Super Session With Vishal Rupani

Advisor – TripperWifi

Beyond Targeting – Creativity in Mobile Advertising!

  • We hosted Mr. Vishal Rupani, Advisor at TripperWifi, for a Super-Session on Creativity in Mobile Advertising!
  • As more and more consumers gain easy access to the internet via mobile networks, the ‘Mobile Phone’ is quickly becoming the primary device being used to browse the internet. Vishal’s session gave us an insight into how advertisers can reach their consumers on a mobile phone more creatively
  • He shared a few examples like the Burger King ‘Burn that Ad’ campaign, Reebok Floatride mobile ad, FitBit’s ‘Showroom on your wrist’ campaign, etc to showcase how different sensors and features on a mobile phone could be harnessed to develop an interactive and engaging ad creative
  • While it’s important to get our targeting and message right, it is just as important to get the ad creative right as well
  • Vishal emphasized how a good ad creative helps build a better emotional connection with the consumer and leads to an increased brand recall
Super Session With Vishal Rupani