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Updated on: Jul 3, 2023
Digital Marketing Salary In Jakarta|IIDE

Digital marketing is a platform that generally comments people in developing their businesses. The digital marketing industry is growing with opportunities, right now every company and individual seeks to leave a digital impact on the world wide web. Digital marketing is generally an important field that everyone should use to get their business started. The digital marketing landscape is changing so much that it is frequently in demand in Jakarta. Moreover, it is seen that the demand for Digital Marketing Salary In Jakarta in 2023 as well. In a country like India, IIDE provides the best course for digital marketing. Digital marketing generally helps the person to learn more about the business platforms and with the help of this marketing field, we can generally expect huge growth in our business. Moreover, most digital marketers work in an office setting during regular business hours. 

Digital marketing managers need to have sharp communication skills as they typically manage a development group to reach their objectives. They usually report their progress to the president of marketing and hands-on experience with E-Commerce is preferred. The task of digital marketers is to build effective teams, manage multiple projects, and supervise collaboration between departments to drive positive business growth.


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Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary In Jakarta

Digital marketing is generally helping in the growth of the business. With the help of it, the business is growing. Digital marketing has generally been in demand for the past few years. With the increase in the demand for it, people are getting higher salaries while working with these platforms. Marketing automation helped companies segment customers to launch multichannel marketing campaigns and provide personalized information for the customers. Beyond traditional full-time roles, there is also a growing demand for freelancers, contract jobs, remote positions and more. However qualified professionals in marketing are scarce, studies have shown that it’s often hard to find specialists in areas like SEO and email marketing. This talent gap had a profound impact on digital marketing salaries. The digital marketing salary can depend on a range of factors such as educational qualification, experience, skills and location.


1. Experience

Our background plays an important role. Experience generally includes marketing our business, employment etc. An experienced person will generally get a better salary than the ones who are not that experienced in a particular field.

2. Role Of The People

The role is also considered an important factor, as the people working under it generally earn according to their posts. So if a person is playing an important role in a company for performing his/her work then definitely they would earn a better salary.

3. Company

Salaries also depend on the company’s size, marketing budget, as well as business goals. For example, Glassdoor estimates that companies like ¬†Amazon, Cisco Systems and Disney offer digital marketing people with a higher amount of salary.

4. Skills

Digital marketing skills generally make people more attractive job candidates with higher earning potential. Talking to recruiters and hiring managers about how our skills might affect our salary offer. Key skills in digital marketing can improve employment opportunities and raise earning potential. Employers like candidates who have extra abilities, such as managing social media accounts and creating articles, videos, and PPC ads for blogs, among other things. Employers also favour candidates with additional abilities since in the digital age, having more digital skills translates into greater wages. Employers may find you more desirable and useful if you have abilities like copywriting, designing, and paid advertising that complements your area of expertise. It is essential to master these abilities from a reputable source, like IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing Course, which provides tools and skills that apply to the business and 100% placement support.

5. Education

In some digital marketing jobs having a bachelor’s degree, graduate degree or certifications in high-priority skill leads to higher salary. However additional qualifications in digital marketing will help you command a better salary. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing, business administration, or communications offers a solid foundation. Competency is also attested to and income potential is increased by industry-recognized qualifications like Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, HubSpot, or Hootsuite certifications.

6. City

Salaries tend to vary from city to city. Moreover, Salary also depends upon the people working in that particular job position. For example, Glassdoor indicates that a digital marketer in Portland can expect to make an average of $ 99271 while someone in Houston could make an average of $ 105098.    

7. Technology

From servers being down to browser and software issues causing banner advertisements and websites not to load, common technology issues can play a major role in the success of digital marketing strategy.     

8. Budget

Cost is a factor no matter what type of marketing campaign we are planning. Businesses with limited budgets might skip digital marketing efforts altogether, for fear that it’s out of their budgets. Different businesses have different budgets, some have high budgets whereas some have low budgets.¬†

Digital marketing salary trends in 2023

 Digital marketing salary will vary a lot based on our experience, location, skills and gender. A Digital marketer working in Indonesia will typically earn around 156,000,100 IDR per year and this can range from the lowest average salary of about 82,439,700 IDR to the highest salary of about 236,398,300 IDR  to 25,800,000 IDR. Salaries generally vary drastically between the different marketing careers.

These are average salaries for a digital marketer in Indonesia and include benefits such as servicing, transportation etc. Moreover, a person working in marketing in Jakarta usually earns around 15,500,000 IDR per month. Salaries range from 7,210,00 from two to five years and earn on average 35% more than those with five or less work experience. It is also well known that higher education equals a bigger salary than that of not that much education. Employees who have a bachelor’s degree earn more than a person with only a diploma but a person with a master’s degree earns a huge amount of money as compared with others.¬†

¬†The digital marketing salary of SEO Specialists in Jakarta is $7033088 per year. Moreover, the average salary of a digital marketing specialist is $ 6914212 per year and the Digital marketing salary for a digital marketing manager in Indonesia is Rp 240000000. Generally, salaries vary from person to person in their respective jobs. The average digital marketing manager’s gross salary in Jakarta, Indonesia is Rp 333.512.756 or an equivalent hourly rate of Rp 160.343. In addition, they earn an average bonus of Rp 38.920.943.

Salary estimates are based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in Jakarta, Indonesia. An entry-level digital marketing manager ( 1 to 3 years of experience ) earns an average salary of Rp 185.559.475. On the other hand, a senior-level digital marketing manager (8+ years of experience ) earns an average salary of Rp 431.597.594.

  • Digital marketing manager

A digital marketing manager is someone who manages everything regarding the marketing of a company. Digital. A marketing manager looks up marketing strategies and ways to market their product to customers and generate leads. A digital marketing manager plays a very important role in the growth of a company. Companies tend to pay a very handsome amount of money to the digital marketing manager in Biratnagar. A digital marketing manager is a very reputed job and the best role that a digital marketer can get. According to the average salary of a digital marketing manager is around IDR 80,000-15,0000 Per month

  • SEO expert

SEO is the most important key in digital marketing, every business wants its page to rank at the top of Google to get free traffic, rather than promoting and paying for the ads, to rank one should have proper SEO knowledge. SEO plays a very important role because this helps the company in getting leads without spending anything on marketing, they have to rank their blogs on Google and for that, they require SEO experts. These days the demand for SEO experts is increasing and every company is ready to pay a  salary to them. According to the average salary of a SEO Expert is around IDR 45,000 per Month

  • SEM expert

SEM expert refers to paid results, companies or businesses pay Google to rank their blog on the top among others which helps them generate leads and sales, for this candidate has to run different ads and do testing and bidding. SEM has become an important part of the digital marketing sector. Sem helps in creating hot leads at a very cheap price which helps in increasing profits and revenue for the company. Companies focus a lot on ranking their blog but the companies which fail to do so hire SEM experts and they do the task for them. According to, an SEM expert is paid around IDR  45,000 per month

  • Email marketing specialist

The demand for Email marketing specialists has increased a lot these days. Companies focus a lot on email marketing because it’s free of cost and provides very good leads. Companies make their customers sign their newsletters and then they mail their customers regularly regarding their new offers or sales. For email marketing companies require a specialist who can format their email properly and convert the lead for them so that companies hire them and pay a very good salary. Email marketing is a very reputable job too. According to Indeed. com, an email marketing specialist is paid around IDR 40,000 per month

  • Content strategist

The demand for content strategist is rapidly increasing because every company or business are shifting towards online selling which is done by social media, and these days companies post a lot of content regarding their products to generate leads and create a loyal customer base, so companies hire content strategist for this work and pay them a very handsome amount of money, content strategist creates content ideas which will be best for the company to attract healthy leads. Being a content strategist is also a very reputable job. According to, a content strategist has a salary of around IDR 55,000 per month

  • Social media marketer

Social media marketer job roles are very trending and high in demand. Companies these days like to promote their products or services on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others. For running perfect ad campaigns and reaching their customer base they require a social media marketer. That’s why social media marketers are paid a very good salary in Biratnagar. The number of social media marketers has increased after covid and it’s also recognized as a reputed job. According to the average salary of social media marketing is around IDR 5000 to 60,000 per month

  • Ux designer

UX designer defines the experience the user would go through while exploring the website or product of the company, to improve the experience throughout the customer’s journey companies hire UX designers, and they often do data analysis and run tests to improve the experience of the customer. These days companies are hiring UX designers and paying heavy amounts of salaries and the demand for UX designers is getting higher. The demand for UX designers is expected to increase and boom very soon in Biratnagar. According to, the average salary of a UX designer is around IDR 55,000 per month.

  • Pay-per-click manager

Pay-per-click managers manage the process of overseeing and managing a company’s PC ads spend, they are often hired to reduce the marketing cost of the company and bring good leads at the cheapest amount. Pay-per-click is a very interesting process of marketing in which the company only gets charged when the customer clicks their ad or blog. The demand for a pay-per-click manager is getting higher day by day. A pay-per-click manager is also a very reputable job. According to the average salary of pay per click manager is around IDR 40,000 per month

  • Web developer

A web developer is a programmer who develops world wide web applications using the client, the demand for web developers is also getting huge day by day. Web developers play the most important part. Web developers who create and maintain the websites of the company. They are also responsible for the technical aspect and functionality of the website. Web developers are paid a very good amount of salary. A web developer is also a very reputed job and also a job that pays very well. According to the average salary of a web developer is around IDR 60,000 Per month

  • Data analyst¬†

A data analyst is someone whose job is to gather and interpret data to solve a specific problem. They work in many industries, business, finance, etc. They identify what kind of customers a business should choose and target in their next campaign, they identify which age group is the most vulnerable to buying their product or service. The demand for data analysts is increasing day by day. Data analysis is a very reputable job as well and the candidate can also be paid a handsome amount of salary. According to the average salary of a data analyst is around IDR 65,000 Per month.

Where can you learn digital marketing?

If a person is willing to earn a good salary then he must learn digital marketing. It is seen that in recent times, learning digital marketing is becoming very important as it helps in the growth of business platforms. By learning it we can generally work in this field to earn a higher salary. Therefore a person should generally have a digital marketing idea if he/she has an interest in it, then with this, they could generally earn a compatible salary.

  In India IIDE is the institute which is ranked as one of the best institutes for providing digital marketing courses. This institute also provides online digital marketing courses or MBA In digital marketing


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  РProvides certificates.

 РFree Virtual Internship.

 РLive masterclasses by experts.

 Р100+ hours of live classes.

 РFacilities such as scholarships provided to the students.


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Q. Does a company need a blog for marketing?

 Ans: Yes a company needs a blog because blogs generally help in providing a complete overview of the company. Without a blog, we are unable to tell people about the post or the image of a company. Marketing is constantly changing and using blogs as a part of marketing strategy is one way to reach potential customers. Blogs do not contain articles only but all the news related to them.

Q. Why should we use Linkedin for marketing?

Ans: It is generally used to share our credentials with the world but more importantly it is the perfect place to interact with the people around us. With the help of LinkedIn, we could be able to drive traffic to our website, identify quality leads, share our expertise through leadership content, and lead to the growth of the business. It is probably the best network to generate leads.

Q. What is a marketing campaign?

 РIt is designed to promote a product, service or business through different advertising media so that we can market our product easily. Marketing campaigns are sets of strategic activities that promote a business goal or objective. A marketing campaign could be used to promote a product. It is a long-term approach to promoting a product or service through multiple mediums.

Q. What is marketing strategy development?

  Ans: It is the stage of new product development where we can define our product position, shape, size, structure, colour etc.  A marketing development strategy is a business growth strategy that focuses on introducing existing products to new markets. It is a kind of growth strategy that enables companies to bring their current products into the market. It generally begins with market research.

Q. What are some general tips for social media success?

Ans: Let your passion and your personality shine through, engage in conversions, participate in group discussions and be clear about anything which you are working on. We can use social media management tools to write captions, prepare photos and videos and schedule posts. Some events have centralized dashboards whereas some have different ones. Social media provides multiple platforms where businesses can brand, advertise and ingratiate themselves with audiences.


That’s the basic information about digital marketing. We could generally learn many things about digital marketing. Learning digital marketing is easy, not difficult, but on the other hand, there are many advantages that we get from marketing and we should generally get to learn many things from digital marketing. By learning Digital Marketing we could be able to get a more perfect job as digital marketing is growing in double digits. So it is recommended that we should enrol in industry-relevant digital marketing as it will benefit us for years.

 IIDE also provides digital marketing courses and from this institute, we would be able to learn digital marketing in a more organised and in a better way. IIDE is also ranked as the best institute of digital marketing in India.

Therefore we should learn this course with the help of digital marketing institutes in our location. Digital marketers will generally make their career success in their business and would generally lead to the growth as well as expansion of the business in future.

That’s all for this blog, I hope everyone will enjoy it.¬†¬†¬†








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