Know All About The Digital Marketing Salary In Kota Kinabalu-The Guide

Updated on: Jul 5, 2023
Digital Marketing Salary in Kota Kinabalu| IIDE

Everywhere around the world, Digital Marketing becomes Common and day-to-day practice. As Everyone around the world is connected through the internet and most people be they rich or poor are now having mobile phones. So The area of Digital marketing has a wide scope and reach.

Digital marketing is an easy and cost-friendly tool whether a business is small or large. Whether it is residing locally or internationally the product and its information are accessible to all only with one click.

The exchange of information about a product digitally can be termed Digital marketing 

Therefore Kota Kinabalu the state capital of Sabah, Malaysia will have many opportunities and demands in Digital Marketing Jobs.

The average Digital Marketing Salary in Sabah is RM 2,482. And there are more job opportunities in Kota Kinabalu some like

  • Social media specialist
  • Marketing manager
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Writer
  • Marketer etc.  

In Kota Kinabalu, there are many job opportunities in various roles many job portals are showing different jobs in the field of digital marketing in Kota Kinabalu with different salaries according to their experiences

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Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary In Kota Kinabalu

As we know many job opportunities and different job-profile are having different salaries for digital marketing, therefore, the following are some factors affecting Digital marketing salary.

  • Experience

Experience plays an important role in digital marketing. As if you are fresher in the field of digital marketing you have to provide extra training and have a lot to learn as compared to someone who has the experience, so companies offered more salary to someone who has more experience as they don’t have to waste time and effort on someone who is just a beginner. Your earning potential may be influenced by your experience with digital marketing. Experience might come from working for another person, doing contract or freelance work, or running your own business.

  • Education

Someone who already has education in this field of digital marketing helps their salary in the high package as the company always looks forward to someone who already has the knowledge and knows what to work and they don’t need to build the interest of that person as he/she will already have it and will show enthusiasm in doing it too. Having a bachelor’s degree, graduate degree, or certifications in high-demand talents might result in a better income for some digital marketing professions.

  • Roles

In this field, different roles perform different activities and depending on their roles salary is decided. like, if a person is a social media manager has less salary as compared to a person who is a marketing manager. So it is one of the main factors which affects salary in Digital marketing for example Advanced roles in the sector of digital marketing, like that of a manager, typically pay more than entry-level or individual contributor roles, like that of a specialist. 

  • Companies

Companies have a huge impact on this factor, as different companies have different work profiles and different salaries. Therefore different companies offer different salaries on the same profile in the simple world big companies offer more salaries as compared to small ones depending upon their budget. The size, marketing spending, and commercial objectives of an organization will all affect salaries. For instance, Glassdoor estimates that although nonprofits like the YMCA and United Way pay their digital marketing managers around $50,000 to $60,000, for-profit businesses like Amazon, Cisco Systems, and Disney reportedly pay their employees over $100,000.

  • Environment 

The environment Digital marketing is important as every day new technologies are coming and this area of digital marketing is versatile and dynamic. Everyone with new ideas is coming and approaching. People having creative minds can survive in this field. And increase their skills. With more ideas, more efforts require and everyone knows that uniqueness is what catches everyone’s eye.

  • Location 

Location is also an important factor as nearby cities inside a country offer different salary scales to the same work profile depending on the work culture. Like, Petaling Jaya has high pay as compared to Puchong. The image below also shows Different salaries depending on the location. For in Kuala Lumpur RM3,581 per month whereas in Petaling Jay RM 3,465, Klang RM 3,098 per month, Puchong 2,720 per month, Cheras RM 2,903 per month,  Shah Alam RM 2,815 per month. Therefore different locations have different pay scales. Hence Location is a very important factor affecting digital marketing salary

  • Skills

Skill is important without skill no one will get paid without it. With specialized knowledge we become experts and with expert knowledge, we can acquire skills. Possessing important digital marketing skills may increase your attractiveness as a job applicant and increase your earning potential. Check the job descriptions for the recommended and necessary skills. It has been determined that among the top skills, employers are looking for include expertise in social media marketing, Google Analytics, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC).  

  • Certification

People having certification will know about Digital Marketing. Also, in this field of Digital marketing, it requires Technical knowledge so the company will always look for a better-certified person from a credible institute   

Trends Of Digital Marketing Salary In Kota Kinabalu

Day-by-day opportunities are increasing in the field of Digital Marketing. There are various Trends in Digital Marketing like

  • Social Media Manager

Social Media is now a part of everyone’s lifestyle and it’s a great way to market. To strengthen the business social media benefits marketers. Therefore Social media manager plays an important role in marketing, they aim to attract as many as customers from Socia media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and establish their brand and knowledge about their product. A Social Media Manager is typically the person in an organization who is trusted with managing the social media presence of a product, brand, business, or even an individual. For instance, social media managers at larger organizations frequently approve copy or videos rather than producing them, whereas social media managers at smaller businesses frequently produce more content.

  • SEO Managers

SEO managers help to attract customers. Its major role is to convert all the visitors to the website into its customer. Which helps in boosting the sale. This is one of the main trends and is not only limited to Malaysia but also worldwide.  At the conceptual, technical, and industry levels of SEO, managers are involved. To create an informed SEO strategy for the company, they carry out duties like market research, keyword research, competition analysis, and others. They try to create link-building possibilities that raise the authority, trust, and credibility of their organization. They carry out technical SEO and produce content for the company website.

The SEO manager is frequently regarded as having leadership responsibilities. To ensure that marketing initiatives and corporate objectives are in line, SEO managers may be charged with overseeing a group of SEO specialists, giving them direction and training, and assigning responsibilities.

  • Email Marketers

Most people have email accounts, therefore, to increase the marketing marketer use Email Marketing. Email Marketers send emails to their customers informing them about the sale, and advertising promotions of their products and services. Use of email in marketing campaigns to advertise a company’s goods and services and encourage client loyalty. Customers on your email list can be informed of innovative products, offers, and other services through email marketing, which is a form of marketing. Educating your audience about the benefits of your brand or keeping them interested in your content in between transactions may also be a gentler sales technique. Anything in between is also an option. You can create, develop, and optimize your email marketing with Mailchimp to receive the maximum return on investment from your marketing initiatives.

  • Omni-channel Marketing

Omni-Channel Marketing is very common nowadays. It is like if we search for a particular brand on any of the browsers we can see the same brand and product on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc platforms. It is like targeting a customer psychologically by reminding them about that product and advertising each time whenever they open their social media handles. Customers should receive the same service regardless of the platform or technique they select. To create a consistent brand experience, omnichannel marketing involves integrating and working with the numerous channels that businesses use to communicate with customers. Physical (like stores) and digital channels are included in this (e.g. websites). An omnichannel marketing strategy aims to give customers a simple, seamless experience that provides a variety of chances for satisfaction. Customers may be able to identify and buy products through an omnichannel strategy either in-store, online, or through a combination of both.

  • Instagram and youtube influencers

People who have developed a reputation for their knowledge and competence on a particular subject are known as social media influencers. They frequently post about that subject on their preferred social media platforms, building sizable followings of fervent, active followers who closely follow their opinions. Because they may start trends and motivate their followers to purchase the things they advertise, brands adore social media influencers. With the increase in Social Media Instagram and youtube Influencer becomes our daily lifestyle routine. This helps the marketer to advertise their product with the help of influencers people will know about different products in the market and because they trust them they also purchase those products easily. 

  • Mobile Traffic

As there is an increase in the number of mobile users. Whether it is rich or poor. Whether it is a student or teacher, whether it is a sixteen-year-old teenager or a sixty-five-year-old person everyone has a mobile nowadays with a great internet connection, therefore, there is a huge increase in the traffic of mobile phones. which helps marketers to make a good mobile-friendly website or an app that helps a person to know about the product of a marketer anywhere and everywhere.  

  • Chatbox Automation

Chatbox Automation is one of the booming techniques nowadays. Either it is a website chatbox or a messenger Chatbox. Website chatboxes are available on the particular website of the product when you have any query about a product you can ask directly by using this chatbox whereas messenger chatboxes are those where the medium of contact is a social media platform say Facebook here can follow and do other promotional sales as well

  • Instagram Ads

Instagram advertisements are one of the ways to increase knowledge about our product here influencer are not part of this area but the different digital advertisements will appear on a person’s feed. This kind of approach applies to a large audience, therefore, it is of amazing technique nowadays. Boosting posts that you’ve published on Instagram is the simplest approach to running advertising. Simply choose the post you want to highlight, and then keep tabs on how many individuals are viewing and responding to your sponsored post.

  • Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is optimizing our product through different techniques. here we have to follow that approach which helps generate leads to our website. Techniques like comparing our product to other products, why we should buy them? Why is the product better? Conversion rate optimization is the practice of improving the user experience of your website or landing page based on website visitor behaviour to increase the likelihood that the visitor will convert to the aforementioned page.

  • Personalized Marketing

Personalise Marketing is a kind of marketing where we personalised our market for a specific group. Here we divide the audience and target them accordingly. As different people have different tastes so here personalized advertisement is done for them according to their style and needs. It helps in increasing the knowledge about the product hence boosting sales therefore it is one of the best marketing techniques. The goal of personalized marketing is to engage with target audiences and current clients to provide an enhanced marketing experience. Businesses can find trends to more precisely target potential clients by gathering and using data. These data allow marketing strategists to pinpoint their target market and nurture leads through the buying cycle.

Where can you learn Digital Marketing?

  If wish to earn a good digital marketing salary, you must learn digital marketing. It will be a good start in your career. To learn Digital Marketing or acquire knowledge in this area there are various schools, educational institutes, and online courses. From which we can master and gain some skills 

One of the very amazing institutes is IIDE. It provides various courses like a short-term course in Digital Marketing or MBA level Post graduation in Digital Marketing Course 

Key Highlights of the Course:

  • 100+ Hours of a Live Class
  • 50+ Hours of Videos
  • 1 -on- 1 Mentoring Sessions
  • 20+ Industry Tools Mastery
  • In Live Class Presentations
  • 7+ Live Projects & Practice Assignments
  • 100% Placement Assistance 
  • Resume & Interview Training
  • Scholarships 

This is the best course for you if you want to learn digital marketing practically and want a higher digital marketing salary in Kota Kinabalu.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do digital marketers make in Malaysia?

Ans: on average, digital marketers make RM 2,534 per month in Malaysia.

Q: How much can I earn as a digital marketer?

Ans: It depends on your location, company, salary trends, experience and job title etc…

Q: Is digital marketing in demand in Malaysia?

Ans: yes in Malaysia digital marketing is in trend because of the internet and social media users.

Q: Is digital marketing high paying?

Ans: Yes digital marketing is a high-paying skill in Klang because digital marketing is on trend nowadays in Klang and all over the world.

Q: what is the salary of digital marketing per month?

Ans: It depends on your experience and job-related or digital marketing skills.


Digital marketing is an ocean nowadays. A few years ago nobody knows about digital marketing but now digital marketing is trending all over the world and these days everybody knows about digital marketing and they use it in their way. 

These days same goes for Klang. With the growth of the Internet and social media users, Klang is booming in digital marketing salaries and many digital marketing jobs are available in Klang. So learn digital marketing and take benefit of the available jobs in Klang. So, it is recommended for you enrol on the best IIDE digital marketing course and master the digital marketing course.

That’s all the blog, hope you enjoy the blog. Read IIDE more blogs like this,

Let’s know your views in the comment section.


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