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From Campus To Corporate – Corporate Training for Freshers

Updated on: Sep 15, 2022

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It is critical to provide new team members with the knowledge, resources, and skills they require to succeed in their roles and contribute significantly to your company’s success. Corporate training for freshers is critical for your company’s success in order to prevent employee turnover and maintain productivity during the onboarding process. The acquisition of the skills required to get started is included in initial training, and the training should focus on ensuring that the employee has all of the information and resources necessary to perform their work effectively. 

How can a Learning Management System(LMS) help in onboarding and corporate training for freshers?

The process of formally integrating new hires into your firm, making them feel welcome and entrenched in your company’s culture, and exposing them to the resources and teams they will be working with is known as employee onboarding.

How do you onboard a fresher?

According to the Brandon Hall Group, organizations with good onboarding procedures increase productivity by more than 70% and new hire retention by 82%. Many businesses still do not take it seriously, which is a mistake. Onboarding should be viewed as an opportunity to quickly bring new hires up to speed, provide them with the knowledge they require right away, and provide them with a timeline of what to expect during their first few weeks on the job.

More and more businesses are implementing employee onboarding using a learning management system (LMS). A learning management system (LMS) facilitates the creation, storage, and enrollment in courses and learning paths. The ability to automate the process, as well as potential cost, time, and effort savings, are the primary benefits of using an LMS for onboarding.

Here are some ways an LMS can assist you with the onboarding training process:

  • Plan for Onboarding Training

Determine when your employees are fully onboarded and then work backward to determine what needs to happen to get them there.

Many businesses consider employees to have been onboarded when they are informed about important corporate policies and procedures such as IT systems, the Code of Conduct, HR processes, and the primary duties of their employment.

  • In the LMS, create your onboarding training.

Depending on the LMS, you may want to create the courseware using an in-built writing tool, import pre-existing content, or create new eLearning using an independent authoring tool.

Whatever approach you take, using a variety of resources to keep your new hires interested and involved is a great idea. When you upload all of your course materials to the LMS, you will gain access to a single content repository with built-in security and version control.

Once the content has been generated, it is a good idea to organize it into learning paths so that you can provide specialized onboarding experiences to different employee types.

  • Plan Your Training

When configuring your LMS scheduling and arranging any necessary live sessions, keep in mind that you can have a mixed solution in which certain components are delivered online via e-learning and others are delivered in person.

A good LMS for onboarding, on the other hand, will make scheduling simple by allowing you to create repeated instances of your programme.

  • Add and Enroll Your New Employees

The best onboarding LMS should provide a variety of simple enrollment options, which will most likely be accomplished through one of three basic methods:

  1. Automatic enrollment
  2. Self-enrollment
  3. Manual enrollment
  • Check Results & Metrics

You can maintain a careful check on learners’ progress and the outcomes of any tests or assessments with the help of an LMS, which often has powerful analytics and reporting engine. This helps automate the tracking of completions and results of your programs.

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Corporate training topics for freshers

Now that you know how important it is to train freshers in your organization and how a LMS can help you do that, let’s see what are the topics which should definitely be included in the training program.

1. Soft/Communication Skills

Communication is a necessary skill for all working professionals. It is important to foster the right types of communication skills if you want to achieve the maximum benefit. Your employees’ communication training should focus on three types of communication: verbal, non verbal, written. Although there are many enduring communication skills, active listening is one that should never be neglected. 

As organizations have started moving to hybrid or remote work, having an LMS will play a vital role in employee growth and management. If you use an LMS or are planning to implement an LMS, start with communication-specific modules. You can also have a look at IIDEs LMS under IIDEs Corporate training programIIDEPRO Signature which consists of modules on communication & soft skills and more.

As the employees grow in the organization and take on new roles and responsibilities, communication is a skill that will stay 100% relevant at every step.

2. Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are usually associated with public speaking,  but it is all about presenting to convince and  make the audience act accordingly. You create pretty looking slides but your content and delivery are not compelling enough, it will not create a mark on your audience. This kind of training also makes the employees more confident about themselves and reduces stage fear.

3. Workplace Etiquette

Workplace etiquette is important as it can establish mutual respect amongst colleagues,

help create a professional environment, and enhance non verbal communication skills. Workplace etiquette training could include topics like meeting etiquettes, email etiquettes, dressing etiquette, etc

4. Strategic Thinking

An employee should develop the skill of strategic thinking to help him recognise and assess the situation, prepare for the future, and manage the present. It promotes systemic thinking among the employees. They are able to accurately identify the problems and weigh the effects of their choices on various organizational sectors. This is why organizations should educate their employees on how to think strategically.

5. Stress Management

The lines between work and personal life are becoming increasingly blurred. The effects of workplace stress originate from what happens to each of us both on and off the job. Although it isn’t possible for an organization to completely eradicate stress at work, it doesn’t imply that stress management shouldn’t be a priority for your business. Healthy workers will be happier and more optimistic when dealing with reasonable levels of stress, which will contribute to preserving a strong, healthy workplace culture that encourages innovation and productivity. Stress management training should be considered in any organization. You won’t regret investing in one.

How does a company benefit from training freshers?

  • Improves their overall morale and confidence

It is normal for a beginner to feel anxious while entering a professional setting. Some of them might even be insecure. This may impede their overall growth and development professionally. They can gain more self-assurance and general morale by being trained. They are also made ready for their new lives by it.

  • Will need less supervision

When a new employee starts a job, they often work under supervision until they are prepared to handle things on their own. By providing them with the training they require, you may increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their work. Additionally, they are not required to be closely watched for a very long time.

  • Helps to increase productivity

Every time a business brings on new employees, they are searching for doers. Freshmen can profit from a training programme by expanding their expertise. They can then be more productive as a result of this. A performer who has received proper training is capable of achieving goals fast and successfully.

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Considering that the onboarding process of employees is so crucial, you won’t regret investing in IIDEs Corporate training program IIDEPRO Signature which is designed to help companies cut onboarding time by 50%, optimize capacity building, KPI setting for probation & appraisals, talent retention, and organization development. In a nutshell – save time, money & effort to retain the best talent. If employee onboarding, performance measurement, and retention is a problem areas, you must take a demo tour.


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