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Updated on: May 30, 2019
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Killer Jeans Digital Marketing Strategy


Created in 1989, Killer Jeans was the first international denim brand in India. Killer Jeans own a total of 74 stores across Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities. It also has a 25% market share in the denim category. The company makes 2.25 lakh pair of jeans every month.

It positions itself as – “Denim with an attitude.” The brand marketing budget for the year 2018 was around 22 Cr. out of which digital media was given priority.

Digitally on Facebook, it has 142K followers and is actively present on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.




Levi’s targets the upper middle class and upper-class segment. The brand is positioned as outgoing and stylish. The brand USP is that it is the oldest jeans brand, yet modern in its style and fit. Levi’s owns a mobile application of its own.


Spykar positions itself as a brand that follows the culture and trends. It has an Indian mass appeal as it is an Indian brand.

Survey Results

People nowadays prefer brands like Levi’s and Lee over Killer Jeans.

They still prefer to buy jeans from an offline store as they want to check the quality physically and check the fitting of the clothes. The types of denim that they wear have a strong impact on the personality that they wish to portray.

Customer Pain Points

  • Brand communication seems to be more one way
  • Less brand awareness as compared to its competitors
  • Less connect with the youth that the brand is targeting

Digital Marketing Strategy Insight

Killer Jeans with their digital marketing strategy has always tapped into concepts like “This is Us” and “Together as One”. The brand has always believed in connecting with the youth and communicating a strong message to them.

Currently looking at the situation and the elections approaching this year, Vinika Shah and Trishla Lakhani would encourage the youth to stand up and support what is right, in the India society with their Social Media Marketing Campaign.

Concept Note

Political parties in power have made undue promises to the current generation. Out of which some of the promises have been fulfilled and some not. This campaign would purely focus on highlighting the things that have been promised and fulfilled. It would also bring to notice expectations that the citizens have from the new government that would come in power.

Campaign Objective

  • To promote the brand’s identity as “rebellious”
  • To generate more awareness about the brand leading to increase in sales
  • To make a strong connection with the target audience through constant two-way communication

Campaign Description

The campaign would run under the hashtag #KillerFiller and would be divided into 4 stages.

Stage 1

This phase would be highlighting the “killer” promises that have been fulfilled by the government in the past 10 years.

This phase would be launched by posting creatives across all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and blogs.

Duration: 8 Days

Stage 2

This phase would have more of on-ground activities in terms of street plays, flash mobs, and skits. The street plays would show the topics such as the changes and developments taken place in that city in the last 10 years when XYZ party was in power.

These activities will take place in malls, airports, railway stations, and movie theatres

The end of this phase would trigger the launch of the third phase i.e., the #KillerFillerChallenge

Live videos on all social media platforms, coverage of the same on news channels, regional or local news channels depending on the city will be used to share these events.

Duration and Location: 20 Cities, 20 Days

Stage 3

This phase would focus on promoting the #KillerFillerChallenge which will be a viral challenge for the youth of the nation showcasing the expectations of the masses and directing it to the nominated election candidates.

Social Media Platforms (majorly twitter polls), YouTube Ads and testimonial videos, OOH, Ambient Advertising, Newspaper Advertorials, Quora Questions will be used to showcase this.

Duration: 15 Days

Stage 4

This phase would focus on lightening the mood of the campaign by getting in a renowned influencer. It would also softly promote the products that the brand is offering.

This will be done through Social Media Marketing and YouTube videos.

Duration: 6 Days

Offline Marketing

Following mediums would be used to market the campaign offline

  • HD Video Standees
  • Hoardings
  • Newspaper Advertisements


The above campaign has been planned to integrate online and offline mediums. Through this campaign, the brand will have a strong media presence as compared to its competitors. Through the content of this campaign, the brand will have a larger impact on the audience.

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