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Updated on: Jul 3, 2023
Digital Marketing Salary in Biratnagar iide

Digital marketing is now has become an essential part of businesses and after covid 19 businesses have realized that the future of selling their product and services will be digital marketing which they didn’t have to reach customers, digital marketing is a competitive sector, and it also offers high paying packages according to the roles of individual in the company. 

Digital marketing helps companies to increase their orders sitting anywhere in the world, without coming in contact with the customer, everything happens on their website and digitally. Digital marketing has made the job easy for companies and it’s expected that the jobs for digital marketing will be doubled in the coming years. So if you are willing to make your career in digital marketing then buckle up.

Businesses have become highly dependent on digital marketing because through digital marketing businesses generate high profits and revenue without spending hefty amounts on marketing. This is why there is a sudden boom in the job vacancies of digital marketers.

If you also want to join the race of digital marketing and get benefited then you are at the right place because in this blog we will discuss the salaries of digital marketers in 2023 for different roles.


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Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary In Biratnagar

  • Education

Education matters a lot in getting a job in a digital marketing role, from LinkedIn we got to know that about 94% of digital marketers have at least a bachelor’s degree, moreover, a degree or diploma in digital marketing can get you a job much easier. Companies these days notice the educational background of the candidate and it’s been seen that a candidate with a higher level of education is seen getting hired over others. For some digital marketing jobs having a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree is a high priority which leads to a higher salary so candidates should get a proper education.

  • Experience

Experience is the key to getting a higher salary as a digital marketer in a company or startup. Higher The experience is the salary of the candidate, companies are likely to pay around 10 lacks of salary to a digital marketer having an experience of 10 years. Your background in digital marketing may play a very important role in your earning potential and overall salary, experience may include an employment contract, your own business, or anything which can be worthy of showing as experience so candidates should focus on getting experience that will lead to a higher salary. So candidates should get the proper experience.

  • Skills

Skills matter a lot when it comes to the salary of a digital marketer because companies these days decide the salary of an individual based on the skills that this candidate carries, “I hire employees based on their skills, not education ” – Elon Musk. This is the formula that every company follows these days, so developing skills for the digital marketer is very necessary then only he comes up and stands aside from others and gets a handsome amount of salary. skills matter a lot these days. Companies these days even hire someone who has the necessary skills but doesn’t have a degree.

  • Company

The salaries of digital marketers also depend on the company where the individual is working. Because big companies like Amazon, tesla, Walmart, and much more pay much higher than local companies and startups. A digital marketer should focus on getting a job in a developed company to get a handsome amount of salary, candidates should try to migrate to big cities or tier 1 cities to get exposure and job opportunities from big companies. Companies matter a lot while the salaries of a digital marketer. As someone in a higher company gets paid better than someone in a local startup or company.

  • City or location

City and location are also as important as mothers cause big companies are mostly in tier 1 cities, so if the candidate is in a big city then the chances of him getting hired by those companies are much higher than others who are living in tier 2 or 3 cities. Location plays a huge role in the salaries of a digital marketer. City and location matter a lot when it comes to the salary of a digital marketer. Better the location or city the better the salary. so the candidate should focus on moving to a better job for a better salary or better job as well.

  • Role

The salary of a digital marketer is decided based on their role. Different roles have different salaries. A digital marketing manager has a salary of 170000 Npr, a Seo manager, and Sem Expert has a salary of around 70000-130000 Npr, Pay per click, data analysts, UX designers, and others have salaries of 80000-150000 Npr. Roles also matter a lot when thinking about the salaries of a digital marketer because the higher the role the higher the salary. Roles get higher with experience and it takes time. So a candidate should have perseverance and work hard to get to his/her desired role.

  • Digital marketing Certifications

Digital marketing certifications are very important because while hiring an individual company checks whether the candidate has any certifications in the digital marketing field or not. Digital marketing certificates increase the percentage of getting hired. It has been seen that a candidate with digital marketing certifications is hired rather than someone who doesn’t have any certifications. Companies these days prefer candidates with digital marketing certifications instead of someone with degrees because of the practical exposure. So if you are preparing to build your career in digital marketing then make sure you get some digital marketing certifications for example IIDE 4 monthly advanced digital marketing course.

Digital Marketing Salary Trends In 2023

Salary Trends of digital marketers keep on changing according to the education, experience, and skills of the individual, and here are a few of the salary trends of digital marketers in Biratnagar.

  • Digital marketing manager

A digital marketing manager is someone who manages everything regarding the marketing of a company. Digital. A marketing manager looks up marketing strategies and ways to market their product to customers and generate leads. A digital marketing manager plays a very important role in the growth of a company. Companies tend to pay a very handsome amount of money to the digital marketing manager in Biratnagar. A digital marketing manager is a very reputed job and the best role that a digital marketer can get.

According to the average salary of a digital marketing manager is around NPR 80,000-15,0000 Per month 

  • SEO expert

SEO is the most important key in digital marketing, every business wants its page to rank at the top of Google to get free traffic, rather than promoting and paying for the ads, to rank one should have proper SEO knowledge. Seo plays a very important role because this helps the company in getting leads without spending anything on marketing, they have to rank their blogs on Google and for that, they require SEO experts. These days the demand for SEO experts is increasing and every company is ready to pay a  salary to them.

According to the average salary of a Seo Expert is around NPR 45,000 per Month

  • SEM expert

SEM expert refers to paid results, companies or businesses pay Google to rank their blog on the top among others which helps them generate leads and sales, for this candidate has to run different ads and do testing and bidding. SEM has become an important part of the digital marketing sector. Sem helps in creating hot leads at a very cheap price which helps in increasing profits and revenue for the company. Companies focus a lot on ranking their blog but the companies which fail to do so hire SEM experts and they do the task for them

According to, a sem expert is paid around NPR 45,000 per month

  • Email marketing specialist

The demand for Email marketing specialists has increased a lot these days. Companies focus a lot on email marketing because it’s free of cost and provides very good leads. Companies make their customers sign their newsletters and then they mail their customers regularly regarding their new offers or sales. For email marketing companies require a specialist who can format their email properly and convert the lead for them so that companies hire them and pay a very good salary. Email marketing is a very reputable job too.

According to Indeed. com, an email marketing specialist is paid around NPR 40,000 per month


  • Content strategist

The demand for content strategist is rapidly increasing because every company or business are shifting towards online selling which is done by social media, and these days companies post a lot of content regarding their products to generate leads and create a loyal customer base, so companies hire content strategist for this work and pay them a very handsome amount of money, content strategist creates content ideas which will be best for the company to attract healthy leads. Being a content strategist is also a very reputable job.

According to, a content strategist has a salary of around NPR 55,000 per month

  • Social media marketer

Social media marketer job roles are very trending and high in demand. Companies these days like to promote their products or services on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others. For running perfect ad campaigns and reaching their customer base they require a social media marketer. That’s why social media marketers are paid a very good salary in Biratnagar. The number of social media marketers has increased after covid and it’s also recognized as a reputed job. According to the average salary of social media marketing is around NPR 5000 to 60,000 per month

  • Ux designer

UX designer defines the experience the user would go through while exploring the website or product of the company, to improve the experience throughout the customer’s journey companies hire UX designers, and they often do data analysis and run tests to improve the experience of the customer. These days companies are hiring UX designers and paying heavy amounts of salaries and the demand for UX designers is getting higher. The demand for UX designers is expected to increase and boom very soon in Biratnagar. 

According to, the average salary of a UX designer is around NPR 55,000 per month.

  • Pay-per-click manager

Pay-per-click managers manage the process of overseeing and managing a company’s PC ads spend, they are often hired to reduce the marketing cost of the company and bring good leads at the cheapest amount. Pay-per-click is a very interesting process of marketing in which the company only gets charged when the customer clicks their ad or blog. The demand for a pay-per-click manager is getting higher day by day. A pay-per-click manager is also a very reputable job.

According to the average salary of pay per click manager is around NPR 40,000 per month

  • Web developer

A web developer is a programmer who develops world wide web applications using the client, the demand for web developers is also getting huge day by day. Web developers play the most important part. Web developers who create and maintain the websites of the company. They are also responsible for the technical aspect and functionality of the website. Web developers are paid a very good amount of salary. A web developer is also a very reputed job and also a job that pays very well.

According to the average salary of a web developer is around NPR 60,000 Per month

  • Data analyst 

A data analyst is someone whose job is to gather and interpret data to solve a specific problem. They work in many industries, business, finance, etc. They identify what kind of customers a business should choose and target in their next campaign, they identify which age group is the most vulnerable to buying their product or service. The demand for data analysts is increasing day by day. Data analysis is a very reputable job as well and the candidate can also be paid a handsome amount of salary.

According to the average salary of a data analyst is around NPR 65,000 Per month.

Where Can You Learn Digital Marketing?

If you want to earn a handsome amount of salary through digital marketing then you should learn digital marketing from a reputed college or institute, for this you will have to research a lot by checking out the courses available for you and how can they boost your career afterwards completing the course

You can also check student reviews, how the students felt after completing this course, and how that particular course helped them in boosting their careers.

Surprise, if you don’t want RK to do this such a lengthy task then don’t worry we have done it all and found that IIDE – Indian Institute of digital education is the best for learning digital marketing from anywhere in the world

They already have 30,000+ happy student reviews. They also provide 100% placement assistance, most important that they have the best-trained teachers and faculty, 1 on 1  mentoring session part is They also provide scholarships worth 70,000rs.

So don’t procrastinate and wait, check out IIDE Advance digital marketing course which will help you build a successful career in digital marketing.


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 Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. What is the monthly salary in digital marketing?

Ans. The monthly average salary of an individual in digital marketing in Biratnagar is between 20,000 to 30,000 and it keeps on increasing with experience.

Q.What is the salary of an MBA in digital marketing?

Ans. The average salary of an MBA in digital marketing varies from 5 lahks to 25 lahks per annum, it keeps on increasing as you get experience and worthy skills.

Q.Is digital marketing a good career?

Ans. Digital marketing is a well-settled job, an individual can expect a good salary of 30,000 per month app and approximately, demand for digital marketing is rapidly increasing. 

Q. What is the highest salary in digital marketing?

Ans. In Biratnagar, the highest salary of a digital marketer can go as high as 10 lakh rs. It varies with the experience, skills, and many other factors of an individual.

Q. Which is the best career in digital marketing?

Ans. The best careers in digital marketing are social media marketing, marketing manager, SEO expert, etc, the demand for digital marketers is increasing so it’s a good career to pursue and settle.


Ohh so here is the end to our blog but I hope it will help you in starting your career in digital marketing in Biratnagar. If you want a detailed course on digital marketing then do check out IIDE’s 11-month post-graduation program in digital marketing. What if you don’t have time for the pg course and still want to learn digital marketing in detail then not to worry my friend we got you covered, check out IIDE’s 4-month advance online digital marketing program. This is one of the best digital marketing courses in Biratnagar.

If you want a short, fast and efficient course then you can check IIDE’s short-term certification course. Don’t procrastinate in starting your career in digital marketing. Hope you enjoyed and loved this blog, and if you have any suggestions then kindly comment down below in the comment section!


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