10 things you can do in this quarantine

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This quarantine seems never-ending and believe it or not, we’re all starting to go a little crazy. But let’s take a look at the brighter side! With ample time on our hands, we can take a much-deserved break, put a pause to our tedious routines and have some time for ourselves.

Habel Jacob, IIDE’s School of Design Student has designed 10 beautiful illustrations depicting things that you can do during this quarantine:

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1) Spend time with your family

spend time with family

All of us are so engrossed in our lives and in chasing our dreams that we struggle to make time for our family. A family is the biggest asset that one could ask for, hence it is important to spend time with loved ones. There’s nothing more beautiful than coming together and bonding over food, reminiscing old memories, playing games, talking, laughing and sharing laughter. This is the perfect time to make up for all the “you never spend time with your family” complaints!

2) Bring out your inner Masterchef


A lot of us often order food from food delivery platforms due to a busy lifestyle or lack of time for cooking.  At other times, we go to restaurants to dine and hangout. Well, now that both of these things are risky, and you have a lot of time on your hands, you can finally start learning to cook all those delicious dishes you crave for.

You can either learn all those age-old recipes from your mother or grandmother or experiment by watching cooking videos on YouTube. It is time to bring out the Masterchef in you.

3) Declutter

clean your house

No matter how neat and tidy you naturally are (or you aren’t), it’s all too easy for clutter to pile up in your home. There are bills, books, clothes, gadgets, gifts and so many other odds and ends that you rarely use. During this lockdown, you can use the time to declutter your surroundings and keep your house clean. And don’t forget to add digital cleaning to your list as well. Organize your gallery, inbox, contacts and delete all the unnecessary stuff!

4) Talk to your neighbour

talk to your neighbours

Usually, you step out of your house and rush to your workplace, or go to buy stuff, or go to visit someone. Because of your busy schedule, you hardly have time to talk to your neighbours or spend time with them. In this lockdown, you can ask them how they are, what are they up to, how their kids or parents are doing and how they are coping with all this. Be generous to people around you and help someone in need during such a difficult time.

5) Reconnect with friends

reconnect with friends

We all have some great friends we would love to catch up with. Now is the time to do that. Reconnect with your old friends, laugh at your old memories, ask them how they are doing in life. You might be surprised by how much you have missed out on their lives. It’s time to give them a call.

6) Start reading

read books

It is rightly said that buying books and reading books are two different hobbies. If you have been putting off reading some of the books on your list, it is time to start reading them now. Get lost in the world of words, get transported into amazing storylines, or get inspired by someone’s biographies. Use this lockdown to pick that book you want to read, get comfortable, and flip open the first page.

7) Learn something new

join an online course

There are a range of websites that offer online courses. Whatever you want to learn, be it graphic designing, data science, digital marketing, writing, photography, coding or anything else, there are online tutorials for everything. Hop on to websites like Udemy and take up an online course! You can also check out IIDE’s range of online courses if you wish to take learn a new skill during this lockdown.

8) Spend time with nature

hang out with plants

If you have some plants, its time you spent more time with them. Tend to them, water them, see them grow. If you have a garden, you can spend your time gardening. Being with nature will calm you down and give you that much-needed peace from the hustle-bustle of your fast-paced life.

9) Exercise

Exercise and workout

Get your body working and boost your immunity by staying fit. There are a lot of apps that can help you out with home workouts. The best part is you don’t even need any equipment. If you have been missing out on your gym sessions then you can keep working out at home. If you have never been to a gym session, then this is the best time to start your fitness journey.

10) Learn a new instrument

Learn music

Learning to play a new musical instrument can be a great way to unleash your creativity. Getting a new hobby like such can be a great stress buster too. Learn some new songs, some new chords, some new ragas, or some new beats. You now have ample time to sit and practice music.

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With no idea about when this COVID-19 pandemic we end, the best we can do is to spend our time wisely. We will look back at this and see how much we have grown during this period. The important thing to remember is to stay at home and to stay safe. 


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