SEO Meetup


SEO Meetup

While using Google, how often is it that you end up finding your answers on the first page? Even more so in the first 5 links?

Well, 95% of people stick to the first page and 89% of them find their answer in the first 5 links. All of this and more was explained in a 2 hour meetup conducted by Meherzad Karanjia, the Chief Learning Officer at IIDE,conducted at 91springboard 74Technopark.

The meetup commenced with learning about SEO and its importance, how to recognize the best keywords that matter for one’s business, short term and long term SEO strategy basis the keywords shortlisted and implementation of these keywords on one’s site to ensure the content is both search friendly and Google friendly.

The meetup concluded with how one could nurture the lead once he/she has shown interest in the business.

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