Know in detail about the digital marketing salary in Belawan

Updated on: May 31, 2023
Digital Marketing Salary In Belawan

You should know why digital marketers are getting paid high and I will tell you what you can do to get these top-notch salaries. Digital Marketing Salary In Belawan The presence of all over the world on the internet makes it a bunch of opportunities. 

There are many potential categories in digital marketing for a person to pursue like SEO Experts, digital marketing managers, Content writers, Social Media Managers, Graphic Designers, etc.

Belawan is situated in the northeastern pattern of Indonesia. The Port of Belawan is one of the busiest and most important ports in Indonesia. Indonesia is world’s one of the world’s most attractive vacation destinations, It also for ports, and Indonesia is a major exporter of many products like electrical appliances, rubber products, oil and gas minerals, etc. These are the things you can show the world with the help of digital marketing.

According to the salary explorer, a digital marketing professional in Indonesia earns around 1,74,00,000 IDR (Indonesia Rupiah)Monthly,y which is above the median of the average Indonesian person. Now, you can evaluate why digital marketing is a more reliable career. 

As the presence of people increases on a digital platform, it will enable more opportunities. There are many components in the digital market like SEO, Social Meda Marketing, Content Marketing, etc. that can make you earn a healthy salary. 

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Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary in Belawan

The cost of digital marketing in Belawan, Indonesia is affected by many factors. The following are some Factors:

1- Certifications

The most important aspect of determining the salary of a digital marketing specialist is certification. Digital marketers can add certifications in Google/Facebook/YouTube Ads, Google Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM, Web Development, Etc. To their Resumes and portfolios, Which makes them worthwhile investments of time and energy.

The good news is that there are venues where newcomers can obtain an online certification course and certification to aid them in pursuing their interests in this broad sector. Digital marketers who hold current certifications from reputable organizations typically earn more money than those who do not.

2- Skills

Skills play a key role in deciding the wage in digital marketing. All digital marketers require a solid base of abilities. Video production, marketing, paid media specialists, analytics, SEO, SEM, content creation, and copywriting are some of the digital marketing specialties that are most highly compensated. Your resume’s skill sets can help you stand out from the competition and land the job you want.

The abilities part of your resume may also have a significant impact on the compensation package that a hiring committee decides to offer you if they decide to make you an offer of employment. More talented and seasoned digital marketing professionals get compensated more than less skilled and seasoned professionals. As you gain more skills, your salary rises.

3- Education 

Education plays a significant role in one’s life in general as well as in terms of pay. Although there is a substantial correlation between a digital marketer’s degree and pay, A broad knowledge base positions you for additional specialized training, improving your chances of finding work and raising your general skill level. An individual with a degree from a reputable university will be paid more than a digital marketer with a lesser-known university degree or no degree at all.

A bachelor’s degree, graduate degree, or certification in a highly sought-after talent may boost your compensation for some employment in digital marketing.

4- Location

In Belawan, Indonesia, location is one of the elements influencing the wage for digital marketers. For instance, larger areas tend to pay more for digital marketing jobs than smaller ones do. The higher cost of living and tougher competition for jobs is to blame for this. But just because you live somewhere doesn’t mean you can’t make good money.

Location-based salaries have been implemented by several organizations to maintain pay parity. Since their salaries take into consideration the cost of living and local tax rates, many specialists in digital marketing who hold the same role make equivalent take-home pay.

5- Role

Digital Marketing has a significant impact on job Titles. Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Strategist, SEO Specialist, SEO Manager, SEM Specialist, and others are some of the top job titles in the digital marketing industry. Depending on their job titles and the roles and obligations assigned to them, various digital marketers earn varied salaries.

While haggling in your current job, you could find it useful to have the option to ask for more money based on a better title that is implied by your job title. Even while better job titles typically come with higher pay because they frequently indicate an increase in activities and responsibilities, you can still negotiate for a higher income. A Digital Marketing Team Leader, for instance, will earn more money than a Digital Marketing Analyst. 

6- Experience 

Every field relies heavily on experience. Experience is seen by employers as a predictor of success in a similar position or industry. As a result, a person’s level of experience has an impact on their ability to find work, the starting salary they receive, and the decisions they make regarding promotions and raises. Pay packages are also influenced by years of work experience.

Postings for jobs frequently specify the required number of years of experience for the position and provide compensation in accordance with that requirement. Even within a pay range, your offer will be based on your level of experience. Digital marketers with seven years of experience will be paid more than those with five or fewer years of experience. As a result, a higher salary comes with more experience.

7- Reputation

The majority of professionals ignore this issue, but if done correctly, it can have a significant impact on your ability to earn money as a freelancer or employee. Your professional personal brand is related to your reputation in this context. While working for a computerized promoting office, computerized advertisers who are notable and regarded in the field might request a more significant compensation or charge something else for their administrations.

Many freelance businesses won’t raise wages unless they need the extra cash to pay for marketing and training because of their bad reputation. As a freelancer, you could hire a lot from a freelancing agency, but most of them don’t.

Digital Marketing Salary in Belawan in Trends.

1- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you are in digital Marketing you must have heard about SEO. SEO is done by companies and digital marketing professionals to rank the website at the top of the list in Google searches organically. 

Why is SEO important?
The trust SEO result generates for the researcher is prime and if you are listed on the top of the search naturally. It will Increase your chances to make the person a customer of your service or product.

A Median Salary of SEO in Indonesia is 1,53,00,000 IDR(Indonesia Rupiah). The skills you need to be an SEO Marketing Manager are Writing skills, Analytics skills, Keyword research, etc.

2- Social Media Marketing 

Social Media is all about posting pictures, videos, Stories, and Live videos on youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, etc. The popularity of social media platforms and networking social media will give you the power to achieve marketing and branding goals. In Indonesia, on average people spend more than 

3- Content Marketing

If you are looking to earn more revenue and leads. Then you have to include personalized content in your digital marketing strategy. It will help you to be on top of the search history and quality content will help you reach potential customers and generate genuine engagement. The involvement of CTAs (Call To Action) will connect you directly with leads. The question will help you create content and also provide visitors with information about their research.

Average Salary:
The content marketing strategist in Indonesia earns an average income of  1,35,00,000 IDR (Indonesia Rupiah) per month. This lets your personal brands shine through content and establish expertise, authority, and trust.

4- SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM is a technique used to increase the visibility of a website on a researcher’s pages which are called SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). SEM is also referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC).

SEM is also important because the increasing number of active researchers is increasing day by day. So to make them visible on your site or page from the big chunk of results you can use SEM. If someone clicks your link which is generated through SEM then you have to pay for that click.

According to, the Average cost of PPC is around $1 to 2 Dollars. Most Demand Comes from Google Ads.

5- Email Marketing

Email marketing provides you with efficiency and direct reach to customers. You can even personalize your message and make consumers happy with the preferences they had in the past. It does have the best ROI and is most underrated. You own the list of Emails that are considered to be your potential client. Personalized Email will help you generate leads easily and convert them into a client.

As per In 2022 the email marketing market size was $ 1.26 billion USD and it is projected that in 2029 it would be $2.76 billion USD. According to a survey of HubSpot company, email marketing software produced around USD 42 for every dollar spent. Further, bulk emails aid organisations in maintaining client relationships and integrating cloud computing, artificial intelligence(AI), and other technologies to efficiency. These factors are likely to drive the email marketing software market growth. 

6- ECommerce

Every individual activity performed online for buying and selling goods and services is called E-commerce(Electronic Commerce). E-commerce operates in several market segments including BtoB, BtoC, CtoC, and CtoB. According to eMarketer the worldwide market size of eCommerce was $5 Trillion. Essentially, an eCommerce Manager oversees all online activities and maintains the company’s brand on all digital properties.

As you can imagine, there’s a lot required to keep every aspect of the buying experience in eCommerce running smoothly. Almost everything can be purchased on eCommerce today; for this reason, eCommerce is often highly competitive.

Average Salary:

 A person working as an eCommerce manager in Indonesia earns around 1,51,00,000 IDR per month. 

7- Web designer

The digital components you experience on websites or pages will lead to your first impression and it is done by a web designer. To keep it interesting and engaging for customers you have implemented a custom design that reflects your brand as an identity.

Web designers plan, create, and code internet sites and web pages, many of which combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, and video clips. A web designer converts ideas into visuals for websites. It can mean working on a brand new website or updating an already existing site.

Average Salary:
The average web designer in Indonesia earns around 52,06,000 IDR per month. 

Where can you learn Digital Marketing?

The knowledge to understand the trends is important. How to allocate the market trends and create leads through trends. The demand for digital marketing in Indonesia is good. There are many jobs available and for having jobs and for certified digital marketers. In IIDE you can learn each and every expectation of digital marketing. 

IIDE is the most awarded and recognized institute. Top agencies hire from IIDE. Even the people of Tegal can learn this program because this program is in online mode.

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FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is the basic salary of digital marketing?

ANS: The average salary of a digital marketing executive begins from 3LPA to LPA. It will increase as you gain experience with time. An experienced person would get around 6-10 LPA. 

2- What is a monthly salary of a digital marketer?

ANS: The monthly salary of a digital marketer range somewhere around                                                                                                                                 14,50,000 IDR (Indonesia rupiah). It is an entry-level salary in the digital market.

3- Is digital marketing a high-paying job?

ANS: Yes, it is a high job if you have an experience of 10 years plus would give a salary of 19,19,99,600 IDR. Digital marketing is a very vast career as you will explore the domain. It might help you to be more superior level.

4- Which digital market has the highest salary?

ANS: According to, the digital marketing manager skills which        will get paid most are:-

  • Digital Marketer
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEM
  • Content Creator

5- Is digital marketing easy?

ANS: It is neither easy nor difficult. I would say it’s not difficult to understand and learn entry-level skills in digital marketing but when you step up the ladder for expertise in the skills of digital marketing you might face some difficulties over there. 


To conclude, The blog is all about getting a span of attention on the number that digital marketers get. Indonesia does have the world’s biggest digital market to be in there are several kinds of opportunities to grab. These healthy numbers are not just for them even you can get paid these much or even more. There are several types of ways you can earn in digital marketing like by doing the job or being a freelancer who will do projects/tasks.

If you want to make a career in digital marketing. At IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education) we teach you to upscale yourself with digital marketing skills we do offer 2 kinds of courses:- 

1- Post Graduation Program of 11 months which is equivalent to an MBA. 

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2- Hybrid 4-month course online-advanced digital marketing course. This course will give you deep knowledge of the digital market and you can also opt for it as online.

3- If you are keen to know about specific subjects in digital marketing like SEO(Serch Engine Optimisation), Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, E-commerce management, etc. 

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