Top 15 PPC Tools For Management & Automation in 2022

Updated on: Feb 2, 2022

Looking for PPC tools in digital marketing? Then you’ve just landed on the right page! 

PPC tools are tools that optimize PPC campaigns. Just like in search engine optimization (SEO), PPC campaigns also require keyword research. Apart from that landing page optimization, copywriting, competitive research, bid management, etc are also required. 

This is where PPC tools play a part in optimizing PPC campaigns. Let’s have a look at the many advantages of using PPC tools. 

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Benefits of Using PPC Tools 

The benefits of using PPC tools include –

  • Immediate results

About 1/3rd of internet users use the internet to do local business. With the help of PPC tools, you can get your link to be displayed at the top for relevant search results, therefore getting you immediate results. 

  • Increase website traffic

PPC campaigns are known to increase website traffic. With the help of the right PPC tools, you will be able to bring the right target audience to your website.

  • Increased ROI

Using PPC tools is a good way of enjoying a higher return on your investments. Over 74% of businesses who used PPC campaigns reported increased sales and business for their companies. 

  • Grow despite changes in algorithms

PPC campaigns are very much affected by changes in algorithms. Hence using PPC tools will grow your brand despite the changes. 

  • Show up Locally

With PPC tools, you can effectively set up shop locally by appearing for ‘near me’ search results effectively. The search ‘near me’ grew by over 30% due to the pandemic which means people are looking for local solutions. 

  • Competitor research

Many PPC tools allow you to do competitor research within your industry. This can save you precious time and you can focus your energy on other things that may need attention.

  • Improves analysis

PPC tools give you in-depth reports with insightful data related to your PPC campaigns. The analysis is improved and streamlined much to your advantage.

  • Identify loopholes in your campaigns

PPC tools identify the various loopholes in your campaigns. They can also offer suggestions to improve it and really turn it into a successful campaign. 

  • Increase brand recognition 

With increased visibility for certain search terms, comes increased brand recognition. Brand awareness and recognition is something you can achieve with the aid of PPC tools. 

List of Best 15 PPC Tools 

Here’s our list of the best PPC management tools. These include the best PPC tools 2020, best PPC tools 2021, and the best Google PPC tools 2022. 

1. SEMrush

Content Audit Tools

SEMrush is a tool that specializes in SEO as well as PPC – you can get the best of both worlds! It helps with paid campaigns and strategies to grow your business. It can help you find successful campaigns by your competitors for reference. It offers 40+ PPC tools and their paid plan starts at $84 for an annual subscription. 

2. PPC Entourage 

PPC Tools - Entourage

This is one of the best PPC tools for Amazon sellers. It can create and manage your Amazon ads to increase sales. The paid plan starts at &47 per month for 5 Skus and the price increases as per your needs. It has a 14-day free trial and the setup is very user-friendly. 

3. Ad Badger

PPC Tools - Ad Badger

Ad Badger trains your employees and provides access to a network or community to discuss similar business problems. It is a tool specializing only in Amazon PPC campaigns and its fee varies with your ad spending.  

4. Spyfu

Digital marketing tools - Spyfu

SpyFu offers PPC to boost your PPC campaigns with plans starting at $33 per year. You can ‘spy’ on your competitors’ ad activities. It also actively provides ad suggestions to its users. 

5. Google Ads Editor

PPC Tools - Google Ads Editor

This is a free ad creation and management tool provided by Google. The biggest advantage is that it offers a single dashboard that is uncomplicated and very easy to use. 

6. Optymyzr

PPC Tools - Optimyzr

Optymyzr is one of the most popular PPC tools in the digital marketing industry. You can easily monitor Bing Ads and Google Adwords using this platform.  You can add or eliminate keywords, adjust the placement of ads, change bigs, and much more with this tool. 

7. AdEspresso

PPC Tools - AdEspresso

This is an all-in-one tool for all your ad management needs. You can effectively manage your PPC, Facebook, Instagram, and Google ad campaigns using a single PPC tool. 

8. PPC Protect

PPC Tools - PPC Protect

PPC Protect helps you with calling out fraud. It is a useful PPC tool and has an IP blocking system. It also helps with monitoring web traffic. 

9. Bing Ads Editor

PPC Tools - Bing Ads Editor

With Bing Ads Editor, you can easily streamline your PPC ad campaigns. With Google, you can import your data, create campaigns, edit them, manage campaigns, budgets, etc. the best part is that you can manage multiple accounts together. 

10. Google Trends

PPC Tools - Google Trends

One of the best SEO and PPC tools is Google Trends. You can pick a particular keyword and see how many times it has been searched for with the help of an index volume graph. You can also compare it to other keywords.

11. Google Keyword Planner 

Online Digital Marketing Course Google Keyword Planner

With the help of Google Keyword Planner, you can create ad groups and bids for each campaign to build it. It helps you with the right keywords for the right customer, an essential part of PPC ads.

12. Optimizely

PPC Tools - Optimizely

Optimizely is one of the best tools that can help segment your target audience on the basis of consumer behavior. It also offers predictive analysis, campaign management, and more. 

13. Opteo

PPC Tools - Opteo

Opteo is one of the popular PPC tools that provide essential insights that are data-driven to improve your conversions and targets. It has a single dashboard with all performance metrics for you to track performance easily. 

14. Ahrefs

SEO for Videos - Tools - Ahrefs

Afrefs is a very popular SEO and PPC tool. It provides its users with an in-depth competitor analysis especially related to search ads and keywords. The cool part is it notifies you of any new ads that your competitor launches in real-time. 

15. Keyword Spy

PPC Tools - Keyword Spy

Keyword Spy is a free SEO and PPC tool mainly for research. It helps you track your competitors’ best-performing content and keywords. You can also keep track of their ad performance, copy, etc. 

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Q. What is a PPC tool?

A PPC tool is a tool that optimizes your PPC (pay-per-click) ad campaigns. You can manage and monitor your PPC ad campaigns better with PPC automation tools. 

Q. What are the types of PPC?

The different types of PPC include – 

  • Paid search marketing
  • Remarketing
  • Google shopping
  • Social media ads
  • Display ads


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