Super Session With Sahil Siddiqui

AVP of Creative Strategy – WATConsult

PUNCHING UP! For creativity that matters.

  • ‘Punch Up’ is the motto that Sahil has believed in all his life and he shared the various things that he and his team have done over the years to make memorable campaigns.
  • He cited out amazing campaigns by companies like Cricbuzz, MX Player, Racold etc. as case studies and how the approach is different with each creative campaign.
  • At all times the consumer has to be at the top of mind and at no time must the company be in a position of jeopardy. It is important to ask yourself questions before you create a campaign and keep the customer, industry and the brand in the mind.
  • It is not always necessary to create a video or a design each time, sometimes adding a human element does a great job too. And always remember to have the intent of ‘punching up’
  • “Creativity for the sake of creativity is harmful in the professional space.” -Sahil Siddiqui