Best ways to Use Facebook Custom Audiences for Custom Remarketing

Updated on: Apr 5, 2017
Facebook Custom Audiences

Do not miss out on these 6 pointers which will acquaint you with custom remarketing and custom audiences. By the end of this article, you will get a lot of insights about how big brands utilize custom remarketing for boosting sales.

1. Grow Your Facebook Audience

When customers are on your website to purchase any product, it isn’t advisable to make them goon social media in order to like your page or follow your handles.
It disturbs the customer experience and it isn’t a good idea to build social media audience from the audience on the website.
Rather, building a Facebook audience by retargeting subscribers after they leave a particular website is an advisable option.

Email Marketing becomes easier at this juncture as it is easier to retarget as Digital Marketers already have customer database which includes an email address so it’s safe to shift focus to page likes. Plus, because these people are already familiar with the associated brand, they will be more likely to respond to such brands ads.

2. Upsell Existing Customers

According to Marketing Metrics, “The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%.”

Digital marketers use Custom Audiences to create a list of users who have already purchased something from a website.
Flipkart, an India based online shopping portal has a huge database of such customers. Definitely, Flipkart has more than one thing to sell then, this is a great way how they improve their customer lifetime value.

If has related products, offer them in an ad targeted at recent shoppers. Using a special, time-sensitive promotion will encourage them to take action right away.

Something like this:

3. Target People Who Abandoned Their Cart

Around 97% of visitors leave website after viewing it once. That means only 3% of shoppers convert on their visit to a store. So what about those users who didn’t make a purchase? Facebook Pixel Code makes it possible to follow up with the other 97%. By using website’s traffic, brands reach out to people who placed items in their cart but didn’t follow through with the purchase.

There are tons of reasons why people abandon their carts. Follow up with them quickly on Facebook before they forget or, worse, buy it somewhere else.

4. Sell to Active Subscribers

It is said, “Entire world can’t be your market.” Those who don’t know regarding your brand, are the hardest people to sell to. Many users don’t just visit a website for the first time and buy something. That’s why it’s hard to sell to strangers on Facebook.

However, one can improve the conversion rate by selling to active subscribers— subscribers are those people who open promotional emails who are targeted via email marketing. These are the people who open emails of various brands as they have subscribed to know more about offers and deals. These customers have not only heard of the brands, but they liked it enough to hop on subscribers list and actually read what such brands have to say.

5. Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

For small or one product based websites it’s easy to use Custom Audiences which needs a manual setup. For websites with a lot of pages, this becomes impractical. Hence Facebook Dynamic Product Ads offer a more automated solution. Web site visitors see ads based on the products they looked at, and how close they came to checking out. Digital marketers only set the parameters and create the ad template. After that, it runs automatically.

6. Build Your Email List

Building a database is good for any business. However, it’s crucial for online business. It’s the most reliable way to keep in touch with both active and potential customers. While list building generally happens on company’s website, digital marketers use Facebook to build an Email list, too.

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Don’t Forget Exclusions

Facebook has a powerful ability, it is to exclude people. Digital marketers run an ad to get website visitors on their mailing list. However, the best digital marketers exclude current subscribers.

For instance, if a social media marketer of a company is using Facebook to sell to website visitors and such brands have only one product to sell, people who are probably going to buy only once. Social media experts can save money by excluding those who have already completed a purchase.

Failing to use exclusions is the number one mistake made by digital marketers which lead to loose of revenue of the business owners who want to target customers through Custom Audiences on Facebook.


Customize your audience.
Segment your audience.
Exclude the unrequired users.
Retarget your potential customers.
Increase your sales by 166%. (Certainly)

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