Keventers: Digital Marketing Strategy by Abhishek Rasane and Ayushman Jain

Updated on: Apr 10, 2018
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As a part of their course assignments, IIDE students do a case study of the marketing strategies of various brands. Abhishek Rasane and Ayushman Jain chose to analyse Keventers Digital Marketing Strategy. You can have a look at the presentation below as well as the textual summary to get some visual insights into their e-marketing strategy.

Quickly turning into the most popular hangout spot of people of all ages in India, Keventers is a milkshake store no one can ignore. First, their bottles popped up all over social media, then their stores reached every major metropolis, and now it is one of the most famous brands for milkshakes in the country.

About Keventers

In the 1920s, Edward Keventer, a Danish dairy entrepreneur established manufacturing units in India and within a decade, expanded to 4 cities, Delhi, Aligarh, Calcutta and Darjeeling.

Post-independence, Ram Krishna Dalmia bought the Sardar Patel Marg (Delhi) plant from Keventers son Werner and modernised it by incorporating the latest milk bottling machinery and imported pasteurizers into their system.

With the updated facilities, Dalmia successfully established Keventers as a popular milk and ghee manufacturer, and the company’s milk powder became its bestselling product. Soon, they began to produce ice-creams and by the 1960s, they had become an established brand in that niche too.

By the 1970s, Keventers was such a common product in Delhi households that instead of using the word ‘milkshake’, most Delhiites referred to it as ‘Keventers shake’!

However, during this period, the land on which their main factory had been built was reacquired by the government and Keventers had to shut operations there. With their biggest factory shut, they had trouble coping with demand and eventually stopped production altogether.

The Dalmia’s still owned the brand though, and in 2015, Agastya Dalmia, Ram Krishna’s great-grandson, decided to bring the original Keventers back to life. Along with his college friend Aman Arora, he opened the doors of their first outlet in March 2015 at a mall in Delhi.

By January 2016, they had opened 4 more outlets. By 2019 they had over 250 outlets across the country and they now plan to expand abroad as well.


Target Audience

When the revival of the brand was being thought about, the major challenge was making a brand that gen x knew famous for gen y. The main target audience was people in the age group of 18 to 30- the youth who would love to go to cafés and stores to hang out, and those who were fluent with using online food delivery apps to order these milkshakes home.

Marketing Strategies

Search Engine Optimisation

Keventers has not put a lot of efforts in SEO. One of the reasons could be because their audience does not purchase their products through their website. Their customers are based on third-party food ordering platforms or are offline store visitors.

Here is the Woorank SEO report for Keventers website:

To make their website appear Infront of more people Keventers could do keyword research for relevant keywords to include in their website content. This would increase its visibility.

They could add alt text to all the amazing pictures they include on their website.

Along with this, they could work on generating more backlinks to their website to increase their Domain Authority.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the best kind of marketing for the brand because almost its entire target audience is available on these platforms.


Keventers for their Digital Marketing Strategy usually posts pictures on Instagram that showcases their milkshake bottles and other newly launched products like ice creams.


On Facebook, Keventers usually posts short advertisement videos and posts, contests. It tries to use real people consuming their products with the aim to achieve the connection with consumers.


It has 2038 followers on Twitter as of July 2019.

Keventers uses the same creatives on twitter as it uses on Facebook.


What more could Keventers do?

Social Media

Keventers could run online marketing campaigns like:


Followers can be told think of a clever caption and use the hashtag #CapCaptions to post it on Twitter. The best ones would be printed on the Keventers bottle caps!

#MyMood is also an interesting campaign that was first started by Starbucks, where in order to promote their new drink, Chestnut Crunch Latte, a couple of their employees were situated outside their Powai outlet and offered drink samples to the passerby. After the passerby had finished their drinks, the employees then handed a card to them that asked them to describe their mood after drinking the sample and post about it on social media!

Other suggested catchy hashtags Keventers could use could be #Shakestache (milk moustaches!) and #WhatsShaking (current events!). This would significantly boost Keventers Digital Marketing Strategy!


Keventers does not have a blog of its own.

To ensure that customers stay on your brand’s website for a longer duration of time is to provide them with interesting blogs to browse through.

An example of listicles that Keventers could post on their blog could be “10 Fun ways to use a Keventers bottle!” Or “Why milkshakes are the best drink!” Listicles are extremely entertaining and captivate the reader’s attention, and at the same time subtly encourage the reader to buy a Keventers milkshake. In this case, the readers might want to buy a Keventers shake just because of the bottle! This will also help Keventers Digital Marketing Strategy.

Email Marketing

An introductory email would be sent out the moment a customer provides his/her email ID to the brand. This email would contain a brief history of the brand as well as information about a loyalty reward program!

Other emails can be sent over a period of time giving different offers to its customers to keep them coming back to the brand.

Online Reputation Management

A few online platforms that could be of use to Keventer’s ORM could be Mouthshut, Reddit, Quora and TripAdvisor. These platforms help the customers share their reviews of Keventer’s milkshakes and therefore spread the word!

Platforms like Quora and TripAdvisor often include questions like ‘Best milkshake shop in town’, ‘where do you buy the best chocolate milkshake in Mumbai?’ and other similar queries. The brand can answer such questions and include its name in the answers. This increases the likelihood that, when someone searches for these things, they are introduced to the brand. This would significantly boost Keventers Digital Marketing Strategy!

If you have some more ideas as to what Keventers can do in terms of Digital Marketing, let us know in the comments below.

You can also check out how Zomato and Swiggy approach their Digital Marketing and see what a wonderful job they are doing.

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