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“Every human problem in recent times has been answered with a digital solution, be it Facebook, Uber, Amazon etc. The success of these companies is in the fact that they all understood the importance of making sure every digital aspect of its product was of the best quality. To develop a successful solution – it requires high level of coding, a sophisticated design, a well planned digital marketing strategy and a viable e-commerce channel to sell the final product.

IIDE has thus developed specialized schools for each of these areas to provide world class knowledge and skills in every area of the digital universe.”


The Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE) evolved from the need for digitally skilled resources in India. All businesses in India are transitioning to the Digital Space for effective business. This has led to a high rise in demand for digitally skilled resources. The current Indian Education system ignores this demand and is unable to cater to the needs of new businesses. IIDE is catering to this industry requirement and creating future digital entrepreneurs.
To create quality output, educational houses need to have world class mechanisms and IIDE has adopted just that.

We follow the L-A-E methodology

1) Learn – Learn the required digital skills for a real life business from the finest in the industry aided with the best case studies and examples
2)Apply – Education does not end in a classroom. It is enforced upon each student to immediately apply their learnings on a real life business.
3) Evaluate – The digital world allows quantification of work and measurable results. 360 degree evaluation from peers and teachers will lead the path to be a master in any particular domain.

The digital world is ever evolving and has no definite finish line. One of the key functions of IIDE is to keep up with this pace and ensure that the content and the curriculum being taught always encompasses the latest concepts, trends and skills of the digital world.

IIDE opens the door for the youth to kick start their careers immediately. It empowers the two essential E’s:

1) Employability – It bridges the employability gap by providing holistic education and creates a quality finished product.

2) Entrepreneurship – Digital related skills allow one to work at their own time, from own location and without a job. Empowering entrepreneurship is one of the key end results at IIDE.