Know in detail about the digital marketing salary in Bangil

Updated on: May 31, 2023

Do you know how digital marketing is growing so fast in the 21st century?

If you are pursuing a career in digital marketing, you’ll want to know what kind of salary they provide. To help you we have put some sufficient detail about the digital marketing salary in  BANGIL. Here you can find all the latest salary data based on years of experience.

Digital marketing involves promoting your business products or services such as email, social media, paid search, content writing, and others. Digital marketers are in high demand and their salary often reflects this,.you can expect to earn a salary according to how much experience you have. In 2020, approximately 191 million people were accessing the internet in Indonesia.

So the number of Internet users in Indonesia is forecast to cross over 1.3 billion in the near future 2023. In 2022 the number of internet users is 210.67 million, and it will start increasing to 218.95 by 2023.

What is a digital marketing salary?

Digital marketing is one of the best careers that has seen massive growth, even in the slow economy, in covid times. With the sudden rise of e-Commerce and remote work, digital marketing has become an overnight reality for many businesses. At covid time consumers stayed indoors while most businesses had to shut their doors and get their employees to work from their homes.  

If you wish to be part of the fast-paced, challenging, creative, and demanding industry then you’re on the right track! So in this blog, we will discuss the digital marketing salaries in 2023 for different marketing job roles.

The average salary for digital marketing is $5371115 {approx 430 million}per year in Indonesia and for specialists, the salary is $6914212{appox 690 million. These numbers are highly dependent on the expertise you possess, your experience in the industry, and the size of the company. 


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If you are a beginner in a digital marketing course or considering a new career in this field, here you will know how digital marketers wonder much and make in 2023. You may come across digital marketing course jobs in BANGIL that offer decent salaries or above the national average salary. Digital marketing salaries can vary from one company or industry to another.

Now you have an idea of salaries for different roles, and you’ll want to consider factors that may affect your earning potential. 

1. Educational background

For having a good or decent job in digital marketing one should have a bachelor’s degree, graduate degree, or any certificate degree in higher priority skills that lead to a higher salary. LinkedIn finds that over 94% of digital marketing professionals have at least a bachelor’s degree.

A bachelor’s degree in business, advertising, and communication might be enough for digital marketing roles. However, several digital marketers have a formal college degree but the additional qualification in digital marketing helps you in getting a higher salary.

2. Experience

A person’s background plays an important role in your earning potential salary in a digital marketing course. Experience may include employment, contract freelancer work, or even your business. The more you spend working in digital mark marketing, the more you can expect to make money or earn more

However experience is just measured in years, we can also gain experience by working in a specific industry with some specific tools. For example, a mobile marketing manager specialist makes more money or earns a salary than a marketing copywriter according to the demand of the skills.

 3. Skills

Digital marketing skills make you a more attractive candidate for this job with higher potential. One should read the job description for which you need the required skills. digital marketing requires both hard and soft skills which range from link building and technical building and technical SEO to strong communication and interpersonal skills.

 According to LinkedIn, some of the most in-demand digital marketing skills include  Social media marketing, Google Analytics, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and pay-per-check [PPC] which are listed among the top skills employers. 

 4.  Company 

Getting salaries for digital marketers varies from one company to another from company sites, business marketing budget, and their business goal. For example, Glassdoor estimates that the companies like Amazon and Disney offer digital marketing salaries to their digital marketers above $100000 [approx  RS 80 million]. Every company has its respective budget allocated for particular job roles, based on which they offer salaries to their employees.

Now, there are some companies that may offer a higher salary for a digital marketer position as compared to others. Take for example Cybage pays much more salary to a digital marketer on average in comparison to others.

 5.  City 

Salaries getting from digital marketing vary from city to city. For example, Glassdoor indicates that a digital marketer in BANGIL {INDONESIA} can expect to make an average salary of approx 430 MILLION, and for specialists, the salary is approx 690 million. These numbers are highly dependent on the expertise you possess, your experience in the industry, and the 

size of the company. When creating a budget, the salary of digital marketing differs from one city to another. In a metropolitan city, the salary is higher but in normal salary is lower. 

6. Organization 

Some of the top companies offering more than 430 million a year for digital marketers include Deloitte and Accenture. Technology startups tend to offer top salaries for the best talent and the same goes for large, data-driven companies. Bigger organizations offer higher salaries to educated and certified people showing higher potential in doing jobs.

Digital marketing salary in BANGIL trends

Digital marketing specializing in SEO, content, email marketing, and pay par check [PPC] remain in top demand. With 92% of hiring managers finding difficulties in hiring skilled managers. If you are looking to advance your career, change jobs, or expand your digital marketing team digital marketing salary will guide you through all the information. 

1. E-commerce Specialist    

 E-commerce Marketing Specialists manage the development and maintenance of e-commerce websites and portals to maximize sales and revenues. It’s also a part of their job to establish standards for product and content management, collaborate with sales and marketing teams, and identify growth opportunities using web analytics, among others.

With a boom in e-commerce and online purchases taking over in-store shopping, e-commerce specialists have become indispensable for retail businesses. Hence, it is not surprising that it is one of the most well-compensated roles in digital marketing. The average salary of an e-commerce specialist in INDONESIA  is 15,100,000 IDR PER MONTH.

2. Digital Marketing Analyst

With an emerging focus on customer data and personalization to drive sales, delight customers, and reduce costs, this field is ripe for professionals skilled in analytics.  A digital marketing analyst is responsible for performing market analysis, identifying online marketing trends, and extracting value from customer data to develop strategies that match business goals.

They also work closely with the sales and marketing teams to help them drive more leads and revenues using data-driven insights. Not surprisingly, data and web analytics are some of the highest-paid employees in organizations. The average salary of a digital marketing analyst in INDONESIA is 151,000,000 IDR.

3. Pay Per Click Analyst

The PPC ANALYST is responsible for managing and optimizing the paid ad campaigns for GOOGLE ADS and other Ad Networks. As this job includes budget management, there is a huge demand for experts in PCC/SEM. Fresher (0-1 year of work experience)- INR 2.5 LPA, Mid-Senior ( 2-5 years of work experience)  – INR 6 LPA, Senior (5+ years of work experience) – INR 10 LPA or more

4. SEO Analyst

SEO is one of the most important jobs in digital marketing. The SEO SPECIALIST must have good experience in using the tools like GOOGLE ANALYTICS, Search Console, etc. 

The role of the SEO analyst is to have a good understanding of the ranking algorithm of the search engine. it analyses and identifies the appropriate keywords for the business or the product of the client and utilizes them in a proper way that improves the ranking of the business or the product on search engines.

As per PayScale, the average salary for an SEO analyst is as follows Intern – INR 15,000 per month Fresher (0-2 years of experience) – INR 2.2 LPA. Senior (5-9 Years of Experience) – INR 4.6 LPA.Expert Manager (9+ Years of Experience) – INR 8 LPA. SEO professionals who are proven to give extraordinary growth for business have salaries as high as INR 15 LPA.

5. Social Media Marketing

The world is on Social media. Hence, it is a great source of finding potential consumers. Social Media Marketers take care of this segment. The role of a SMIMS ANALYTIC is to interact with the users or customers directly, and design, create and execute social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. SMM analysts have knowledge of tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Buzzsumo, etc. They have a sound knowledge of tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Buzzsumo, etc.  

As per Glassdoor, the salary for SMM is as follows

Freshers (0-3 years) – INR 1.5 Lakh Per Annum to INR 3.5 LPA, Mid Senior (3-5 years of experience) – INR 5.6 LPA Senior – INR 10 Lakh Per Annum 

6. Content Marketing

Every company creates relevant CONTENT to attract potential consumers of their products. Later, the produced content is marketed via newsletters, push notifications, etc. Professionals who take care of this process are known as CONTENT MARKETER. The role of the content marketing analyst is to create, promote and improve the client’s product or company’s information.

They improve the brand awareness of the client and ensure customer engagement with the brand. They have a good knowledge of SEO, strategy, and content writing.  As per PayScale, the average job for a content marketing analyst is as follows. Fresher (0-3 years of experience) – INR 2 LPA to INR 4 LPA. Mid-Senior (3-8 years of experience) – INR 6.5 LPA. Senior (8+ years of experience) – INR 10 LPA to INR 20 LPA

Where can you learn digital marketing in BANGIL?

If you’re seeking information about where and how to learn digital marketing online, you’ve come to the correct place. Digital marketing is one of the best occupations to enter right now in terms of recruiting demand and salary. I’ll also go over some online marketing classes and different ways you can learn this important skill.

We’ll start with courses because they are the best way to master digital marketing if you don’t already have connections or coworkers in the industry. Because this subject is evolving SO FAST, taking an online course will give you access to more up-to-date knowledge than a book or university program.

Here are the top online courses for digital marketing:

IIDE is India’s leading institution for digital marketing. The IIDE has raised the bar for education around the world since its founding in 2016. More than 2,35,000 students have received instruction from them in all elements of digital marketing. By taking a future-focused approach to education, IIDE makes sure that its students receive a customized, applicable curriculum that will help them in their professions.

There is a demand for digital marketing jobs in BANGIL, however, all companies are looking for qualified experts that know the ins and outs of the industry. If you are enthusiastic about digital marketing, invest your time and money in learning the subject in order to command a higher salary while applying for positions in Arjawinangun. Advanced digital marketing training from IIDE

Here are the key points:

  • 100+ hours of live class
  •  50+ hours of video lectures 
  •  Scholarships worth up to NPR 70,000
  •  1-on-1 mentoring sessions
  •  20+ industry tools mastery
  •  In-class live presentations
  •  7+ live projects and assignments 
  •  100% placement assistance
  •  Resume and interview training

Look at the reviews.

Get Assured Placements - PG in Digital Marketing



For getting a decent salary in digital marketing you must be well versed in social media marketing, Google Ads, and media planning and should have a bachelor’s degree, graduate degree, or any certificate degree in higher priority skills that lead to a higher salary.


The highest digital marketing salary that you can earn would be RS 3-4 lakhs per annum. Here are some of the highest-paying digital marketing roles – digital media manager pay per check manager, SEO specialist, and many more.


In today’s world, most people spend their time using the internet, but they are too busy and spoiled for options. Hence, it is not surprising that such roles are among the highest-paying jobs in digital marketing. In today’s marketplace, it is one of the most lucrative careers, and the salary package is not the only factor. Career growth, job security, and reputation make this career more attractive.


There are some top skills that are required to become a digital marketing expert, like data analysis, SEO&SEM, content writing, social media, design skills, etc.


In recent years digital marketing has been steadily increasing, with the growth in social media platforms seeming to be in an upward direction in upcoming years. There are numerous opportunities in this field. Digital marketers should keep track of the trends so that they can compete in the digital market world with their competitors.


TODAY’s world is digital, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic organizations are increasingly dependent on digital platforms for their marketing. Now digital marketing is at its peak with great opportunities globally. INDONESIA is also showing an increase in digital marketing professionals in the last few years. If you want to make a career in the digital marketing field, then you can check the digital marketing course in this field where the marketer is provided a decent salary.

Digital marketers experts handle various functions like SEM, PPC, SEO, EMAIL MARKETING, CONTENT MARKETING, ETC. There are core skills required for this job.


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