Find Out How to Create the Best Content for Youtube in 2024

Updated on: Apr 3, 2023
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Do you know what it takes to get to a million subscribers on YouTube? Unique and consistent content! In 2024, the race to make it big on YouTube is difficult but with a content plan, you will be sorted.

In this blog, we will discuss the best content for your YouTube channel and how can you create trending content according to your niche. We will also dive into what type of videos get the most viewed on YouTube and how to create the best content for new YouTube channels. 

But why YouTube is worth your time?

Every month, YouTube has over 2.7 billion active users.


Over one billion hours of content are seen on YouTube every day by users.


Over 500 hours of fresh videos are added to YouTube every minute.


At home, 75% of consumers use their mobile devices to watch YouTube videos.


8/10 marketers consider YouTube to be one of the best channels for advertising their products or services.

Given the amount of time individuals spend on YouTube across various devices, the variety of videos they view is diverse and unique. This variation reflects the fact that YouTube users range in age and demography. The platform accommodates a wide range of interests and preferences.

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Let us now dive into the Youtube channel category that are most profitable in 2024.

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List of Best Content for Youtube Channels 

Now before we dive into the list, check out these shocking statistics related to video marketing!

Here’s a list of some of the best and east content for YouTube channels –

1. ‘How to’ Guides

There are many ways of learning and with so many methods available today, everybody chooses a combination of the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic ways of learning. How-to guides are a great virtual learning experience both visually and auditory.

2. Personal Finance Videos

Everybody wants to get educated about how to grow wealth and amp up their personal finances. This is a great way of establishing authority in the finance world and imparting knowledge to users. You can invite finance gurus as guests to your channel as well to guide your audience. 

3. Celebrity gossip

Newspapers and magazines have survived celebrity gossip for many years. It has now become a profitable business for YouTube channels. The TMZ celebrity channel is a good example of this.

4. Product reviews

Product reviews are one of the top reasons that people turn to YouTube. With so much awareness, users want to make an informed decision before making a purchase. From makeup products such as Lakme to high-value products such as luxury cars like Audi – YouTube is a great place to make product reviews on these. 

People want to see how the makeup looks and if the interiors of the car are up to mark or not, as they can then relate more. Shreya Jain and Malvika Sitlani are some of the popular bloggers in India who also do product reviews on makeup and clothing. 

5. Vlogs

A vlog is short for a video blog. It talks about how you spent your time during a particular experience, similar to a blog but in video format. Once you have a good following, you can start vlogging about your life with product reviews as well. Sourav Joshi’s vlog is one of the best in India. 

6. Educational videos

Many students today take to YouTube for educational guidance. They find it helpful to have all the information they need before even consulting a career counselor. You can select your niche and also include student experiences. Check out IIDE’s YouTube channel to understand how experts teach digital marketing on Youtube.

7. Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos are like a haul and review video. It is a 21st-century concept where the audience watches another person open a box of products and gives them a first-hand impression and can move into a review.

8. Gaming videos

The best content for YouTube gaming channels is the gaming walk-through. It shows a person walking through the game and unlocking different levels or giving their impression as a gamer. It is the best gaming content for a Youtube channel.

9. Skincare 

A skincare channel is similar to a special TV program on YouTube where individuals discuss how to care for their skin. They offer advice on how to use various products, demonstrate how to maintain healthy skin, and discuss which products are excellent and which are not.

Apart from these, a skincare channel may offer more than just skincare advice. It can also have product reviews, how-to videos for specific skincare products, and natural or do-it-yourself skincare solutions. All these things together provide a wide range of content to help viewers on their skincare journey.

10. Cooking 

If you work in the culinary industry, consider starting a cooking channel where you may periodically highlight items or services. Alternatively, if you enjoy cooking and want to share your talents and experience, creating your own YouTube channel might be a rewarding enterprise to pursue.

Once you understand your target audience’s opinions, you may produce a series of recipes targeted to various demands, such as quick and easy foods ideal for those living in PGs or hostels.

11. Art 

Creating an Art channel on YouTube for fellow artists is an exciting idea for anybody who is enthusiastic about creativity. It not only allows you to display your artistic technique but also allows you to exchange useful art instructions, establishing a community of like-minded individuals. Whether you’re an experienced artist or a novice, an Art channel serves as a blank canvas on which to express yourself, find inspiration, and experiment with various creative styles. 

Tips for Beginners & New YouTube Channels

Listed below are a few tips and tricks for beginners with new Youtube channels –

Understand the purpose 

Firstly, understand what is the purpose behind starting your YouTube channel. It is a good YouTube tip for beginners. Do you want to share your knowledge with the world? Or your talent? Is this video content part of your marketing strategy? Or is it your sole purpose? Once you have an idea of your purpose, you can move ahead.

Get your account verified

After creating a YouTube account, it is important to verify it to gain access to certain features such as customized video thumbnails.

Create a banner

The first impression can be the last impression. A good banner can really entice a user to click on the video, explore your channel, and subscribe to it as well. It is placed right above your channel. 

Reach out to your niche audience

Finding your niche audience and creating content focused on them. Discover topics relevant to them and how you can create value. Try and create content from the perspective of an industry expert. 

Just start posting or recording

Do not overthink it. The right time is now! Do not strive for perfection in the first go. It is a journey that you are just starting. 

Do not worry so much about the video

Some new Youtubers are fixated on video angles, quality, and equipment. Use your smartphone initially and later if need be, and invest in a camera.

Do not overthink the audio

Just like you shouldn’t overthink the video, do not overthink the audio. Invest in a microphone once your channel picks up.

Do your SEO research 

YouTube is not only a platform for videos – it is a search engine for videos. It is important to familiarize yourself with the best SEO practices for Youtube. Check out this guide for the ultimate SEO practices for videos. Add keywords to your metadata, video title, and description. 

Check Youtube Analytics

Always make it a point to check your YouTube analytics. You can apply the insights to your future and existing strategy. 

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Q. What youtube niche ideas have the maximum CPM?

Some of the best Youtube niche ideas include – 

  • Online business
  • Real estate
  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Stock market
  • Fitness
  • Marketing
  • Makeup
  • Automotive

Q. Which are the top 3 channels on YouTube that make the most money?

The top 3 channels on Youtube that make the most money are –

  • Cost and pricing
  • Personal problems
  • Reviews


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