Games Night 2020


Games Night 2020

Here is how our students celebrated the Games Night:
Our students have toiled for months doing live projects, assignments, internships and classes. We understand how rigorous all this is. That is why we help our students unwind, relax and have a good time every once in a while.

For this we organised a Games Night. We set up games for everyone. Right from PubG and FIFA consoles to Foosball, Air Hockey, Taboo, Uno, and Jenga, we had something for everyone. Everyone loved the trampoline, the bull, the hammer and the football dart. Students brought out their competitive spirits to win as many games as they could in the hope of winning the mega prize of the evening. With great music, good food and tons of cool Games, this Games Night was epic.

We are sure you would love to be a part of our next Games Night. Undoubtedly.

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By Akshay Gurnani, CEO, Schbang