Know All The Digital marketing salary in Jambi City-The Guide

Updated on: Jul 4, 2023
Digital marketing salary in Jambi City-IIDE

In this article, we will look at the average Digital marketing salary in  Jambi City and how that compares to other countries and professions. We’ll also look at interesting salary data points like median salary, 25th and 75th percentile salaries, salary amounts based on experience, bonus ranges, and more! The data in this article has been compiled using official government salary data, salary surveys, and other sources such as job postings that contain salary information.

Average of Digital Marketer Salaries

So we’ve looked at the average salaries a Digital Marketer will earn in Indonesia. The next interesting data point is the distribution of salaries.

Salary ranges

We already know that a Digital Marketer can earn between 82,439,700 IDR and 236,398,300 IDR on average in Indonesia. This is known as the range in statistics. The difference between the maximum and minimum values is a good indicator of variability in salaries, and can be used by employers to figure out how much they can expect to pay, and for employees to know how much they can earn.

Digital Marketer Salary by Experience Level in Indonesia

The most important factor in determining your salary after the specific profession is the number of years of experience you have. It stands to reason that more years of experience will result in a higher wage. We have researched the average digital marketer salary based on years of experience to give you an idea of how the average changes once you’ve worked for a certain amount of time.

  • 0 – 2 Years Experience. A Digital Marketer in Indonesia that has less than two years of experience can expect to earn somewhere in the region of 94,681,700 IDR.
  • 2 – 5 Years Experience. With two to five years of experience, the average Digital Marketer’s salary would increase to 116,279,200 IDR.
  • 5 – 10 Years Experience. From five to ten years of experience as a Digital Marketer, the average salary would be 164,398,100 IDR.
  • 10 – 15 Years Experience. Once you have more than ten years of experience the average salary reaches around 191,999,600 IDR.
  • 15 – 20 Years Experience. A Digital Marketer with 15 to 20 years of experience can earn an average of 211,199,300 IDR.
  • 20+ Years Experience. For a Digital Marketer with more than 20 years, the expected average salary increases to 224,398,200 IDR.

Digital Marketer Salary by Education Level in Indonesia

As well as experience in a job, your education plays a big role in how much you can earn. A lot of higher-paying positions require a high level of education, but how much can a degree increase your salary? In our research, we have compared the salaries of employees in the same job and career level with different levels of education to see how much more you can earn at each education level. The salary you can earn based on your education is very specific to both your location and the career path you choose.

  • High School. A Digital Marketer in Indonesia with a high school education can earn an average salary of 114,719,900 IDR.
  • Certificate or Diploma. A Digital Marketer in Indonesia with a certificate or diploma education can earn an average salary of 129,601,700 IDR.
  • Bachelor’s Degree. A Digital Marketer in Indonesia with a bachelor’s degree education can earn an average salary of 170,399,900 IDR.

Master’s Degree. A Digital Marketer in Indonesia with a master’s degree education can earn an average salary of 224,398,200 IDR.

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Factors Affecting Digital marketing Salary In Jambi City

· Target Market:

 The first and foremost thing in my viewpoint is deciding the target market for digital marketing. You cannot randomly serve your advertisements and online content to the millions of internet users available online because that would only lead to more costs for a firm. Also, the content must be aligned with the suitability and interests of your target market.

· Channels:

 Based on the channel decision, a business will be able to target its potential customers. The online marketing domain covers a wide spectrum of platforms, and many more are emerging with time. A business needs to conduct a cost–benefit analysis and rank the various mediums based on their cost-effectiveness.

· Technology: 

One of the most important factors affecting digital marketing is technology which needs to be reviewed and updated continuously. Your in-house internet marketing team must have the technological know-how. Beyond technical difficulties, companies often have to invest in equipment and services to implement their digital marketing campaigns. For example, a company that wants to do video marketing needs a digital camera, lights and audio recording equipment and the expertise to use it, or must pay a studio to handle the video editing and recording.

· Big Data: 

Big Data lets you answer the what, how, when and why of digital marketing. Big Data will continue to be an all-powerful and overarching topic among business planners and marketing strategists. As businesses realise that customer behaviour and usage data are pivotal for leveraging their overall performance and profit, more businesses will adopt Big Data policies and data acquisition and integration technologies.

· Content:

 Your digital marketing efforts must include language and images that reflect your target market and resonate with them. Studies have shown that effective content marketing contributes a great deal to the improvement of consumer conversion and retention.

· Social media: 

The social media presence of a business matters a lot. Businesses these days maintain active and healthy social media accounts of their businesses as well as ask their employees to do so to engage their customers. Many companies launch online campaigns through social media platforms to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

· Talent:

Everything will be out of place if the talent and skills of your digital marketing team are not up to the mark. The human element of digital marketing is its backbone. The knowledge and experience you and your team have in digital marketing influence whether or not you incorporate it into your overall marketing strategy. Having a talented workforce is an asset!

· Budget:

Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing, but it is not free. Hence, there arises a need to prepare a well-defined budget for digital marketing. A marketer must decide on an appropriate mix of organic and paid promotions. If budgeting is an issue; as it might be for smaller firms, they should outsource their digital marketing to a business that specializes in this.

When all the aforementioned factors are well accounted for and strategies are designed in congruence with them, digital marketing leads a business on the road to success


Digital Marketing Salary Trends in 2023 

1. SEO/Digital Marketing Specialist

LinkedIn has listed ‘digital marketing specialist’ as one of the top 10 most in-demand jobs, identifying SEO as one of the most desired skills. A digital marketing specialist wears multiple hats and must possess skills to perform techniques like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), social media, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile, and email marketing. The job involves driving search results, managing online campaigns, tapping into various digital channels, and ensuring a company’s digital marketing initiatives are aligned with its overall strategies and objectives. An SEO specialist is more laser-focused on getting clients to rank high in search results to drive more traffic to a website through organic as well as paid strategies. 

Digital marketing specialists and those specialising in SEO are some of the highest earners in this field. One of the reasons is that search engine algorithms and best practices change faster than seasons. Staying on top of these changes requires constant learning and keeping up with the trends while generating results takes knowledge, skill, and persistence. 

2. Social Media Manager

Social media usage is growing in leaps and bounds, and it shows no signs of slowing. With buyers hanging around on social media platforms more than ever (over 3 billion social media users are predicted by 2021), there’s a massive incentive for businesses to strengthen their social media presence. Today, businesses use social media channels to engage their audience, expand their network, generate awareness about their products and services, and build their brands, in general. Social media managers help businesses reach fans and followers on social media platforms to gain traction and build revenues. Social media managers are not only highly paid professionals but also enjoy the opportunity to quickly ride up the ladder to reach sought-after positions like that of a communications manager. 

3. Content Strategist

Content is an integral part of the digital strategy for all types of businesses as nearly every level of marketing these days requires content in some form or another. After all, it is content that buyers consume, and brands compete over.  

Content strategists not only have the skills to create compelling content themselves but play a much bigger role by managing teams of writers, developing editorial calendars, contributing to online campaigns, using analytics to determine the effectiveness of campaigns, and more. As professionals who carry out a whole gamut of activities related to content strategy, they are valuable assets for companies that hire them. 

4. E-commerce Specialist

E-commerce Marketing Specialists are in charge of managing the overall development and maintenance of e-commerce websites and portals to maximise their sales and revenues. It’s also a part of their job to establish standards for product and content management, collaborate with sales and marketing teams, and identify growth opportunities using web analytics, among others. 

With a boom in e-commerce and online purchases taking over in-store shopping, e-commerce specialists have become indispensable for retail businesses. Hence, it is not surprising that it is one of the most well-compensated roles in digital marketing.

5. Digital Marketing Analyst

There’s hardly an industry untouched by big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), and digital marketing is not an exception. With an emerging focus on customer data and personalization to drive sales, delight customers, and reduce costs, this field is ripe for professionals skilled in analytics. 

A digital marketing analyst is responsible for performing market analysis, identifying online marketing trends, and extracting value from customer data to develop strategies that match business goals. They also work closely with the sales and marketing teams to help them drive more leads and revenues using data-driven insights. 

Not surprisingly, data and web analytics are some of the highest-paid employees in organisations.

6. Content Marketing Manager 

A content marketing manager in a company is responsible for increasing brand awareness and web traffic through online marketing. They are the ones who create ‘shareable’ content that increases market activities. You must be an expert in social media analytics, analyse the shortcomings of each platform, and understand the nuances and advantages of every campaign strategy. 

If you become a content marketing manager, you will be responsible for the following roles:

  • Drive traffic and engagement in the form of sales and brand promotion
  • Measure the results of marketing activity 
  • Manage a team of data analysts, illustrators, and copywriters
  • Know which platform is different and which one is best suited for a particular role


7. Marketing Automation Specialist

A marketing automation specialist is a tech-savvy content curator. They possess great communication skills and set up workflows. Many often have a misconception that the job profile of a marketing automation specialist is easy. It’s not. It takes a lot of time, work, and specialised skills to see the maximum benefit from a tool. 

If you become a marketing automation specialist, you will be assigned the following roles:

  • Understand your platforms that automation will help you solve
  • Build your marketing automation blueprint
  • Build the marketing automation engine
  • A/B test to optimise
  • Report and revamp
  • Repeat 


8. Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager is a professional who maintains the brand’s sales and online presence on various marketing campaigns. You must have a strong grasp of various digital marketing tools and strategies to become a digital marketing manager. You must know how to lead integrated digital marketing campaigns from planning to execution. 

If you become a digital marketing manager, here are the responsibilities that you need to handle:

  • Maintain social media presence across various digital platforms
  • Measure, analyse and report the performance of all digital marketing campaigns
  • Plan digital media campaigns, such as SEO/SEM, social media, and display advertising 

9. Paid Media Specialist

To become a paid media specialist, you need to understand advertising and social media. A paid media specialist brings traffic to your web portals via online advertising from Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

If you are hired as a paid media specialist, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Conduct in-depth analysis of keywords and website 
  • Analyse the effectiveness of PPC and ROI
  • Develop, implement and optimise digital campaigns
  • Oversee and manage the social media budget 


10. Pay-Per-Click Analyst

Many professionals are eying to become pay-per-click analysts as the role is one of the emerging digital marketing careers in 2022. You must have the right knowledge and ability to obtain a profit greater than or equal to the investment. You must also have an in-depth understanding of campaign creation and its psychology. 

If you get selected as a pay-per-click analyst, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Understand Google Analytics
  • Correct the keyword bids
  • Monitor daily/monthly/weekly/annual budget
  • Manage paid ad campaigns and other networks
  • Manage advertising platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Quora


Where can you learn Digital Marketing?

 IIDE is Asia’s most trusted digital marketing training & certification provider which helps learners transform their careers and get future-ready.  They cater to all individuals with customised programs to suit their requirements and foster a fun learning culture. IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education | Ranked #1 in India. here is the website link for you https://iide.coThe best place to do digital marketing is IIDE. It’s best to pursue IIDE MBA in digital marketing.

IIDE has a great plan to offer its services to any part of the world to all interested students.

Key Highlights Of The Program

  •    India’s only MBA-Level Program
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why choose a career in Digital Marketing?

Ans: The digital marketing field is constantly evolving. Since different platforms are being introduced, people are attracted to this field. The wide range of discoverable options in terms of salary is creating a strong impact on the candidates, making them choose it as a career option. 

Q. How do I get a job in Digital Marketing?

Ans: Firstly, get to know the basics of digital marketing. Become an SEO expert and get Google Ads Certification. Become an expert in Google Analytics and get a job as a freelancer to explore more options. Get a real internship to gain experience. Apply for a full-time job in the company of your choice. 

Q. How can I grow my career in Digital Marketing?

Ans: Take continuous training and online courses and become certified. Explore multiple options to stay on top of trends. Learn more about data analytics. Connect with the sales team and build a personal brand to grow your career in digital marketing. 

Q. What is the average salary for a Digital Marketer?

Ans: The average salary of a digital marketer at the beginner level is Rs 3.0 Lacs to 4.0 Lacs per annum. The salary depends upon various factors like organisation, skills, and place of work. 

Q.Do I need a degree in Digital Marketing?

Ans: You don’t necessarily need a degree in digital marketing. However, a few companies ask for it during job interviews, but it’s unimportant. Having a good knowledge of the field and how it works will make you a desirable candidate. 


To conclude it can be said that the digital marketer scope is here to stay and only skyrocket in the upcoming times. With its dynamic nature and immense learning opportunities, it is sure to become a dream field for the youth. However, do keep in mind that it is only with experience and how well you stay abreast with the current trends through upskilling that your salary as a digital marketer will depend on

Hope you find this blog helpful.






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