Schbang SuperSession 2017


Schbang SuperSession 2017

The founder of one of the best digital agencies of India – ‘Schbang’, Akshay Gurnani, took a session on how Digital Marketing Agencies need to realise the potential of working with relevant social media influencers.

It was a very interactive session where Akshay had shared some of the campaigns he had worked on, for clients like B-Blunt, Gardnier, Natures Basket, Lodha, Sequoia. One of the campaigns which was most interesting was for B-Blunt for whom they made a superb campaign called “#DirtyLittleSecret”.

The campaign was made to promote their ‘Dry Shampoo’ & how it is every girls #DirtyLittleSecret to perfect looking hair. Prominent bloggers which were part of the campaign included influencers like Malini Agarwal aka Miss Malini, Scherezade Shroff, Santoshi Shetty, Komal K and Shanaya Sardesai among many others.

He concluded the session by sharing his tips for aspiring digital marketers & what will take them ahead in this industry. One of the most important things he stressed on was the importance & the rise of video content as it is easier to consume for viewers & is also preferred by all social media platforms.

It was great having him at IIDE as the students got to learn a lot about how Schbang made it big in the industry & definitely inspired a lot of them by sharing his story to pursue their own ventures in the near future.