What our Web Analytics Course is all about?

If you’re looking for a Web Analytics Course, then you need not look any further. Our course in web analytics is a one-week comprehensive training program that explores the world of analytics in great depth. The course starts with the objective of helping you understand why web analytics is important for any website.  

The prime focus of the course is learning and making optimum use of Google Analytics. Through the analytics training sessions, students gain a definitive understanding of analytics terminology such as bounce rate, session time, page views, etc. Students learn how a website is tracked and what information can be extracted from it. In addition, they receive guidance from top Google analytics trainers with decoding Google Analytics reports. This involves identifying the source of the website traffic, audience demographics, behaviour of the visitors and website conversions. 

The web analytics training then moves in the direction of analysing data on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. This knowledge of analytics will help you extract, measure relevant data and understand website traffic which is beneficial to any business. Analytics is that powerful tool which is the key to optimising your advertising strategy and website content into delivering better business results.

Successful completion of this course will enable you take up a job in an Online Advertising or Digital media agency or simply help your business perform better online. If you wish to master Web & Social Analytics, then IIDE’s Web Analytics Course in Mumbai is just what you need.

Web Analytics Course at IIDE

Web Analytics Course Details

  • Use of analytics in Digital marketing
  • Understanding Google Analytics
  • Website tracking
  • Tracking Visitor source
  • Key dimensions & metrics
  • Goal setting
  • Conversion funnel
  • E-commerce reporting
  • Decoding Audience, Behavior & Acquisition report
  • Real-time reports
  • Analytics on Twitter and Facebook
  • Instagram analytics
  • YouTube analytics
  • Heat Mapping tools

Date: 17th – 22nd August 2017

Duration: 9 hours

Fees: Rs. 6,500/-

Time: 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Location: IIDE, Andheri (W), Mumbai

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