital marketing?

Ans: The average salary in digital marketing is IDR 190,258,387. It can differ from experience and¬†Skills. The average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager (entry-level) is 105435985.84 IDR per annum in India. Whereas, a Senior Digital marketing manager’s salary ranges between 136378643.93 IDR – 192136720.10 IDR, who has over 5-9 years of experience in India.

Q. What is the monthly salary of a digital marketer?

Ans: IDR 91,470/hr is an average salary hourly. The average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager in Indonesia is 138333621.46 IDR per year (115278017.88 IDR per month). Salary estimates are based on 6835 salaries received from various Digital Marketing Managers across industries.

Q. Is digital marketing a high-paying job?

 Ans:  Yes, digital marketing can be a high-paying job but it depends on many factors such as your educational background, your experience, the company you are working for, the demand or need for digital marketing in that area, etc. 

Q. How much can a fresher earn in digital marketing?

 Ans: For a Content Marketing Fresher with less than 3 years of experience, the average salary range is Rupiah 38426005.96 IDR to 76852011.92 IDR in Mataram.


I hope that you found it helpful and got the answers that you were looking for about a digital marketing salary in Mataram. And help you in knowing the salary of digital marketing managers. Well, that’s it, guys! Hope you have a successful career, Happy Reading!

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