Masterclass Overview

The eCommerce industry is bringing in the next wave of positive change for the economy. Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra have all shown us that eCommerce truly is the future. These stores became as big as they did because they realised the potential of the eCommerce market and tapped into the opportunity to sell products online. If you’ve been thinking about setting up your online store, then the time is ripe to start your own eCommerce business.

For this, you need to know how to build your online store, what tools you can use, how you can manage your inventory, how you can attract customers and so much more. This masterclass will help you learn all the basic ropes of starting your eCommerce store .

Learn important concepts

Know how to start eCommerce business and manage it end-to-end

20 Minutes

Make sure you have 20 minutes to watch how to start an online business

Watch Anytime

Watch the class on how to start eCommerce business instantly or watch later

What You Will Learn

As the COVID pandemic continues, one of the most essential questions that businesses are asking is, “How to start eCommerce business ?” or “how to start an online business “. As people move online to buy products, every business will look towards selling on the internet. This means that there will be a huge requirement of skilled people who know how to start eCommerce business in .

We realised the need and this is exactly what we are offering. The masterclass will teach you everything there is to know to set up an eCommerce business and will make you a proud owner of your online store by the end of the session, that too in just under 20 minutes.

You will also learn to use the Shopify platform to build your store and customize it according to your requirements.

Knowing how to start an eCommerce business in is going to give you an edge in this world that is rapidly depending on buying and selling online.


What is Shopify

Understand What is Shopify, why it is the most popular eCommerce platform and should you use it to start eCommerce business .


Making an account on Shopify

Learn how you can make an account on Shopify before you can start eCommerce business. Learn about different Shopify plans and what they can offer you.


Set up a theme

Watch the step by step guide to theme your online store. Learn how you can choose the perfect theme when you start eCommerce business to make the shopping experience of customers easy.


Customizing your shop

Learn to customise your online shop with images, brand colours, elegant designs and so much more. Know how you can add your unique vibe to your store when you start eCommerce business .


Creating a mobile optimised website

Having a mobile-optimised online store is an absolute necessity when you start eCommerce business today because a majority of people visit your store from mobile devices. This means that you have to be ready for that. Learn how you can make your store optimised for mobiles.


Adding products in the store

When you start eCommerce business you will need to learn how you can add products to your store so that people can find them when they visit your store. Know how important are product descriptions and images to ensure that your buyers can easily make shopping decisions.


Categorising products

Learn how you can categorise products so that people can find them easily in your store. Understand categorisation and how you can do that on Shopify when you are just about to start eCommerce business .


How to manage inventory

Inventory management is the backbone of any online store. When you start eCommerce business you need to know how you can manage the inventory of your products in your Shopify store. Understand how you can keep a track of your inventory so that you can restock your products as and when required.


Managing staffers on Shopify

If you are about to start eCommerce business , you will get some people to work with you on it. If you have people who work for you, you will need them to have their account. Understand how you can give them access to your store to help you manage everything from the backend.


Managing orders

After you start eCommerce business , it will start getting popular. Orders will start pouring in. Understand how you can manage orders from the customers and ensure that everything is running smoothly.


Recording transactions

Recording transactions is necessary to keep a track of the inventory as well as the finances when you start eCommerce business . Learn how you can do that on the Shopify platform. Understand how you can view these records whenever you need them.


Shopify Dashboard

Get to know the Shopify dashboard and where everything is placed. Right from your settings to order tracking to inventory management, you need to know where you can find which data when you start eCommerce business .


Marketing on Shopify

Just adding your products to your store is of no use if you don’t market them. Before you start eCommerce business , you should learn how you can undertake marketing activities from Shopify to get more sales from customers.


Marketing dashboard

Get to know your way around the Marketing Dashboard of Shopify. This will help you keep a track of all your marketing activities and campaigns that you will run after you start eCommerce business .


Running Marketing Campaigns

Learn how you can set up marketing campaigns when you start eCommerce business using Shopify to promote the products on your online store. Know how you can reach out to your potential buyers and convert them into paying consumers.


Email marketing on Shopify

Emails are one of the most popular tools used by marketers to convey their message to customers when they start eCommerce business . Learn how you can run email campaigns from Shopify to nurture your entire customer base.


Email templates

Email templates make your emails look good and are very useful when you start eCommerce business . Know how you can make customised emails that people love to read. Learn to select and edit email templates to make them look very professional.


Automating emails

Learn how you can automate your email marketing when you start eCommerce business so you can just sit back and relax while your emails bring in sales for your business.


Applications and Add- on services

The best part about Shopify is that it allows you to add various applications and add-on services that can enhance the capability of your eCommerce store. Use them when you start eCommerce business so that you can give more power to your online store.


Payment setup

Learn how to set up the payment gateway to collect all the money that your shoppers give you. Understand how you can ensure that all the payments are secured and safe.

Who should enroll for the Masterclass?



If you are a student who wants to make a career in the eCommerce industry, then this masterclass will help you build a good foundation for it. Watch it to learn more about how you can start eCommerce business and make a career out of it.

Working Professionals

If you want to add eCommerce marketing skills to your resume, then this masterclass is perfect for you. Learn how you can start eCommerce business and use the knowledge for your company or brand.


Business Owners

If you want to sell your products online, then this Masterclass is perfect for you. You will get a good understanding of how you can start eCommerce business and make your products available online for people to order.

A Curious Soul

If you are a curious soul wondering about how you can build an eCommerce store without coding knowledge or how the entire online eCommerce ecosystem works, then you will get some amazing insights in this masterclass.


Startup Founders

If you are going to start eCommerce business , it is necessary to understand how you can leverage the power of eCommerce to reach more customers. This Masterclass will enlighten you about how you can start your eCommerce business and set up and manage your eCommerce store online.

Meet Your Instructor

Shivam Bansal is a Digital Marketing Professional and Public Speaker and has worked with several cross-cultural teams over the years. He has experience in international business and is best suited to share his learnings with you about how to start eCommerce business . He is deeply passionate about all avenues in business, especially sales, marketing, corporate strategy, data analysis and other expressions of creativity in general.


  • Co-Founder Dastaa Travels
  • Worked with AIESEC, Polska
  • Worked with Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

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What Our Learners Say about the Session

This guide on how to start eCommerce business was very informative. The information that Shivam shared is something that everyone must know, especially if you are just starting your online eCommerce business. Do not hesitate to watch it.

Gaurav Singhania
Amazing guide about how to start eCommerce business. By the end of the session, I had my online store set up. And now I have even started making sales from it. Thank you for teaching all this. Great Session.
Manan Patel
I loved the session on how to start a eCommerce business. I had many questions about setting up my online store. This session gave me a good direction to proceed and explained everything.
Riti Singh
I didn’t know it was this simple to start eCommerce business . I got everything in place- right from website design to product inventory to payment gateway within an hour by following the instructions.
Gaurav Singhania
This simple but detailed video session is something that you should not miss watching if you really want to learn how to start eCommerce business. One of the most practical video guides that I have seen.
Shantanu Jha
Shopify is an amazing platform. Thanks to Shivam for teaching me how to start eCommerce business. I loved the way he taught everything. IIDE always comes up with great courses.

Amar Mehta
Become a proud owner of your own online store or learn to manage ecommerce stores for top brands