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Updated on: May 11, 2019
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About is an online ticketing platform for events, travel, sports, and food. Developed by OML (Only Much Louder) and founded in 2014. It has delivered over 15,000 events across 58 cities in India. They are now venturing into handpicked limited edition merchandise.


Insider’s main competitor in India is BookMyShow.

BookMyShow is the largest ticketing portal in India. Its major pull point is that it sells movie tickets online. This is the major reason why BMS is much more known than Insider.

On social, BMS has a lot of followers and subscribers but their engagement rate isn’t that great. On the other hand, Insider has very few followers but their engagement rate is better than that of BMS.

Target Audience For Insider Digital Marketing Strategy

A survey allowed Damini Naik and Anjali Naik to bifurcate who the target audience for is.

The primary target audience is 21-25 year old, Secondary is 26-30 years old and Tertiary is 16-20 year old.

All campaigns and promotions are targeted at the primary target audience sector.

Pain Points

Every brand should recognize certain pain points and then work towards erasing them.

The pain points for Insider are :

  • Feasibility
  • Desirability
  • Lack of awareness
  • Bad UI/UX
  • Ineffective social media

Campaign idea: #TheInsiderExperience

The entire campaign will focus on bringing the positive customer experience out there for other people to see and become aware of Insider.

When someone visits Insider on any social media platform, all they see is promotional content. What’s worse is, when they dig further, they see a lot of negative reviews.

The problem seems to be that when a customer has a good experience, he may/may not post a review about it. But, in case of a bad experience, they make sure that they write about it on social media platforms. As a result, the ratio of negative reviews to positive ones is far more.

This campaign is aimed at getting the positive experiences out in the open more. #TheInsiderExperience will incite more desire for the brand experience amongst more people.

There should be some valuable content worth consuming rather than being bombarded with a post about an event which got over a month back.

Strategies for #TheInsiderExperience

Since, the maximum traffic that comes on the Insider website is through organic search, having a foolproof SEO strategy becomes an absolute must. Although Insider ranks very well on the SERP for the keywords that it aims for, its domain authority is still only 48.

Increase in the number of relevant backlinks, blogs, website optimization to reduce bounce rate is something that has to be intensively worked on.

Constant backlinks through opportunities like:

  • Top 5 Music Fests you have to attend this year! (Thrillophilia 57)
  • 10 Indian Comedians, you’ve got to watch out for(Scoopwhoop 68)
  • 5 Offbeat workshops to brighten up your weekends (LBB 56)
  • Why Son of Abish is the ULTIMATE talk show (Buzzfeed India 97)
  • Mouthshut (68)
  • Coupon Duniya (57)
  • Social Seo

The domain authority of all these websites are clearly higher

Under social SEO, Damini Naik and Anjali Naik want a well connected social media and website. The content should contribute towards driving the traffic to the website and the blogs should be shared on the appropriate social media sites.


In terms of look, the current Insider website was designed very well but to optimize the results, Damini Naik and Anjali Naik made a few changes to it. The website is not mobile optimized. Accelerated mobile pages is a must.

Descriptive alt tags for all images is very important because it becomes easier for Google to understand the image. It can help Insider rank in Google image search if not Google search results which can help drive traffic to the website. Keyword optimization in title/meta description and header tags for SEO purposes.

Since there are many images on the website, it also contributes to the loading time. Hence all the images need to be compressed so that the website opens quicker.

Addition of two pages: #TheInsiderExperience and #IamInsider.

#IAmInsider is a page dedicated to the loyalty program that will be discussed later under ORM.

#TheInsiderExperience is a page which compiles of testimonials and experiences. The content that goes into this page will be collected through offline photo-booths at events, social media activities and also Influencer collaborations.

There will also be a live chat bot. To increase customer retention and the number of sign-ups, for every person who comes on the site for the first time, the Chatbot will offer a “My first #TheInsiderExperience discount 10% on the customer’s first purchase. Redeemable within one month after signing up”. This is can help to accelerate the sales process.

The chatbot will also always remind the existing customers about the #IAmInsider loyalty program to boost sales.

Further, anyone who signs up/logs on to the website will get a pop up asking what categories they like. The data will be divided according to the interests and updated on Facebook as a custom audience. They will be sent the appropriate communications through Facebook ads according to their interests.


Currently, the Insider app on the Google Play Store has no preview video.

Preview videos are very important as it gives the audience a feel of the app and its ease in usage. A 19-second simple preview video showing how the app can be used as a quick way to book tickets has been made.

The app has very low ratings and not too many reviews. That is probably why the app isn’t ranking well on Google play store or App store for any keywords apart from their brand name.

Review wise (on Play Store), BMS has 10,49,131+(10.5 lakhs) reviews whereas Insider just has 652. In terms of app installs, BMS has 1,00,00,000+(1 crore) installs and Insider only has 1,00,000.

Three-pointer plans to increase installs and reviews :

  1. Ads: Facebook ads for awareness with CTA app download. (Google Play Store only) (because android has 80% share)
  2. Experience booth: will be utilized to get more people to review our apps.
  3. Incentives: 10% off on 1st purchase through the app. 200 loyalty points for reviewing the app under #IAmInsider loyalty program.
  • BLOG

Topics for the blog:

  1. All you need to know about NH7
  2. 8 Must-have essentials for a Music Fest
  3. Types of people at Concerts
  4. Your list of Long Weekends in 2019
  5. 5 ways to plan a perfect weekend getaway for your pets
  6. Misconceptions related to being a Stand-up Comedian in India

Constant blogging on relevant topics helps to drive more people to the website for quality content. It also helps build a brand image.


Objective: REACH

Potential reach : 28,000,000

Reach : 151k- 303k

Lifetime Budget: Rs. 600,000/-

Schedule: 2 months

Placements: Facebook and Instagram Feed and Stories


The influencers that Damini Naik and Anjali Naik wish to rope in are Alicia Souza, Aishwarya Mohanraj, Magali Vaz, TheCrazyIndianFoodie, Kenny Sebastian and Kusha Kapila.

  • ORM

Through research, it was noted that Insider lacked the right Online Reputation Management. The platforms used for this are Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Mouthshut, Consumer Complaints, and National Consumer Helpline.

The main aim is to create a positive brand image by being active on these forums, responding to all the customers in time, and solving complaints to improve the customer experience.

The ORM strategies also include a loyalty program – #IAmInsider.

Customers will get redeemable points for every purchase made. Points for reviewing the app will be given too. This program is to induce more brand loyalty and for a better brand experience.


Experience booths will be put up at major events where people can go click pictures with props and against the background of #TheInsiderExperience. Experience booth will be used to increase App installs and collect more material for #TheInsiderExperience page like getting live footage of people’s experiences with Insider at the events.


  • For offline Experience booths, HP sprocket will be used.
  • All the people who come to the experience booth have to do is, review the Insider app, get into the experience booth, click pictures using the Sprocket and get their copy of the picture taken from Sprocket free as a souvenir!
  • Invite HoB for Insider events where they can meet and gather lots of content from the audience.
  • HoB takes over Insider office for a day. To get stories and experiences from the employees. This will all be posted on HoB social platforms, reposted by Insider and will help drive traffic from HoB’s profile to Insider’s
3. OLA
  • Unlock ten OLA rides to get a coupon for Insider.
  • Ads on Ola prime TV screen about the offers and #TheInsiderExperience.
  • Sharing the database of people who have booked tickets to the venue, will allow Ola to send them a message to book tickets for the venue on that day itself.
  • Similarly, Ola can also send an SMS to people at the event to book cabs when they leave from the event.

Cashback offers and ads on Paytm.


The email marketing program was devised as per the customer journey after he/she signs up on the website/app.


Total budget: Rs. 1,325,000/-

This total budget is aptly divided amongst all the Influencers and Facebook reach ads.

The estimated returns on spends are back-calculated based on engagement rate, avg industrial CTR (0.9%) and avg industrial conversion rate (1%).



  • For the future, Main center of attention will be remarketing ads through Facebook based on interests and behavior on the website (through pixel).
  • The target audience will be pushed from the awareness stage to the consideration stage.
  • Constantly get more Influencers on board who has similar target audiences as Insider.
  • Constant link building for better SEO and domain authority.

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