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Updated on: Jun 3, 2023

If you are looking for a Digital Marketing salary in cikarang then you are at the right place. By the end of this blog, you will be educated about the salary and its trends in cikarang. so continue reading further and have a picture of the salary trends.

Digital marketing is essential nowadays because it connects a business with its target audience when they are online. It is effective and profitable in all industries. Recruitment in digital marketing is also very high in the current years because it works as the front end of the company and digital marketers’ performance has benefited the industry in many ways.

Through digital marketing, we can promote our content and product through advertising, social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram ads, websites, etc. and it helps them to spread in broader areas and in less time due to this the cost also becomes less. Many companies use only 2 or 3 social media but in reality is that we can use many other platforms such as Quora, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. And promote the business in a still more effective way.

In Cikarang with scope of Digital Marketing are highly increasing day by day, in 2023 there are high chances and possibilities to build a good career in digital marketing in every field. Because all businesses and organizations are looking for a more interactive way of communicating with potential clients. And due to the excessive growth of digital marketing companies, the demand and need for digital marketers also increase.

Before doing the job you should know the salaries, and scope in the type of industry you want to work, in to know that we have the ultimate salary guide for you.


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Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary

           Here are some factors that affect the digital marketing salary

Digital Marketing Salary in Cikarang-digital marketing factors that affects the salary-canva

1. Education:

                In digital marketing, you should have a least bachelor’s basic  Degree in any related field. And basic soft skills like proper communication, English literature, problem-solving, and idea about the work structure in the field of marketing. There is no compulsory requirement for a degree but you have the proper knowledge about digital marketing work and additional qualifications like SEO- search engine optimization, SEM-search engine Marketing, any social media ads generating, content writing, etc. But in addition, if you have a degree then you can lead for a higher salary, you can boost your career in the future, have a weighted resume, and be confident to compete with the people in your interviews.                                            

2. Experience:  

           To become an expert in digital marketing and to earn a good salary you should have the maximum experience in digital marketing. You must know the skills and tactics of digital marketing. You must be well-versed in social media, all kinds of social media ads, media planning, and many more. In all this, experience plays a major role. Because there is a difference between a fresher and an experienced to earn a salary because the experienced person has the practical experience and the fresher has only theoretical knowledge so the experienced person knows how everything works in the organization in digital marketing.

3. Role:

 If a digital marketing manager or any other specialist is at higher authority and higher post then their salary is also very high because it depends on the role.

What is your job role in that company, how do you work, and what is your knowledge about that work? All these factors include your role in the company. Because of this, you have to know how much will be your salary. If you are at a higher position in your company as compared to your subordinate then you will be getting a higher salary also. But choosing a proper role for you is very important because of course in digital marketing you have a skill in all the SEO, sem, and all other fields of digital marketing, but you are interested more in Facebook and Instagram ads at this time you should only do this job because you are confident that you can give your perfect work in this field if you do some role with your love towards majorly it might not work because you don’t love as you love your favourite¬† role. Satisfaction also plays a major role in your work.

4. Skills:

¬†The term skills are very very important in any field, learning how you use and when to use your theoretical knowledge in certain situations is known as skills. The top best skills in digital marketing are content creation, SEO specialist, SEM specialist, social media marketing, google ads, etc. are the main skills. If you want a higher salary, you must be good at any of these skills. If you have these skills then it’s good but if you don’t then you have to learn and understand because in the future the growth of digital marketing is highly increasing. The better skills, the better career.

 5. Company:

The top companies provide very good salaries to their employees. And in digital marketing companies as well, candidates who can add value to the company and give their best in everything, and Have amazing skills and experiences, big companies and startups give them the best salaries. And if you have great knowledge about digital marketing then big companies also give you great salaries and good placement. But when it comes to companies in big firms you can only work on an only one designation you have but in startups, you can experience other works in the same field which will help to gain experience also.

The top best digital marketing companies in Indonesia are 

AJ Marketing, Luminary, Manta, and SmartSites.

6. Industry:

¬†In digital marketing, the industry you work in will have a huge impact on your range of salary also. Different industries need different types of experienced and skilled workers and by this, they give different salaries to their employees. All industries’ work and procedures are different from others if one‚Äôs salary is less then maybe the other’s salary is higher. Due to this, every industry works differently and there are also very differences. knowing the industry you want to work with also plays a main role because each industry has different skills to market its products.The industry you work in also plays a major role in your career.

7. City: 

Location is also very important because it affects the digital marketing salary also. Because higher cities example: Bali, Medan, and Surabaya, etc. in these big cities the digital marketing salary is also high because of their high living standards. Due to this the scope and competition of digital marketing salaries will also make a difference in the salaries of other cities. According to Linkedin, there is a difference in salaries also in terms of metropolitan cities also due to the standard of living there. And the remote workplace is commonplace these days there so digital marketers are growing high.                                                                  

8. Employer:

 There will be fluctuations in salaries always If you are a fresher then your salary will be different that the experience. In any field, your skill and experience matter a lot but if you are a fresher. I suggest you should start working for a small firm first. They may pay you less for a while but after getting some experience they pay you a very good amount. It may take time but when you gain enough knowledge about your work then they will consider your experience. But when you work your honesty and consistency also matter the most to consider you as a good employee.


Digital Marketing Salary Trends in 2023

There are many digital marketing salary trends which are as follows:

Digital Marketing salary in cikarang-Digital Marketing salary trends -canva



1. SEO specialist: 

An SEO specialist analyzes, researches, and identifies the opportunities to improve the website’s ranking on top of search engines like google, yahoo, bling, etc. We can also say that when any website comes organically on top without any ads this will be the best work by an SEO specialist. An SEO specialist is a technical role, requiring some skills like finding keywords, analytics skills for reporting, and presentation. And he also has knowledge about some SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Search Console, etc. The digital marketing salary in cikarang on Average is  IDR 64,45,338 and for experience is IDR 3 РIDR 5,16,00,000


There are two kinds of SEO.

  1. On-page SEO
  2. off-page SEO


Job Responsibilities:

  • Create original content for websites – tailored to the target audience
  • Provide developers with technical recommendations
  • Monitor client websites’ performance and make recommendations for improvement based on search terms, rankings, and analytics
  • Obtain paid commissions by attracting customers to the websites of other businesses (affiliates) through link-building
  • Optimise the user experience and conversion rate of your website to increase visitor engagement and improve the performance of your website
  • Building a community can drive targeted and loyal traffic to a website
  • Encourage external sites to link to your content by distributing it via social media
  • Developing and integrating content marketing strategies
  • To stay up to date with changes in search engine algorithms, monitor their algorithms.


2. SEM specialist: 

An SEM specialist manages and implements paid search, social, display, and marketing campaigns. Their first step is to ensure the success of advertising campaigns. Each day they research keywords, write copy, create visuals, design campaigns, strategize campaigns, execute them, monitor performance, and optimize their work. And they also manage budgets and teams.SEM specialists have some required skills like knowledge of search and display advertising, an understanding of social media marketing, influencer engagement, the ability to manage budgets and analytics, and reporting skills. Digital marketing salary in cikarang in average is  IDR 78,00,000 Lakhs.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Run tests, gather data, analyze it, find insights and trends
  • Maximize return on investment from paid search campaigns through data analysis
  • Monitor, document, and evaluate website analytics
  • Keep tabs on, report, and evaluate PPC projects and campaigns.
  • Manage campaign expenses efficiently by adhering to your spending plan, making accurate monthly cost projections, and resolving any inconsistencies that may appear.
  • For paid search engine marketing campaigns, improve the copy and landing pages.
  • Expand and improve paid keyword discovery constantly
  • Study and evaluate competitors’ advertising links.


3. Social media specialist:

¬†A social media specialist needs to understand social media platforms. They increase brand awareness by developing and creating digital content for the company’s various social media platforms. To evaluate their performance they maintain a social media calendar, create content, write copy, publish updates, and respond to readers’ comments. They have to be skilled at design, writing, analytics, video creation, editing, etc. The digital marketing salary in cikarang is IDR 55L /mo, Average Base Pay is¬†IDR 1,02,13,248, it may range from IDR 24,89,334 – IDR 2,58,00,000 in further.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Social Media Marketing Specialists plan and optimize a brand’s social media strategy to meet company goals.
  • Social Media Specialists must have a strategy and a mind for the big picture.
  • Establish a goal and align social media tactics to achieve it.
  • Social Media Specialists ensure posts are scheduled regularly and at optimal times on specific channels.]
  • Social Media Specialists must be adept at using paid strategies.


4. Content strategist:

¬†As per the needs of their customers A content strategist is responsible for developing content strategies based on the business objectives of an organization or client. A content strategist develops, designs, and implements content strategies. This could be blogs, whitepapers, infographics, podcasts, video content, etc. A content strategist’s primary responsibility is to create the content calendar, plan, and schedule content, monitor performance, and optimize. A content strategist has some needed skills for digital marketing such as writing, design, video productions, and some tools like word press, google Analytics, etcThe digital marketing salary in Cikarang is an Average: IDR 1,05,00,000 and can Range to IDR 26,00,000 – IDR 2,59,84,420 in further.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Developing content governance guidelines, developing the editorial strategy, and conducting periodic content audits.
  • Creating specifications and content appropriate for customer personas, planning editorial calendars, and collaborating with teams.
  • Analyzing content marketing strategy to measure ROI.


5. Data analyst: 

For the digital marketing team analytics is one of the main parts. A data analyst reviews data to identify key insights for their business’s customers and ways the data can be used to solve problems. The main role of a data analyst is to define who has the knowledge and skills to turn raw data into information and insight. And their information is used for business decisions. The main skills required for a data analyst are to analyze and explore the data, expertise in statistics, communication, reports, writing, solution-oriented, etc. The salary of a data analyst is IDR 46L for freshers, and IDR 2Cr for experienced, but on average IDR 80L per month.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Automated tools can be used to extract data from primary and secondary sources, remove corrupted data, fix coding errors, and filter data to identify and correct code problems.
  • Assigning numerical value to essential business functions, analyzing trends, and preparing reports.
  • Interact with programmers, engineers, and management to find process improvement opportunities, recommend appropriate modifications, and promote access guidelines.
  • Creating final analysis reports helping stakeholders understand the data-analysis steps and make important decisions based on various facts and trends.

6. Digital marketing manager:

 Digital marketing managers should have a strong understanding of current marketing tools and strategies to lead integrated digital marketing campaigns on time and on budget. The main work of digital marketing managers is to reach customers through various channels and build brand awareness and promote products. they make creative strategies with deep knowledge of digital marketing planning strategies. And he has all the knowledge about the trends of digital marketing. The salary for this role is IDR 51L for freshers, IDR 1Cr on average, and IDR 3Cr as the highest salary.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Digital marketing managers plan and execute digital marketing campaigns, and design, build and maintain a social media presence.
  • Measure and report performance, identify trends and insights, and optimize spend.
  • Plan, execute, and measure growth strategies.
  • Collaborate with internal teams to create landing pages and improve the user experience. ¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†


7. Web developer: 

Web developers create and maintain websites. for the site, web developers may create content. They make sure that they cover all technical aspects. And they handle the performance and capacity of a website and what is the speed and how much traffic the site can handle. Being a web developer is a good career also. The main work for web developers is to maintain websites and understand HTML, Javascript, CSS, and other web design coding languages. The salary of web developers is IDR 39L for freshers, IDR 70L is average, and IDR 1Cr is the highest salary.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Use best software development practices to create well-designed, testable, and efficient code
  • Integrate data from back-end services and databases to meet technical needs.
  • Create and maintain software documentation, maintain, expand, and scale the website.
  • Collaboration with web designers is required to match visual design intent.


8. Email marketing specialist:

¬†An email marketing specialist manages, plans, and executes email campaigns for a company. This includes maintaining email databases, designing email templates, and monitoring performance. If any company wants to send Emails in bulk or in a larger amount to their workers they send them by a special technique. Nowadays email should be creative or impactful to attract today’s youth. Therefore email marketing specialists are highly in demand. All these different specialists play an important role in the digital marketing field and their salaries also depend upon their work interests, experience, skills, knowledge about a particular topic, etc. The salary of this role on average is IDR 44L -IDR 48L.

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Conceptualize marketing research, and campaigns to address customer pain points.
  • Creating well-written copy and collaborating with graphic designers to improve output.
  • Maintaining a database of customers, distributing emails through automation, and monitoring the utility of campaigns.

9. Content Marketing Manager:

¬†For increasing brand awareness and web traffic through online marketing. Content marketing managers are very important, They are the ones who create ‚Äėshareable‚Äô content that increases the market activities. And their responsibility is to manage the production and creation of marketing content both online and offline. As a content marketer, he will be responsible for inbound marketing strategies to build a brand identity and online presence through the creation and dissemination of multimedia content online. The salary includes IDR 50L for freshers, IDR 2Cr on Average, and IDR 4Cr as the highest.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Creating content to reach the target audience and marketing goals.
  • Creating content for a variety of platforms and ensuring SEO and SMO strategies are implemented.
  • Tracking content trends, customers’ needs, and better technology.


10. Paid Media Specialist:

 Paid Media Specialists report to the marketing leader to ensure aligned strategies. Paid Media Specialists are essential for effective digital strategy and media buying. Paid Media Specialists create and optimize paid media channels to support digital departments. If you have the knowledge and understanding of advertising and social media, you may become a paid media specialist. Their main work is to bring traffic into your web portals via advertising from Google, Instagram Facebook, etc. The salary of this role includes IDR 34L -IDR 37L for freshers on average and IDR 67L -IDR 73L.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Creating, executing, and optimizing digital campaigns across departments.
  • Providing actionable insights into campaign performance and defining KPIs.
  • Paid media management involves building out media buys and managing budgets.
  • Facing challenges on industry best practices and future technologies.


Where can you learn Digital Marketing in Cikarang?

If you are satisfied with all the factors and digital marketing salary trends and you want to learn Digital Marketing then here it is, IIDE is the world’s best digital marketing institute. Their courses and training teach you in detail and give you all information about digital marketing they have the best-experienced mentor to guide you.

They provide you with many facilities in digital marketing.

If you want to learn digital marketing practically with live projects then you must check out this amazing IIDE post-graduation course in the digital marketing program. This course will teach you from scratch about digital marketing. If you learn these digital marketing courses then you have the best job in digital marketing which is very good for your career in future.

Let’s discuss the Key Highlights of the Digital Marketing Course

  • ¬†¬†¬†India’s only MBA-Level Program
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IIDE has the best and most experienced faculty. Each subject at IIDE is taught by them. students can Make connections and learn from top field experts while also receiving insights into the business world.

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Certifications Offered


Digital marketing salry in cikampek-Certificates

They also have designed other  courses for digital marketers like

Apart from all of this IIDE helps you in every part of your career in digital marketing, and apart from the education we will give you the best experience as a digital marketer and as a student.

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FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the basic salary of a digital marketer in Cikarang?

Ans: In Cikarang, the salary structure is in the corporate standards so the salary structure for freshers is IDR 30L, for the experienced below 10 years is IDR L and for the experienced and highest package is IDR 1 cr.

Q. Does digital marketing have a good salary in Cikarang?

Ans: In cikarang the salary pay scale is good and it is within corporate standards whereas the highest salary is IDRcr so it is a good salary in cikarang. 

Q.Which digital marketing has the highest salary in cikarang?

  • Digital Media Managers.
  • Pay-Per-Click Managers.
  • SEM/SEO Specialists.
  • Content Strategists.¬†
  • Social Media Marketers.
  • Data analyst.


Q.Is digital marketing a safe career?

Ans: Digital marketing professionals are much needed as they work at the frontend  of the company it should be more attractive as customers first have a look into frontend and have their first impression so companies need creative marketers, so as the need of them is more it will be safe and booming career always.

Q. Is digital marketing a sales job?

Ans: Marketing and sales are integral parts of a business’s marketing process, combining to create a consolidated strategy.



 We feel that this blog has given you a better idea of whether you want to pursue this career. While the digital marketing salary is a definite plus, there are numerous other advantages to pursuing a career in digital marketing, which has many graduates and working professionals interested. Digital marketing has many benefits, making it an attractive career option for many companies, and recruitment in digital marketing is also very high after the big bang of covid-19, if you want to join and have quality knowledge in digital marketing over the other competitors in your recruitment we recommend you to join the 11-month postgraduation course in digital marketing and be prepared to enjoy your digital marketing career in digital marketing personally as well as professionally.

Will be happy to know your views and feedback in the comment section.

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