Zomato: Case Study

When you come across a post which makes you smile or makes you share it on the social platform or makes you tag your friends; consider that post to be engagement friendly. Food discovery brand Zomato is the perfect example of engagement on social media. Zomato case study is worth a read case study for all readers. Know, why is it crucial for brands to engage on social media forums and how Zomato does that very well.

First of all, let us know more about Zomato.

According to Wikipedia,

Zomato is a restaurant search and discovery service founded in 2008. It currently operates in 23 countries, including India, Australia and the United States.

zomato case study

What is Zomato.com all about?

Food discovery brand, Zomato provides information and reviews on restaurants, including images of menus where the restaurant does not have its own website.In addition, there are restaurants which have their own websites, Zomato still allows customers to check various aspects of such a restaurant on their application and website.

zomato case study

Zomato Case Study: Why Zomato.com?

First of all, this brand has a widespread social media presence. Social Media Management is crucial for any brand or e-commerce business. Zomato.com has come a long way from assisting the users to find various restaurants in the nearby locality or a specific location to engaging with them on Social Media.

Consequently, Zomato.com has assisted end number of users on the grounds of contact details, online menu, restaurant reviews, pictures of various dishes offered by the particular restaurant, customer-owner feedback and the latest online orders.

zomato case study

Since it was mentioned before as well, you are now aware that Zomato.com has a crazy reach out on Social media. It has a managed to maintain its Social Media Engagement in comparison with various other brands. Zomato.com has managed to understand the Facebook Algorithm. For a fact, Zomato.com is renowned for its social media engagement; especially Facebook Engagement. To know more about Facebook Engagement, kindly read this article on ‘What is Facebook Engagement?’.

So, let’s understand how Zomato.com carries out Facebook Engagement-


Zomato engages with the audience by posting on trendy topics. The brand understands audience’s nature. Hence, it promotes content which makes users share it, comment on it and view it again and again. It utilises trendy topics and posts simple images in order to interact with viewers online.

One of the most noteworthy events in the field of sports is Olympics. During 2016 Olympics, Zomato posted something like this.

zomato case study

Consequently, after the Olympics came the trendiest topic of the year Pokemon Go! “It took 20 years to become an overnight success.” – Pokemon Go. However, it seems like Zomato took 20 minutes to design such a wonderful design. These images are shared by the audience.

zomato case study

There is more in addition.

The famous Panama Papers. Zomato had something in their mind. That was this-

zomato case study

Posting on the trendy topics built connectivity with the audience. Probably, users don’t wish to think much when they are on social media. As a matter of fact, users are there on social media to enjoy and see funny content. And, when such content appears on their news feed, expect your content to be shared. For sure!

Current Affairs

Many in the United States and people across the world know about the border issue between the United States and Mexico. Newly elected President Donald Trump had promised that he would ensure that Mexico would build the wall between the two nations and pay for it.

zomato case study

Zomato.com had some different plans in their mind. Current topics were related to food. “Taco lovers” would have surely reacted to this post in large numbers. Such posts leave an impression on the social media audience.


Zomato.com has been a master of utilizing this form of engagement. There are tons of examples to showcase how comparisons have been carried out by Zomato.

Here you go:

There two set of people who eat.

zomato case study

Those who eat a lot yet they maintain their weight, while others who are overweight.

Girls and Boys

zomato case study

Girls tend to check the dish and decide what to eat, while Guys. They had to look at the price of each dish.

Two ways how people eat,
Yet another splendid image which showcases: Sophisticated people eat with Spoon and fork while.

zomato case study

Yet, the best one is here,

There are two ways people eat Pizza.

They are –

zomato case study

You can relate to such images just by looking at it. You will like, share, comment, recommend to others. That’s what Zomato wants, engagement with you, interaction with you, a real life user.

Connectivity with audience

‘How I ate your butter’.

zomato case study

Sounds wrong, right?
Does it remind you of something else?

It has to. How I met your mother.
There is more. Check this.

zomato case study

Isn’t it similar to Game of Thrones?

zomato case study

How can Indians forget this? Demonetization
Users can relate to many things. Right from lifestyle or incidents in the life of actors-actresses to social media content; users love such content to which they can relate to.

Wait. There is more to it.


You wouldn’t miss out this.

It is related to your food habits. Zomato uses info-graphics in a way which audience can relate too. 96% of the youngsters would relate to this image with ease.

zomato case study


Ultimately, how can we miss out on Sarcasm?

Isn’t Facebook fully loaded with such content?

Check out how Zomato.com posts sarcastic content

zomato case study

And beyond that

While, we are sure; you wouldn’t like to miss these ones.

At all!

zomato case study

Creepy! Isn’t it?

That’s how Zomato engages with their audience.

Content which can be easily put up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is posted by Zomato. Therefore, Zomato tries to convey messages in a minimalistic manner. The designs are sober and attractive at the same time. Because of these higher engagement techniques, Zomato is a brand worthy to be studied as a case study. In addition to that, Social Media Examiner as well considers Zomato’s social media engagement extremely relevant. According to socialmediaexaminer.com, ‘Zomato, a restaurant finder app, writes excellent and witty social media posts. They ask questions designed to genuinely get to know their fans and include intriguing, above-average graphics. As a result, their posts always get huge engagement.’


Do you want to know more about Facebook Engagement? Read more.

Since Zomato matches the Facebook Algorithm requirements, it becomes crucial for Zomato to relevantly post pictorial content, infographics etc. The digital marketing team of Zomato interacts with the audience. As a result, there are quick replies to the comments posted by the users on Facebook Page.
Creative images, regular posts, engaging content makes it possible for Zomato to reach out to the audience on their social media handles.


Design tempting-creative content.
Be sweet-street-smart.
Engage with your eager audience.
Serve crispy posts.
Be like Zomato.