Budding fashion designers pay attention! You have awesome ideas and a great sense of style but are you winning on Instagram? Instagram, one of the biggest Social Media Platforms is surely one of your go-tos for design inspiration and we’re sure you know how important the platform is to showcase your designs, win new clients and get a big break. But if you’re struggling with kicking off your IG profile, you probably need a change in strategy. Don’t fret, we’ve already done the work for you! We’ve looked at some of our favourite Indian Fashion Designers On Instagram with expert digital marketing goggles to find the winning strategies that you can use on your IG page.

8 Instagram Accounts Budding Fashion Designers Can Learn From

1: @sabyasachiofficial

Just thinking about the brand Sabyasachi gives us goosebumps. Sabyasachi’s designs scream “Royalty” and that’s exactly what their IG page portrays as well. This gives us our first lesson in digital marketing – whatever style or adjective your designs speak about, portray that in your marketing activities. Are your styles Quirky? Fun? Elegant? Comfortable? Find a way to portray your brand style onto your IG page – not only in the images you post but also in the post captions, hashtags and IG stories. @sabyasachiofficial page also follows a “post in 3s” rule – they always post 3 aesthetically similar images in one go. This ensures consistency throughout the page and avoids breaking of multi – post pictures (when 1 image is broken down into many smaller images and posted together). We also love how prompt the page is to address queries related to the products on posts. Sabyasachi has another page called @bridesofsabyasachi to showcase all the brides who wear the label.

indian fashion designers on instagram

indian fashion designers on instagram


2: @taruntahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani’s IG page also gives a similar aura as Sabyasachi but we love their photo concepts so much more. Every collection they post about has a certain vibe to it, or depicts some kind of scene. This gives great creative leeway to the creators and also avoids monotony on the page. Their photo captions are rich and exquisite and they too, post in burts of 3 images. One of the things we loved about the page are the occasional videos that display the intricate details in their products – this gives us a taste of their designs, allowing us to appreciate the products much more. However, we wish they were more receptive to the questions asked in the comments.

tarun tahiliani indian fashion designers on instagram

3: @shantanunikhil

Another fan of the “post in 3s” rule, Shantanu and Nikhil’s Instagram has also seamlessly integrated power words in their visual storytelling. “Unity”, “Strength”, “Courage”, “Resilience” and such other power words are used to build aspiration and hope in the viewer’s minds. This is a great way to make like-minded people your ultimate fans. We also love how they show detailing in their designs using creative elements and how they segregate collections with banners of 3 posts. However, the page as a whole lacks a consistent theme to tie the posts together. This is one of the most popular handles of Indian Fashion Designers On Instagram!

indian fashion designers on instagram shantanu and nikhil shantanu and nikhil

4: @ritukumarhq

Ritu Kumar’s IG page is a treat for the eyes. The more you scroll through their page thumbnails, the more feel like you’re viewing a beautiful, online catalogue. The entire page is bound by a similar aesthetic or colour scheme that makes the label seem more appealing. The regular use of multi-post pictures while maintaining the visual scheme is laudable. We also love #ARituKumarBride where they showcase brides and to-be-brides wearing Ritu Kumar pieces. There are also several blogger tie-up posts that appear on the page from time to time. Not surprisingly, this page also usually post in 3s unless they’re making a 3×2 or 3×3 multi-post picture.

indian fashion designers on instagram ritu kumar ritu kumar

5: @houseofmasaba

House of Masaba largely uses digital graphics to showcase their designs. Quirky, fun and full of colours, the page really speaks to the youthful generation, not only in their visuals but in their captions as well. However, we wish the page had more coherence, there’s too much going on and the overall effect is not easily digestible. The page puts up at least 1 post daily which is great. This is one of the most popular handles of Indian Fashion Designers On Instagram!

house of masaba house of masaba

6: @papadontpreachbyshubika

This IG page also creates visual masterpieces digitally but maintains a consistent and beautiful page theme at the same, something we totally dig. Quirky and informal, the page wins even with their unconventional and relatable captions. They post fairly regularly and also make of use of real brides from outside the showbiz.

papa don't preach by shubhika instagram indian fashion designers on instagram papa don't preach by shubhika instagram

7: @payalkhandwala

You can tell by the first look that every image posted here has been done so after careful consideration. There is so much uniformity on the page that nothing is out of place – the model, the studio, the concept… everything is consistent and the overall essence of the page is magnificent. The page posts quite consistently but their captions are a yawn – something they should look to improve. But overall, we love the page.

payal khandwala indian fashion designers on instagram indian fashion designers on instagram

8: @natashadalallabel

Natasha Dalal’s IG page exuberates beauty and elegance. We love how they showcase each collection with a quote. It really gives the whole page a catalog-style look. And also ensures uniformity of colors for each collection. The use of multi-post pictures adds to the page’s theme. This page also regularly features real brides. The page could improve on its responsiveness to comments and regularity in posting. This is one of the most popular handles of Indian Fashion Designers On Instagram!

natasha dalal indian fashion designers on instagram indian fashion designers on instagram

What did you think of this blog post? Did it help you redefine your Instagram Strategy or make you think of your label style and tone? Implement the key learnings and watch as your page likes and engagement soar! Share this blog with your designer friends and help them with their IG game as well!