Role of Storytelling in Design


Role of Storytelling in Design

Have you ever been the kind of person who appreciates good aesthetics?

Have you ever noticed how every update of Google makes the homepage more minimal or how Apple makes its interface more user-friendly?

Well, Meherzad Karanjia who is the Chief Learning Officer at IIDE conducted a meetup at our IIDE Andheri campus on The role of Storytelling in Design. He explained that a good design has a purpose and functionality that it meets. It helps a person go from point A to point B in the simplest way and allows people to understand a concept in the least amount of time making things clearer which eventually helps in decision making.

Examples of how brands implement storytelling on their websites through banners/error messages/ chatbots/ experiential design were given.

The meetup culminated with a class exercise on building a prototype for a website with all that the attendees learnt.

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