Graduation Day 2020

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Here is how we celebrated the hard work of our students at the Graduation Day:
Graduations at IIDE are very special to us and to the students who are graduating. It is a culmination of months of hard work. It is a celebration of the beginning of a new phase in the career. This graduation, we had a grand celebration. As the students started streaming in the campus, they were handed their cloaks and tassels. Once they were ready, the ceremony began with the highly entertaining Quirky Awards . These prizes are awarded to students based on their crazy habits that we observe throughout the course. After these, we had some insightful speeches by the Chief Learning Office of IIDE, Mr. Meherzad Karanjia and the heads of the school of code and school of digital design, Rudraprasad Das and Niharika Datar. Then Karan Shah, the CEO and founder of IIDE shared some words of wisdom for all the students who were about to step into the real world of Digital Marketing, Coding and Designing. This was followed by the most awaited award ceremony. As each student went up to receive their award, we could clearly see the pride on their faces and the happiness in their hearts. It was a proud moment for us too.

We wish to see you too at one of our Graduations. We hope you make our next graduation, your graduation.

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By Akshay Gurnani, CEO, Schbang